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Oriental Fortune Network HD is the first Chinese financial portal - Fortune Network (300059), tailored for the iPad a free stock software.

Based on the powerful platform resources of Fortune East, it fully integrates the global financial information; exposes the main capital flow in real time; digs the financial data of the company in depth and reports the research report on individual stocks in depth.

Do not force the stock market, Tucao it shares; popular stock exchange community
- Share it is your share of stock market experience in the community.

Join now! The next speculation is you!

basic skills:
● iPad, mobile phone, PC, web-stock all-in-one synchronization, an account of the four platforms, easy management of self-selected shares
● 3 minutes speed online account, a wholly owned subsidiary of Orient Fortune Securities online transactions, safe, convenient and fast
● Collection of authoritative research reports to help you hoard premature blue-chip performance
● global financial market information, updated 24 hours a day
● Fortune China to create the network of the most popular stock market in China, real-time quotes and stock exchange allows you to feel the power of the securities economy
● Perfect fit HD Retina screen, iOS 10 system, horizontal screen operation more convenient

Contact information
Company website: http://westdollar.com
Official Weibo: http://weibo.com/dongfangcaifutong
Service Hotline: 021-24099099

New content

Version 6.9.2

System performance optimization, give you a better user experience

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3.9(Out of 5)

172 ratings

172 ratings

  pad version of the East Fortune really easy to use ah

  Abdominal pain of the ocean

I own a new investor, the first contact with the stock trading software is the wealth of the East, is recommended by my colleagues, and I feel the popularity is still quite high ah. Feel down with all the features are very comprehensive, rich information, market updates faster, shares it shares more friends and are very friendly, will teach some stocks knowledge, really good, like this one.

  Recommended by my colleagues, let me say one

  The game is too rubbish 2015

I did not touch the stock before, my friend recommended to experience a bit, found that advice, I can easily use a small white, a lot of stock knowledge growth, a small investment point, even made a little trick, function is very powerful, Remorse is wayward! A lot of support, highly recommended! ! !

  Tablet system is a good stock software


The new version has increased the self-selected grouping and other functions, very convenient, hoping to develop more features to facilitate our shareholders. Like product developers.


            East Money Information Co., Ltd.
116.6 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Age rating
Only 4 years old or older
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  2. Spray pack contains 900 sprays ¥ 30.00
  3. Spray package contains 360 waves ¥ 12.00

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