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1287756discuss "Don't go to the bottom!"Central European Fund07-1207-12 18:24
22816531discuss Securities, media are getting cheaperReading notes07-1107-12 20:59
206370announcement Wanjia Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information07-0607-06 07:40
340540announcement Fund net worth table 20180630Fund information06-3007-05 12:23
2100vampireFind a home for your heart07-0307-04 14:21
3300Mad, vampire,Rain butterfly06-2806-28 23:13
444310announcement Wanjia Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information06-2806-28 07:34
7850Pit ratioRed heart 106-2506-26 17:47
2650Spicy baseShareholder B9sekP06-2606-26 13:12
498280announcement Wanjia Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information06-2606-26 07:27
686810announcement Wanjia Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information06-2006-20 09:44
683730announcement Wanjia Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information06-2006-20 07:39
821150announcement Wanjia Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information06-1606-16 08:54
4460Yes, normalShareholder LvEhvG06-1506-15 18:36
1256750announcement Wanjia Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information05-3105-31 07:29
10610Only worseOld iron don't go red.05-2805-29 16:10
6360Born,友友952700205-2905-29 11:36
9040Deep bottom! TMDZc35705-2905-29 10:50
4990FuckSpeaking of doing 505-2505-25 14:43
8850Really bad fund.N1435804723cb705-2205-22 20:36
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