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TEDA Manulife Industry Mix
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readcommenttitleAuthorDate of publicationlatest update
82196fundShanghai netizens01-2512-25 17:27
37190Not a general pit person, 10 years, lost still lost 2000Shanghai netizens12-2212-22 19:04
964304Shanghai netizens12-1612-16 23:32
50728UghShanghai netizens12-1512-03 08:11
54084twenty fourRecently, the fund may have a thiefKong75809206-0311-25 16:57
33070TEDA Manulife's selection is too bad, pit peopleShanghai mobile phone users11-2211-22 07:24
61757Change managerShanghai netizens03-1711-19 12:49
854011Is this fund being redeemed or being transferred?Shanghai netizens08-0311-04 18:57
916111Novices can't affordShanghai netizens01-1211-02 13:29
29350Bizarre performance since the second half of the year!Shanghai netizens10-2810-28 19:32
29920[stool] [angry]Shanghai netizens10-2610-26 22:56
35090[Beat loss] [disappointment]Shanghai netizens10-2610-26 22:52
30410Why is the top ten stocks high every time this year?Shanghai netizens10-2210-22 00:33
37150Too bad, too bad~Shanghai mobile phone users10-1710-17 12:31
55540Too badShanghai mobile phone users09-2309-23 20:38
56430Valuation is so much difference, affecting operationShanghai mobile phone users09-0709-07 19:14
43740The garbage in this garbage.Shanghai mobile phone users08-0808-08 20:57
41600Decisively give upShanghai mobile phone users07-2807-28 20:01
460284announcement TEDA Manulife Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information08-2206-21 23:14
59350Why are the actual net worth of these two days higher than estimated?Shanghai mobile phone users06-0706-07 21:09
433264announcement TEDA Manulife Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information06-2706-07 17:46
448904announcement TEDA Manulife Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information08-2006-07 03:54
434984announcement TEDA Manulife Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information07-0906-06 19:32
443703announcement TEDA Manulife Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information08-2106-06 00:19
444994announcement TEDA Manulife Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information08-2606-05 22:39
431844announcement TEDA Manulife Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information08-1906-05 12:02
429764announcement TEDA Manulife Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information07-2806-04 18:33
410433announcement TEDA Manulife Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information07-0806-04 01:03
72385Will the fund manager's net worth problem?Shanghai netizens07-2706-04 00:36
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