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  •                     Bein America huge pre-losing four executives do not guarantee the authenticity of the announcement

                        [Bein America huge pre-losing four executives do not guarantee the truthfulness of the announcement] Bein America today released a notice of performance correction notice, the full-year 2017 estimated loss of 800 million to 1 billion yuan, after the company reported in the third quarter loss of 350 million yuan to 500 million yuan. Company for two consecutive years of loss, or will be delisted risk police ...

                    January 22, 06:41

  •                     Longsheng Technology M & A New Third Board Micro Precision

                        Longsheng Technology merger and acquisition of the new three-board company micro-precision] Longsheng Technology today disclosed the restructuring report (draft), the company intends to 31.09 yuan / share issue 627.21 million shares and pay 1.05 billion yuan in cash, the total price of 300 million acquisition of micro-precision research 100% stake; while raising matching funds, with ...

                    January 22, 06:41

  •                     Firm fought in the game industry Caesar culture 2018 performance is expected to erupt

                        [Firm fought in the game industry Caesar culture 2018 performance is expected to erupt] "cut off all the back, cut off all the tail, will never go back." Cheng Ho-ming, aged 60-year-old chairman of Caesar Culture talked about the company's determination to transition, Stable attitude. (Shanghai Securities News)

                    January 22, 06:41

  •                     Huaxin Securities: real trick to create poverty alleviation "real"

                        As the Spring Festival approached, staff from Lego Eco-Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. in Jianhe County, Guizhou Province, were busy packing over 1,300 boxes of specialty farm products such as eggs, honey and cashmere from local farmers. These hidden in the mountains of Guizhou original ecological cuisine is about to go out of the mountains into Huaxin Securities distribution in ...

                    01 月 22 日 06:36

  •                     Watson pharmaceutical late "bungee jumping"

                        Watson Pharmaceutical late in the "bungee jumping," the recent rally Watson Pharmaceutical suffered a strong earthquake late last Friday, due to wantonly large flight fleece, resulting in the stock price twists and turns during this period, shaped like a bungee jump. The stock eventually closed at green plate, closing price of 42.88 yuan, but the day the plate hit 47.9 shares ...

                    January 22 at 06:22

  •                     Mechanism to sell new Ning logistics

                        [Organization to sell Sunning logistics] According to the data show that the dragon stand, last Friday to buy the largest amount of logistics Ningxin first five seats for all seats in the business department, the amount of the purchase of 300 million -4660 million in distribution, of which China Galaxy to 45,553,00 yuan come out on top, clearly leading Guoxin Securities Shanghai, Beijing ...

                    January 22 at 06:22

  •                     God fog huge environmental change hands

                        Shenwu fog huge environmental change last week, Shenwu environmental continuous limit. According to the chart shows that last Friday institutional investors Baotuan departure, become the vanguard of the withdrawal of the stock. However, compared to the previous two trading days immeasurable limitless, last Friday God fog environmental turnover rate reached 21.53%, full-day turnover of 2750 million yuan. ...

                    January 22 06:21

  •                     Shanxi Fen frequently hit a new high

                        [Shanxi Fen frequent record highs] Last Monday, Shanxi Fen started a continuous high pattern, share prices hit record highs. On Friday plate, the stock touched the high of 67.00 yuan, breaking the previous high again. (China Securities Journal)

                    January 22 06:21

  •                     China Resources Secco intends to transfer 140 million yuan 51% shares of the new SECCO medicine

                        According to the information of Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange, China Resources Secco Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("China Resources Secco") intends to transfer 51% equity of Zhejiang Xin Secco Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Xin Secco") for a transfer price of 13770 Million. China Resources Secco held a total of 82.52% stake in SECCO.

                    January 22 06:21

  •                     Yangtze new material will gradually plow the pension industry

                        [Yangzi new material will gradually plow the pension industry] Recently, Yangtze New Material held an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, the new session of the board of directors and management debut. After several twists and turns, the road to business transformation of Yangtze new material finally has a clear path. With the people in the minivan subsidiary of the future into the company, pension industry will become ...

                    January 22 06:21

  •                     Neusoft Group to build intelligent parking

                        [Neusoft Intelligent Parking] China Securities Journal reporter learned from Neusoft Group on January 21 that the company has built a modern intelligent three-dimensional parking lot integrating photovoltaic energy storage, wireless charging and automatic parking function in Neusoft Dalian Estuary Software Park put into use. (China Securities Journal)

                    January 22 06:21

  •                     CPT expects net profit in 2017 to increase more than 10 times year on year

                        [CPT expects net profit in 2017 to more than 10 times YoY] CSIC announced on the evening of January 21 that initially estimated by the financial department, it is estimated that the annual net profit in 2017 will increase by 7,300 over the same period of last year Million or so, an increase of 1005%; non-deducted non-profit and the net ...

                    January 22, 06:19

  •                     Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings shareholders proposed 10 to 8 and send cash

                        Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings shareholders proposed 10 to 8 and send cash Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical announced on the evening of January 21, Zhejiang Zhongbei Jiuzhou Group Co., Ltd., the controlling shareholder of the company proposed the company's profit distribution plan for the year 2017 when the registration of shares The total capital of Japan as the base, the capital reserve capitalization approach to the whole ...

                    January 22, 06:19

  •                     Issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange supervision letter asked Guizhou gas price-earnings ratio is too high

                        [Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a questioning letter supervision and check Guizhou Gas said the price-earnings ratio is too high] Under the supervision of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, listed on the continuous surge in Guizhou Gas released the verification results and risk alert announcement on the evening of January 21. Announcement shows that LNG prices are not good for the company, the company can not rise from the upstream LNG prices ...

                    01 月 22 日 05:39

  •                     SF 376 million shares lifted tomorrow

                        [SF 374 million shares lifted tomorrow ban] Notice shows that on January 23, SF will hold about 374 million shares of restricted shares lifted, accounting for 8.5% of the company's total share capital. Notice shows that involved in major asset restructuring of the six restricted shares in the four shareholders currently no plans to reduce the secondary market bidding ...

                    January 22 at 04:36

  •                     Chinese online reduction digital reading scale net + quadratic superposition effect doubts

                        [Chinese online reduction of digital reading scale network + quadratic superposition effect doubts] With the online paid reading mode more and more attention, A shares of related subjects have also entered the eyes of investors and institutions. Chinese online market in 2015 (300364.SZ) quite attractive recently ...

                    01 月 22 日 03:36

  •                     Dong Mingzhu's Gree, Liu Yonghao good hope capital Gangster futures hedging list

                        [Dong Mingzhu's Gree, Liu Yong Hao's new hope capital chiefs hedging futures hedging list] hedging, the futures market to serve the real economy an important way and means to realize the value of the entity through the application of the enterprise. