• Thai kingdom. Is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. Thailand is located in the central Indochina Peninsula, bordering on the north and the Andaman Sea in Myanmar, on the northeast side of Laos, on the southeast of Cambodia and on the south side of the long peninsula to Malaysia. Thailand's old name Siam, May 11, 1949, Thai people use their own name, the Siam to Thailand, mainly to take its meaning. Thailand adopted the policy of free economy. It enjoyed rapid economic growth in the 1990s and became one of the four tigers in Asia. However, it suffered a major setback in the economic crisis of 1998 and then fell into recession.
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  •  Guruli Nazar grow exotic exotic. Have to say Nazan facial features really impeccable, is one of the very few Cenozoic actresses. Zheng Shuang's costume has been very beautiful, not only has a beautiful appearance. There are extraordinary qualities. Really hot Palestinian this way is not very good, this little look like thoughtful look, this is thinking of the East Vantage? Zhao Liying fresh Smart, who do you think the most beautiful?
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  • Mention bodyguards, people always think of those works in the film and television work wear sunglasses, with a stunt trick to fight the enemy thugs image. With the legalization of the bodyguard's identity, bodyguards have become a force that can not be ignored in the social security system. Bodyguard is an ancient and mysterious profession. In ancient times, it was the bodyguard who was responsible for escorting valuables to customers in escorts. Modern bodyguards are often rendered in theatricals and dramas as wearing a suit and wearing sunglasses with great skill and a trick. With the implementation of the Security Service Regulations in 2010, it has been clearly provided that all personal security guards accompanying escorts and personal bodyguards in our country
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  • Nauru is the only country in the world that has no capital. And although this country has the reputation of Paradise Island, it is also the smallest island nation in the world with only 24 square kilometers. One county in our country is estimated to be able to spike. Spike not only in area, the country's economy is also true, only 47,500,000 US dollars of annual GDP equivalent to more than 300 million yuan, while our county a good estimate is also this figure. Located in the Micronesian Islands in the central and western South Pacific, Nauru is only 24 square kilometers in size and is the smallest island nation in the world. Although this country is poor
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  • Shu Qi Yang Chi Lin Chi-ling Huosi Yan Zhang Xin to An Yixuan Chen Qiao En pure plus sexy Chen Qiao En double sexy feast, you can pure and pure, you can flirtatious Leng Ye! Angels face with plump but not exaggerated chest, killing a group after group of "men" who. Kun Ling
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  • Between Russia and China, after being the second largest landlocked nation in the world, Kazakhstan is also the independent country with the lowest population density. Mongolia was originally part of China. Relatively backward economy in Mongolia Industrial base is weak Production technology is lagging behind Ecological environment is devastating Desertification is serious.
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  • In the southern part of Jiangsu Province, there is a national historical and cultural city. It is Suzhou, a prefecture-level city in Jiangsu Province and the center of the Yangtze River Delta, both in today and in ancient times. One of them is the resident population of 10.6257 million in 2016, but unimaginable is that Suzhou does not have its own civil airport. Suzhou is the most populous city in Jiangsu Province, the most economically developed city, the city has a military airport, but there is no civil airport. Suzhou citizens to fly, usually to nearby Shanghai or Wuxi. Then
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  • The most romantic: Xiamen. Xiamen is a city suitable for leisurely walks and sunrises, where the climate is pleasant and the scenery is beautiful. Both the unique style of hometown of overseas Chinese, the custom of Fujian and Taiwan, the delicious seafood dishes, the air and the sunshine are very good. Xiamen University campus neat and beautiful, there are many Gulangyu specialty shops, the most suitable girlfriends and honey go together. Miss the most: Wuzhen. Jiangnan Water Town, one of the six major towns, formerly known as Pier 5 and Pier Green, located on the west side of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Although the ancient town has experienced more than 2,000 years of vicissitudes, but the ancient rhyolite still exist. Came to Wuzhen quietly enjoy the slow time is the dream of many people
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  • Tokyo has long been Asia's most advanced city. There are many people in this city, people are living in tension. This is a highly modern city, leading the world in many fields. How do people in Tokyo live?
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  • Zhang Ziyi, she is into the international film Hollywood, in addition to reflect their own strength, more is the peak of their acting career a challenge. Zhang Zilin, 2007 Miss World, she kind of amazing taste, her beauty, people can not find flaws. He Sui, seven years does not fall, boarded the most Asian supermodel Victoria show, she is still on the show the most number of the most frequently back Asian supermodel wings, her records have never been surpassed. Joey Wang, glamorous Hong Kong stars of the last century, is a lot of people can not forget the memory. Zhang Xin Yu, born in 1987 in Kunshan, Jiangsu
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  • Phenomenon one: vision loss Tip: rule out the eyes of the problem itself, which shows vascular disease. It affected the blood circulation, causing optic nerve metabolic disorders, causing vision loss. Phenomenon 2: hair loss Tip: into the peak of the cause, mental and psychological pressure increases, causing endocrine and blood circulation disorders, causing hair loss, hair gradually thinning. Phenomenon three: hearing loss Tip: Inner ear nerve blood circulation is poor, there will be a downward trend in hearing loss. In addition, the city's noise, and adolescents love to wear Walkman, when young people may listen to
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  • She was 165cm tall but her figure was very good, especially her waistline. Yang Mi. Born to have children, her body is still well maintained, especially belly, waistline eye-catching. Zheng Shuang. As the body is already very thin, slender waist more prominent. Zhao Liying. Although the buns face, but there is no excess fat body, waistline is perfect. Liu Yan. The perfect body of her lordosis after Alice, is the goddess of many otaku hearts, waistline make up more sexy. Huang Xiaoming's former "girlfriend", this figure is simply suffocating, netizens ridicule: I am going to nosebleeds.
