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      002021Zhong Jie resources3.794.12%
      002411Bi Kang shares24.503.20%
      002742San San shares21.602.71%
      Professional Finance: The first batch of sales organizations approved by the SFC
      Safe Money Management: Minsheng Bank supervision, access to funds with the card
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      • China Merchants card liquor index gradingNearly a year54.42%
      • Easy Fonda consumer industryNearly a year54.67%
      • Cathay Pacific Internet + stockNearly a year49.18%
      The latest broadcast
      Reorganization is still continuing to pay third parties to pay 5 tickets in February 02:55 Explosive funds by declining hedge position Qicheng new shares of infrastructure Jiancang quickly 02:52 Chuanhua Zhaopin hand in hand to promote smart logistics Hikvision 02:52 Grasp the high dividend plate investment opportunities 02:52 March 139 restricted shares of the company lifting over 300 billion yuan 02:52 After the holiday north of capital jiacang 4.2 billion Maize Moutou buy top 02:52 His interest shares Chairman Huang Tiancai: sex toys industry there is still much room for growth 02:52 This year, the new three board set by colder than the two companies over 1.5 billion fund-raising 02:43 Silver hair huge economic market new large-scale third-party company is still profitable 02:43 Institutional Research First Year of the Dog Visit Wave Insights and Absen 02:43 Keep an eye on the ultra-high definition video industry 2.5 trillion cake 02:43 New energy vehicles subsidy policy listed companies to accelerate the layout lithium cobalt industry 02:43 Lucheng Bank made a net profit of 72 million last year 02:43 Beijing Life plans to build 13 months allowed to open 02:43 Overseas Investment Violation Three insurance institutions receive regulatory letters 02:43 Accelerate the pace of capital consumption Ford Financial 500 million capital increase approved 02:43 CSC Securities coaching change: Qi Liang, outgoing president Li Geping take over 02:43 A glimpse of the vicissitudes of a three-tier town 02:43 Foreign Banks Entering China Welcomes Three Major Loans, Reform and Opening-up Exceeds Expectation 02:43 Buffett's letter to shareholders shows a new world outlook 02:43
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      Stock name Quote change Concerned about the shares
      BOE A-1.41%attention
      Square big carbon0.00%attention
      China Aluminum-attention
      * ST Hairun-attention
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      Yin Chen XiangActive friendsattention
      CommonerActive friendsattention
      Shanghai commonerActive friendsattention
      Rich countryman strong 9999Active friendsattention
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      Combinations of names Daily earnings 5 days revenue 20 days revenue Total revenue Focus on the portfolio
      I want 12317.87%23.95%18.53%18.53%attention
      I _con88 ...16.71%50.99%55.75%55.75%attention
      Five times the Ushimata ...13.96%11.70%6.13%6.13%attention
      Set sail 201813.40%14.63%14.63%14.63%attention
      Analyst Latest index 3 months earnings 6 months earnings 12 months earnings Track stocks
      Wang Qing1800.85110.85%79.92%80.09%Qingdao golden king
      Zhou Kai 锴2913.65105.10%171.10%191.37%Yili shares
      Wang Debin1998.6254.93%60.35%75.83%Huaxin Cement
      Wu Liang1580.9854.80%71.52%74.57%Lep Medical
                                  Data date
                                  Monday, February 26, 2018
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                                  Continuous suspension258 Family
                                  Today new suspension6 Family
                                  Resume trading today25 Family
                                  Performance report1 Family
                                  Performance notice3 Family
                                  Dividend increase1 Family
                                  New shares subscription0 Family
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                                  IPO1 Family
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                                  Shares listed14 Family
                                  Equity registration52 Family
                                  Shareholders' General Meeting Held58 Family
                                  Internet voting109 Family
                                  Asset restructuring 9 Family
                                  Asset acquisition0 Family
                                  Share pledge16 Family
      name Latest price Quote change The main net inflow
      1Gan Feng Li industry73.507.72%279 million
      2Luoyang Molybdenum8.028.23%225 million
      3Letv5.298.85%168 million
      4Royal family Hui46.928.61%113 million
      5Accor Group12.349.98%107 million
      6Gezhouba9.216.11%106 million
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      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1N Tai Yong21.2843.98%447,400
      2Yang Yuan drinks90.28-0.88%831 million
      3In the source of home37.548.09%378 million
      4Royal family Hui46.928.61%1.04 billion
      5Nanjing Poly Long44.5010.01%302 million
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      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Central equipment11.7210.05%246 million
      2Xuan Ya International36.4710.02%163 million
      3Back to the days of new material9.5510.02%51.76 million
      4Fly Rongda53.7510.01%23.6 million
      5Midland new material34.5110.01%332 million
      GEM fund
      Nuggets high-quality growth stocks GEM
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Giffen design--14.77 million
      2United Securities1.98-0.50%12.81 million
      3Sky sea fluid--501 million
      4Ren Hui biological17.660.28%494 million
      5In the technology9.50-4.90%3.5 million
      QDII is preferred
      The optimal allocation of global assets, investment without borders
      Subscription day Purchase code Short form of new shares Issue price Issue price-earnings ratio Payment date
      02-14002928China Airlines20.6422.9902-23
      02-13002929Run-built communications23.9522.9902-22
      02-13300741Warburg shares38.622.9902-22
      02-09732059Times more clean24.0722.9902-13
      02-08732680Today, a group32.6922.9902-12
      02-07002927N Tai Yong14.7822.9902-09
      date Stock name Transfer method Circulating shares Total share capital Industry
      02-26Monarch medicalprotocol232 million11 million
      02-26Treasure exchange heatprotocol-13.2 million
      02-26Brilliance sharesprotocol-5001 million
      02-23Jin Kun sharesprotocol36.69 million107.6 million
      date name Additional price Additional quantity Price-earnings ratio Discount premium rate
      02-23Chinese food purification7.00388 million2311.65-
      02-23Sotai testing2.00400000019.90-
      02-23Micron original7.2316.86 million32.27-
      02-22Winbond Technology1.802.5 million13.33-
      • VC / PE investment details
      date name Investment agency investment amount Price per share
      02-13GurnerWuhu lofty venture ...399 million7.00
      02-07Ninety-nine mutual entertainmentGF dry and investment ...591 thousand3.94
      02-05Built as a calendarChangsha Xing Chong investment ...21 million7.00
      date name Types of
      02-26Bridge Water Fund founder Rui ...Industry Conference
      02-26United States: new housing sales ...Economic data
      02-26United States: new housing sales ...Economic data
      02-27Eurozone 19 countries: economy ...Economic data
      02-27EU 28: Economic King ...Economic data
      02-27United States: Durable goods in addition to the country ...Economic data
      Code name Latest Price (USD) Quote change
      MOMOStreet unfamiliar35.7517.10%
      GSHGuangshen Railway33.006.45%
      HIMXWonders of the photoelectric8.345.97%
      Quantitative fund
      Quantified investment, refining number into gold