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Haifutong Solid Income Bond
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30560Xingquan Fund won the 2016 Public Fund Company AwardShanghai netizens11-2611-26 21:36
26760The upside fell again.Shanghai mobile phone users11-1511-15 20:08
26320Ok, today is awesome.Shanghai mobile phone users11-1111-11 20:04
34860PPP concept stocks continue to fermentShanghai netizens11-0511-05 21:50
30830The scale of the third quarter surged by 300 billion yuan.Shanghai netizens11-0511-05 21:47
36920Debt market is in a dilemmaShanghai netizens11-0511-05 21:29
31560It’s hard to rise yesterday and spit back today.Shanghai mobile phone users11-0411-04 20:10
30040The rhythm of playing todayShanghai mobile phone users10-1310-13 15:20
33760Rotten chickenShanghai mobile phone users10-1310-13 13:14
30340Can you rise too much?Shanghai mobile phone users10-1210-12 09:54
38460The first dividend since ChengliShanghai mobile phone users09-2909-29 11:13
49730This base is too bad, buy regrets and sell it.Shanghai mobile phone users09-2709-27 20:50
52030A small increase is really to fall faster. What is special today?Shanghai mobile phone users09-2609-26 13:56
65070Huashang Fund's regular open debt base is sought afterShanghai netizens09-0309-03 20:07
71360Jingdong Finance and Guotai Fund reached a cooperationShanghai netizens09-0309-03 20:05
69420Huabao New Vitality Fund receives the first attentionShanghai netizens09-0309-03 20:05
67670Information Industry Fund issuance todayShanghai netizens09-0309-03 20:04
69700Risk management and revenue creation must go hand in handShanghai netizens09-0309-03 20:03
61630The core of the fund portfolio is asset allocation.Shanghai netizens09-0309-03 20:02
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