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Oriental Wealth Special Services
      Code name Latest price 5 minutes ups and downs
      603922Jin Hongshun24.903.02%
      603377Oriental Fashion37.772.14%
      603002Hongchang Electronics5.372.09%
      Professional Finance: The first batch of sales agencies approved by the Securities Regulatory Commission
      Safe Finance: Supervision by the People's Bank of China
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      • China Merchants Banking Liquor Index ClassificationNearly one year40.28%
      • E Funda consumer industryNearly one year34.49%
      • Cathay Internet + StockNearly one year30.90%
      Latest news
      Xinnor: Plans to Acquire Two Real Estate Companies with 385 Million Yuan to Accelerate Tourism Layout 21:15 Leading 2017 revenue growth of 31.20% and net profit of 3.41 million 21:15 What are the advantages of subsidizing the previous 20-28 million Xiaopeng vehicles? 21:15 Panda Leisun's 2017 revenue growth of 12.84% net profit of 1.73 million 21:14 Shanxi Province Announces Air Quality Awards and Punishments for the Whole Province in March: Cangzhou Deductions Up to More Than 800 Million 21:14 Sendian Power's 2017 revenue increased by 62.33% and net profit was 8.48 million 21:14 SAFE: Pilots for QDLP and QDIE in Shanghai and Shenzhen Increased to 5 Billion U.S. Dollars respectively 21:14 Industrial Bank achieved a net profit of RMB 57.2 billion in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 6.22% 21:13 ShenZhen Software's 2017 Revenue Increases Significantly by 51.29%, Net Profit at 23.88M 21:13 Breaking up the asymmetric information of non-performing assets Kunsheng Assets gives a smart valuation plan 21:13 Macao Opens WeChat Payment Opens Overseas Conference to Help SMEs Doing Business 21:13 Today's headline officially changed its name to "Byte Bounce" 21:13 Jiuding Group believes that the violation of the letter issued by the national stock transfer system warning letter 21:12 The performance forecast has changed greatly. ST Longli’s loss of nearly RMB 3.5 billion. 21:12 Huashang cloud business in 2017 50.44 million net profit plan 10 schools 5 21:12 Bank of Jiangsu: Last year, the net profit was 11.875 billion, up 12% year-on-year 21:12 Letters to avoid evasion constitute a violation of illegal Jiuding Group was transferred to self-regulation 21:12 Hongxing Meikailong (01528): Dissenting domestic bondholders can ask the company to repurchase the bonds they hold. 21:11 Kexin Technology: Annual Report Net Profit Decrease 4.86% Planned 10 Turns 3 Sends 1.5 Yuan 21:11 Yisheng Biotechnology: 24% of the stock options were discounted by approximately 68.96% and issued 50,000 shares. 21:10
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      Stock name Quote change Focus on shares
      BOE A-1.28%attention
      Ziguang Guoxin1.03%attention
      National Technology9.97%attention
      Stock expert Recommended reason Follow him
      Wretched Henan gActive shareholderattention
      Wolf TotemActive shareholderattention
      The king is like a songActive shareholderattention
      Polar Bear 1Active shareholderattention
      Use my number to goActive shareholderattention
      Combination name Daily income 5-day earnings 20 day earnings Total revenue
      Super strong but not...17.33%17.60%21.04%21.04%
      Leek sprouts15.91%-2.12%-7.51%-55.92%
      Panda do t...14.22%12.05%5.11%-53.42%
      Super short die13.92%25.77%22.38%13.50%
      Analyst Latest index 3 months earnings 6 months earnings 12 months earnings Track stocks
      Lu Dongfeng1240.3550.37%24.03%24.03%Shengbang shares
      Zhang Jin5183.7949.50%78.01%114.26%Tiger Medical
      Tan Pengpeng1261.7341.14%26.17%26.17%Suzhou Keda
      Qian Jinyu1279.6933.42%27.97%27.97%Venus
                                  Data date
                                  Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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                                  Continuous suspension243 Family
                                  New suspension of trading today6 Family
                                  Resumption today7 Family
                                  Performance report388 Family
                                  Performance forecast132 Family
                                  Dividend increases274 Family
