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Huitianfu advantage selection
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readcommenttitleThe authorPublished datelatest update
12777235discuss Fund Bar User Top Picks (June 11)Qiu Shui06-1106-11 17:14
12500Very rubbishAiniyou25106-0706-07 16:41
12320Your mom'sAiniyou25106-0706-07 14:30
11280Hey, Lei, no tears!Goettrina 34706-0706-07 13:58
13200Getting garbageAiniyou25106-0706-07 11:12
16830what happened? recentTokgo I06-0706-07 00:23
12290SpeechlessWolf sex giant shark 106-0606-06 22:43
14700Performance is poorHard to invest06-0606-06 20:13
17540Getting worseOur road06-0506-05 20:37
17500Spicy Chicken LongjiHard to invest06-0506-05 14:50
16990Longji shares, lyingHard to invest06-0506-05 09:58
16210Longji shares hurt peopleMemorysc06-0406-04 22:17
17340Less and less powerOur road06-0406-04 21:38
27820Longji shares a pit forceOur road06-0106-04 09:52
18960Hurry up and buy LongjiOur road06-0406-04 09:37
23970666Chen Chaoming05-3105-31 19:57
43680Index does not move todayZhwyyu05-2305-23 10:49
46721FortunatelyAiniyou25105-2305-23 10:47
43720Good chickenOur road05-2205-22 21:04
56230God chicken I likeOur road05-1805-18 20:08
50390. . . . Lost backFriends O6aIzx05-1705-17 15:29
1749540announcement  Huihui's Fund Risk Level (1Q2018)Fund Information05-1705-17 12:00
85071This is my favorite fundOur road05-1505-16 16:49
56000God chickenOur road05-1605-16 09:51
68001How to upload avatar?Blinking05-1505-15 14:06
2710790announcement Huiwei Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund Information05-0905-09 13:25
3719450announcement Huiwei Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund Information04-2304-24 09:18
91950-2.63The thoughts of the mountains04-2304-23 21:55
3968420announcement Huiwei Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund Information04-1904-19 07:29
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