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  • The circle has a lot of "flowers" once, because looks beautiful, so very fan-like. A lot more "men" dream can interact with them. Baby facial features are very standard, the image is very sweet. Although many users said that she cosmetic, but also can not get any evidence. In any case, she is beautiful, has been married to Huang Xiaoming, and gave birth to a small baby, sweet and happy family, enviable not work. Four Zheng Shuang Zheng Shuang is a pure and kind girl, looks very pure, not contrived. A gentle girl, Xiaojiabiyu feeling, it is the man likes the appearance and character, how many boys dream lover.
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  • After Liu Shu Liu Lord Liu Bei's son, but also in the eyes of the world can not afford to help fools, reluctant to come to this idiom is also from Liu Zen. As the son of Liu Bei, Liu Chan is simply too good for nothing, but also led to the final death of Shu, Liu Bei actually not only a son, why he had to pass him? Liu Bei's son is a Liu Feng Liu Although Liu Bei's son, but is a adopted son, and the final outcome quite miserable. Liu Feng, Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei, etc. have been swept over Xichuan, quite a merit, and then command Meng Da to seize the upper hand, deep confidence for Liu Bei. But later off
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  • Fifth: Zheng Shuang, beautiful and charming, such as a stream of clean, refreshing heart. Fourth: Li Qin, very intellectual, more fresh and elegant, beautiful outrageous, Qin baby the most beautiful! Third: Liu Yifei, the title of immortal sister is not in vain, its pure and pure image has long been rooted in the hearts of the people. Second: Gao Yuanyuan, pure atmosphere, own goddess temperament, facial features are also very delicate, charming incredible. First place: Zhao Liying, innocent and straightforward, she has a delicate little round face, I believe many people will like Zhao Liying.
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  • Russia, with a land area of ​​17.0754 million square kilometers, is the largest country in the world and covers two continents across Europe and Asia. It consists of 22 autonomous republics, 46 states, 9 territories, 4 autonomous regions and 1 autonomous prefecture, and 3 federal municipalities directly under the Central Government. With a land area of ​​9,984,770 square kilometers, Canada ranks second in the world with abundant natural resources and highly developed technologies, making it one of the richest and most economically developed countries in the world with the highest quality of life. China, with a total land area of ​​9.633 million square kilometers, is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world
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  • Mixed entertainment, fans blindly high fans will not buy it, with a very infectious smile will greatly add extra points for artists, like the sun, you can disperse the surrounding cold. Come and see these actress with angelic healing smile now! Zheng Shuang Zheng Shuang is a straightforward girl, her smile is very simple and friendly, coupled with her better color value, as the TV show a slight smile Allure General, shallow smile Shuangmei, a bit shy and a bit shy, very Is pure and moving. Zhao Liying Zhao Liying natural Meng naturally smile full score. Liu Shi poetry since his debut, whether it is Yan
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  • Sansha City: Sansha City is one of four prefecture-level cities in Hainan Province. Sansha City is the county with the smallest total population of 2 million sq km and the land area of ​​20 sq km. Hulunbeier: When it comes to Hulunbeier, what people think of most first is the grassland of Hulunbuir. At present, the total area of ​​Hulunbuir is 262,062 km2. How big is the area? Equivalent to the sum of the area of ​​Jiangsu Province and Shandong Province. Jiuquan City: Jiuquan City is located in the northwestern Gansu Province, Gansu Province is the largest city, the existing area is 19.2
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  • Entertainment young and spontaneous but with strength to prove their own girls, acting increasingly mature, career duck, windswept, is expected to become a new generation of television screens Hua Dan Queen. Guan Xiaotong Zhou Dong Yu Di Li Hot Bar Zheng Shuang Yang Zi Li Qin Gu Li Na Zha Xu Lu Cheng Hee Keiko
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  • A real friend will not be too many, one or two is enough. Life, do not expect how many friends will be. After all, the time and energy of each of us are very limited, but also real friends, but also opportunities. 2 man, do not look down on anyone. Walking on the road to life, it can be argued that being a man is the hardest thing to do. We should not look down upon anyone because everybody is unique. Perhaps one day you will need to ask for others. Now you look down upon others How else can you think of you? 3 people live, do not be preoccupied
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  • 1 bow to have the courage to lift their confidence to have. If ten years have not died, comeback set. 3 What can be lonely, my soul own fun. 4 no strength of anger, meaningless. 5 There is nothing I can lose unless I do not want to win. 6 this world, I have been, I fought, I love, I do not care about the outcome. 7 only the first me, not the second one. 8 The walk, the stay, will not be forced in the future. 9 If no one shelter for me in the future, I will be my own hero. The strength of 10 men is the people in your pocket
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  • Fan Bingbing, charming enchanting Fan Ye children, dressed gorgeous her, that let a woman looked jealous of the melon face, femininity is the top. Tang Yan, who used to be silly and sweet, has become more and more mature and feminine since she announced her collaboration with Luo Jin. Deere Hotaru, fat Di's body is absolutely top, especially when dancing, the body shows the best in this area, can be described as full of vitality. Yang power, big power, who say honey? Of course, the temptation of her, this area can be said to be leveraged. Yang Ying, very pure her, both girl's heart