                                  Purchase of new shares1 Family
                                  Payment signed0 Family
                                  Listing of new shares0 Family
                                  Directional hair extension2 Family
                                  Supplementary plantwenty two Family
                                  Listing of shares130 Family
                                  Equity registration41 Family
                                  Shareholders meeting77 Family
                                  Internet voting137 Family
                                  Asset restructuring 98 Family
                                  Asset acquisition5 Family
                                  Pledge of shares103 Family
      name Latest price Quote change Main net inflow
      1two three four five7.1310.03%226 million
      2Oriental Wealth14.207.41%198 million
      3Luxi Chemical18.026.44%173 million
      4Wuliangye72.433.93%163 million
      5CITIC Securities19.243.83%132 million
      6Conch Cement34.074.32%129 million
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      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Crane shares23.689.99%1.78 million
      2Dingsheng New Materials28.5610.02%5.20 million
      3Vogel Optoelectronics77.4110.00%8.44 million
      4Zhende Medical61.1810.00%46.64 million
      5Great Wall Technology47.32-2.97%960 million
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      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Creative information13.7010.04%518 million
      2Youde Precision19.0910.03%40.71 million
      3Blue English equipment12.1810.03%107 million
      4New Beauty Star31.7410.02%77.6 million
      5Kexin Technology22.7210.02%286 million
      GEM Fund
      Nuggets High-quality Growth Enterprise Growth Unit
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Baorun Xingye--16.59 million
      2Real Life23.980.13%10.29 million
      3Lida shares45.000.00%10.08 million
      4Songda Education5.72-7.14%10.06 million
      5Zhang Hui--9.98 million
      Preferred QDII
      Global asset allocation, investment without borders
      Purchase date Purchase code New stock short name Issue price Issue price-earnings ratio Payment date
      04-24732259WuXi Mingde21.622.9904-26
      04-25732013Yap shares11.6718.004-27
      04-25300742Yue Bo Power23.3422.9904-27
      04-16732348Wencan shares15.2622.9904-18
      04-09732733Crane shares13.5922.9804-11
      date Stock name Transfer method Circulating Shares Total share capital Industry
      04-24Oberthurprotocol3.53 million10 millionEquipment
      04-24Dongsong Medicalprotocol-22.06 million
      04-24Soft God sharesprotocol-21.8 million
      04-24Yasha sharesprotocol2 million5.17 million
      date name Additional price Number of additional P/E ratio Discount premium rate
      04-24Kefei new material7.00100000050.5714.19%
      04-24Lee and extraction10.00400000044.4139.86%
      04-24Baochen shares1.441.5 million7.95-
      04-24Bailin Garden4.0050000008.36-38.46%
      • VC/PE Investment Details
      date name Investment agency investment amount Price per share
      04-24Condor carbon carLianyungang Jinhai...4.8 million1.10
      04-18Shenzhen-Hong Kong Environmental ProtectionShenzhen Shenzhen and Hong Kong production...16.03 million7.20
      04-11Credit GuaranteeHarbin H...110,0001.06
      date name Types of
      04-222018 Chinese Green Company Year...Industry conference
      04-232018 Second China Electric...Forum
      04-232018 Dibon IPSEF...Forum
      04-242018 Chinese Angel Investment...Industry conference
      04-24Purchase of new shares: Drug Mingkang...other
      04-24United States: New Housing Sales...Economic data
      Code name Latest Price (USD) Quote change
      CADCXinao concrete2.458.89%
      HTHTChina Residence132.064.44%
      KONEJoint information5.584.10%
      CEAEastern Airlines35.323.34%
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      Variety contract Latest price Quote change
      CSI 300 IndexIF18053835.402.70%
      SSE 50 IndexIH18052729.002.69%
      CSI 500 IndexIC18055913.202.94%
      Five-year government bondsTF180697.930.12%
      10-year government bondsT180694.930.11%
      Quantification Fund
      Quantitative investment, refining and gold