Oriental Fortune Service
CodenameLatest price5 minutes ups and downs
000524Lingnan Holdings7.757.94%
002116China Haicheng8.273.89%
002320Straits shares14.283.48%
Professional financial management: the first sales organizations approved by the CSRC
Safe Finance: Minsheng Bank Supervision, funds in and out of the card
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  • China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor Index Nearly 3 years 97.34%
  • National Thai Certificate Food and Beverage Industry Index Classification Nearly 3 years 69.45%
  • E Fund Consumer Industry Nearly 3 years 67.73%
HSBC: Positive views on the domestic housing industry. China Overseas (00688), Jinmao (00817) and Shimao (00813) 12:24Huitao Group (08238) plans to merge 1 share for every 20 shares 12:23Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Down the target price of Datang New Energy (01798) to HK$2.1 Reiterate “Buy” rating 12:22China Railway (00390) 2019 Corporate Bonds (Phase I) final coupon rate is 3.68% 12:21Midea Real Estate (03990) adopts dividend policy 12:21Anling International (08410) plans to establish Anling Information Technology Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 12:20Huitao Group (08238.HK) plans to "20 in 1" and the shares are unchanged. 12:19Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: This year's total employment pressure is not reduced. 12:19Anling International (08410.HK) established a wholly foreign-owned enterprise to introduce China's leading network security technology 12:19UNCTAD's latest report says: China leads the global creative economy 12:18Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Down the target price of Datang New Energy (01798.HK) to HK$2.1 Rating “Buy” 12:18China Railway (00390.HK) 19-year first-year corporate bond variety one coupon rate 3.68% 12:18Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council: The Taiwan authorities for preventing and controlling African swine plagues should not "steam the pot" to the mainland. 12:18Russian population is expected to achieve positive natural growth in 2023 12:16Behind the collective promotion of the commission on the take-out platform is just a simple “flow harvest”? 12:16On January 16th, the price of japonica rice in Heilongjiang remained stable 12:15Dongguan Holdings pre-winning rail transit PPP project 12:15How has the value of the origin of real estate been rebuilt? 12:15Taiwan Affairs Office: Taiwan's participation in regional economic cooperation is subject to the one-China principle 12:14Ma Ying-jeou was interviewed saying that he did not rule out the visit to the mainland after lifting the ban? RTHK response 12:13
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Fund name Performance benchmark Operation period
 **** Fund A2 4.30% 7 days Details
 **** Runfu 6 4.20% 7 days Details
 ****第35期 4.25% 63 days Details
nameLatest priceQuote changeRise and fall
N green silver 6.51 44.03% 1.99
N azure 14.67 43.96% 4.48
Yongtai Energy 1.95 10.17% 0.18
Yin Ji Media 3.27 10.10% 0.30
Storm Group 9.74 10.06% 0.89
High beam software 7.22 10.06% 0.66
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Long and empty
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Stop trading cards: Continuous suspension9Family New suspension today3Family Resumption of trading today2Family
Annual report quarterly: Performance report0Family Performance forecast17Family Dividend transfer0Family
IPO issuance: New share subscription2Family Signed payment0Family IPO2Family
Changes in shares: Directional issuance5Family Additional plan5Family Stock listing31Family
Shareholders' meeting: Equity registration42Family General meeting of shareholders19Family Online voting30Family
important Notice: Asset restructuring53Family Asset acquisition3Family Share pledge39Family
Purchase date Purchase code New stock short name Issue price Payment date
