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Oriental Fortune Network HD is the first portal of China's financial and economics - Oriental Fortune Network (300059), a free stock software tailored for the iPad.

Based on the powerful platform resources of Oriental Fortune Network, it fully integrates global financial information; exposes the main capital flow in real time; deeply explores the company's financial data, and reports on individual stock research reports.

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basic skills:
● iPad, mobile phone, PC, website stocks are fully synchronized, four platforms and one account, easy to manage the stock selection
● 3 minutes speed online account opening, wholly-owned subsidiary, Oriental Fortune Securities online transaction, safe, convenient and fast
●Collect research reports from authoritative organizations to help you lurk in early growth stocks
● Global financial market information, 24 hours of continuous updates
● China's most popular stock-themed community created by Oriental Fortune Network, real-time market commentary and individual stock exchanges let you feel the power of the securities economy
● Perfect fit for HD Retina screen, iOS 10 system, horizontal screen operation is more convenient

Contact information
Company website: http://westdollar.com
Official Weibo: http://weibo.com/dongfangcaifutong
Service hotline: 021-24099099

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Version 6.9.3

System performance optimization, giving you a better user experience

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291 ratings

291 ratings

  The Internet financial service platform with "Oriental Wealth Network" as the core has become one of the Internet financial service platforms with the largest user traffic and the highest user stickiness in China.


After years of development, the Internet Financial Services Platform with the core of “Oriental Wealth Network” has become one of the Internet financial service platforms with the largest number of users and the highest user retention in China. At the same time, Oriental Fortune Network actively promotes one-stop Internet finance. Serve the big platform strategy, continuously strengthen strategic investment, continuously expand the scope of platform services, improve the overall service capability and quality, further consolidate and enhance the advantages of traffic indicators and user stickiness, user traffic indicators and user stickiness indicators in the vertical financial field Always maintaining an absolute leading position, the huge user visits and leading user stickiness gathered by the “East China Fortune Network” as the core of the Internet financial services platform have formed the core competitive advantage of the company and laid the foundation for the company's sustainable and healthy development. Solid foundation. Relying on the brand awareness and investor recognition established by “Oriental Fortune Network”, Oriental Fortune has formed a strong brand advantage. The market-accepted brand advantage formed by the company further enhances the company's advertising media value and the company's various businesses. The development will play a positive role. Oriental Fortune Network actively promotes the “people-oriented” talent strategy. Through internal training and external introduction, it continuously expands and trains the backbone team, and forms a management team with the entrepreneurial team as the core and the senior manager as the backbone. The main management personnel have rich management. Experience, Internet technology development experience, financial research work experience and marketing experience have a deep understanding of the relevant technologies, development history and future trends of the Internet financial services industry. At the same time, the company continued to improve the assessment and incentive system, and launched two phases of equity incentive plan to encourage and stabilize the core team. Through years of large-scale operation management and R&D, Oriental Fortune Network has cultivated a stable and excellent technology R&D team, independently developed a series of network core technologies, continuously optimized and improved the existing Internet financial service platform system, and at the same time, on the Internet. In-depth research and follow-up of new technologies and industry-leading technologies in the field, strong technical research and development strength and core technology reserves have laid a solid technical foundation for the company's subsequent development.

  The pad version of the oriental wealth is really easy to use.

  Stomach pain

I am a new shareholder, the first time I came across the stock trading software is the Eastern wealth, is recommended by my colleagues, I feel that the popularity is still quite high. I feel that all the functions are comprehensive, the information is rich, the market is updated fast, the stocks are many friends and are very friendly. I will teach some knowledge of stocks. It is really very good, like one.

  The color of the night mode can be changed to perfection.


Overall, it is still very good, but the switch to the black interface is not very comfortable. If you can change the color to the flush, it will be perfect, especially after the lights are turned off at night.


              East Money Information Co.,Ltd.
122.5 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or higher. Compatible with iPad.
Age rating
Limited to 4 years old or older
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