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Popular:Xinjiang Haoyuan Fenghua Hi-Tech ST is long live.
Huabao advanced growth mix
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readcommenttitleAuthorDate of publicationlatest update
16554831discuss Pension target fundTwo birds said08-0808-08 16:56
22626732discuss [Unread] A letter to 2018Wanjia Fund08-0808-08 18:21
154730Dead chickenSys11105-1705-17 22:42
405280Cut itHangzhou106-1306-13 08:54
403880Good chicken, likeSunshine husband05-1505-15 20:50
399450Eat it?Hangzhou104-1904-19 19:07
34250Have the ability to sin for 8 days, is there any skill for eight days?Shanghai mobile phone users01-1701-17 15:59
76792Unlike the manager's styleShanghai netizens01-0901-12 16:11
107060not goodShanghai netizens01-0412-29 11:40
61750PickpocketShanghai netizens05-1805-18 15:04
4567227-5.08旖旎旎04-1504-11 23:50
57910How did the fund not pay dividends until now?Shanghai netizens03-2403-24 23:42
45970Sleeping, the net worth is not yet!Shanghai netizens03-2403-24 21:08
833210WarburgShanghai netizens04-1703-13 04:56
993110Why are there no updates?Shanghai netizens07-1503-13 04:39
68662All day is zero, the next one is so cold!Shanghai netizens03-0903-11 11:50
60261The ranking is seriously bottomed out,Shanghai netizens03-0803-09 06:47
61130This chicken can killShanghai netizens03-0803-08 21:15
47630Come onShanghai netizens03-0803-08 21:13
59745Change fund managerShanghai netizens03-0203-07 14:07
83335Is it going to be a disaster?Shanghai netizens01-0803-02 21:37
44100Have a problemShanghai netizens03-0203-02 21:35
59921Add warehouseShanghai netizens03-0103-01 01:35
1252412Really a little regretShanghai netizens05-0502-16 00:09
59640Huabao advanced growth.Shanghai netizens02-0402-04 13:14
68841Dead on the road to the bottom!Shanghai netizens02-0202-03 20:00
46646twenty oneDividendDongsheng 983909-2101-30 05:58
49511depressedShanghai netizens01-2701-27 12:28
1589126Xiaobai said fundShanghai netizens07-1601-26 20:46
66734Buy today and look forward to excess returns!Shanghai netizens01-2001-26 14:25
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