01-16732351Will Pharmaceuticals35.501-18
01-16002946New dairy industry5.4501-18
01-17300755Huazhi Wines16.7901-21
datenameBuy and sellDragon and Tiger List soldNet buy
01-15Tianfeng Securities1.62 billion1.03 billion5888.51 million
01-15Alcoholic wine7504.11 million21,813,3005305.99 million
01-15Yujing617.74 million2539.14 million3631.61 million
date name Earnings per share Revenue year-on-year Net profit
01-15Shanghai Group0.441.94%-10.89%
01-15Su Shi Agricultural Development0.4413.23%8.32%
01-10Samsung New Materials0.719.26%13.27%
Daily ranking
5th ranking
20th ranking
Total ranking
Combination nameDaily income5-day earnings20-day earningsTotal revenue
Bison combination 141314.58%16.57%15.56%-90.40%
CodenameLatest price (HKD)Quote change
02628China Life Insurance17.8201.25%
00001Long and79.0000.96%
02202Vanke Enterprise28.3500.53%
00005HSBC Holdings64.900-0.31%
00857China Petroleum Stock4.980-0.60%
nameLatest priceRise and fallQuote change
China Sandi 0.480 0.120 33.33%
Victoria Harbour Environmental Technology 1.070 0.160 17.58%
Dafeng Port 0.365 0.045 14.06%
China Health Group 0.082 0.010 13.89%
Lemon International 2.400 0.280 13.21%
Guomao Holdings 0.211 0.024 12.83%
CodenameLatest price (USD)Quote change
CCCL Chinese pottery 2.030 40.97%
CADC New concrete 3.400 13.71%
CREG China's recycling energy 0.950 9.20%
CXDC Xinda Group 2.720 7.94%
SOL 昱辉阳光 1.670 7.05%
HTHT Live in China 32.510 5.55%
Shanghai Stock Connect Net inflow of the day11.20 billion Current day balance50.08 billion
Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Net inflow of the day451 million Current day balance515.49 billion
Northbound funds Net inflow of the day1.571 billion
Variety contract Latest price Quote change
T consecutive season TDJ 98.170 0.44%
T consecutive season TXJ 98.080 0.42%
T consecutive seasons TGJ 97.870 0.27%
TF consecutive season TFGZDJ 99.770 0.26%
name Latest price Rise and fall Quote change
USD/DKK 6.5427 0.0027 0.04%
USD/Swedish Krona 8.9714 0.0024 0.03%
US dollar against Hong Kong dollar 7.8446 0.0015 0.02%
Australian dollar against the dollar 0.7203 0.0001 0.01%
Code Abbreviation Latest price Quote change
019413 14 National Debt 13 103.17 2.97%
019564 17 national debt 10 102.33 1.82%
019549 16 national debt 21 99.92 1.80%
019502 15 National Debt 02 101.25 0.42%
019508 15 National Debt 08 104.76 0.33%
019538 16 national debt 10 97.31 0.33%
Variety/codeAnnualized rate of return100,000 profitOccupancy days
1 day period GC001 2.70% 6.3836 1 Lend
2 days GC002 2.48% 25.1233 4 Lend
3 days GC003 2.50% 31.2466 5 Lend
4 days GC004 2.58% 31.3425 5 Lend
Variety/codeAnnualized rate of returnThousand yuan profitOccupancy days
1 day R-001 2.68% 0.0634 1 Lend
2 days R-002 2.26% 0.2280 4 Lend
3 days R-003 2.40% 0.2989 5 Lend
4 days R-004 2.40% 0.2888 5 Lend
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
E Fund Consumer Industry -25.59% 0.15% buy
Yifangda medium and small disc mix -17.09% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
E Fund Consumer Industry -25.59% 0.15% buy
China Shipping Healthcare Theme Stock -8.89% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Yifangda medium and small disc mix -17.09% 0.15% buy
Bank of Communications Advantage Industry Mix -0.35% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Invesco Great Wall Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 enhanced -24.24% 0.12% buy
CCB CSI 500 Index Enhanced A -29.44% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Yi Fangda reassured bond A -6.33% 0.08% buy
Penghua Fortress Bond (LOF) 11.02% 0.00% buy
Fund abbreviation 7th annualization Subscription rate
Southern Tianli Currency B 3.4030% 0.00% buy
Penghua Tianlibao Currency 3.1510% 0.00% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Harvest Global Internet Stocks Renminbi -15.72% 0.15% buy
Southern Crude Oil A -10.18% 0.12% buy