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  • There are many stars in the entertainment are debut as a child star For example, is now very hot Zhang Yishan Yang purple Guan Xiaotong, etc., today to say that they are an earlier generation than these people now that she has grown up is the best Qiong Yao The lesbian at the time she has a pair of watery eyes especially lovable she is Jinming. Mention Jin Ming She had the first TV series Wan Jun in which Xiao Wanjun loved by the audience 9-year-old she has starred in the Green River Grass Snow Ke Plum and other films. The high school she gave up the chance to study art college, fill in the university volunteer when she wrote all in one breath
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  • Entertainment such a meat harvester, debut has been five years harvest three small fresh meat, this should be the most proud of Elva Hsuan it! Elva Hsiao has always been a little looking beauty singer, fans are most familiar with works of love songs hit song most familiar stranger suddenly remembered you; she was in that year is considered a dance taste, and even every expression is easy, After an effortless day, coupled with dance ahead, repeatedly questioned by netizens is a fake singing, but she is indeed one of Taiwan's last days after class singer. At the beginning, she participated in a new era in Canada
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  • Among so many provinces in our country, one province is extremely special. It is the only province in China that is not plains. It is also known as the garden behind China's tourism. It has also achieved the goal of speeding through counties and counties. It is Guizhou Province. Guizhou Province, referred to as Guizhou or Guizhou, is located in the hinterland of southwest China, southwest traffic hub. World-renowned mountain tourism destination and mountain tourism province, national ecological civilization pilot zone, open land economic experimental zone inland. The terrain of Guizhou is high in the west and low in the east, is inclined to three directions from the middle to the north, and the topography of the province can be broadly divided into four basic types of plateau mountainous hills and basins,
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  •  As a city at the same place with Shenzhen, it feels a lot less sense of existence. As a special economic zone, it would have had a good development direction, but now it is not as good as some county-level cities. Shantou, the municipality under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province, is one of the six special economic zones in China and is a branch of the fine traditional Chinese culture. It is known as the hometown of the South China Sea and Zoulu Food Town in South China Sea. Shantou is one of the earliest open special economic zones in China, one of the major port cities in the country, and an important part of the Hercynian Economic Zone. Shantou Port is located on the eastern coast of Guangdong Province and is the main port of China's five ports
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  •  Someone once said that if you have not even heard of Lu Yan, it means you know nothing about the Chinese supermodel industry. Lu Yan is an international supermodel representing China. Know Liu Wen Zhang Zi Lin He Sui before these supermodels, I believe many people already know Lu Yan. and! In seeing her first glance, it is estimated that Xiaobian experience almost: foreigners really different aesthetic, ugly became like this, but also famous international? Lu Yan is China's chief supermodel, is the most famous domestic and international honor, the most famous model, is the first to the international supermodel, is by far the most modeling career
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  • To say quite a mixed bag of entertainment, set the face acting IQ merchants goods in one of the popular fried chicken, that none other than her! She starred in the white tower of the hostess, really bright spots for millions of viewers. Her indifferent intellectual, for us to see tired of silly sweet female lead the audience put another taste, from this remember the indifferent intellectual temperament of the actress. She was arrested in the juvenile four names play the weird kind of innocent Chu away from the street. Chu this strange let us see a weird she. She played Wu Wu Niang's talented woman Xu Hui, although in the play she and Fan Ye have some disputes
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  • Shanghai is the "city" of a national center and an extra-large city. Moreover, Shanghai has the magic that other cities in the world do not have. It is called the magic capital. If you do not have a "salary" of more than 8,000 in this city, it is more difficult to survive. The price of vegetables Some are stressful, not to mention buying a house later, but if you are wealthy, developing in that city is the best. Shenzhen, one of China's four major first-tier cities, is even more a special economic zone in China and a vibrant city. Although many young people now enjoy working in Shenzhen, wages are comparatively high, but ...
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  • Located in the famous tourist city of southeastern Shandong Peninsula Qingdao, both the beautiful coastal natural scenery, there are many historical buildings and other cultural landscape, known as the East Switzerland. From 2016 to the present, Qingdao has won twice the title of the most livable city in the country and won the first prize of the happiest city in 2017. Qingdao is perhaps the largest city in Europe to host buildings in Germany. After more than a hundred years and two world wars, more than 360 German-style buildings remain. The old houses that stand in the area of ​​the Pre-Sea and the Catholic Church and Christian Church that stand on the hillside all allow you to capture
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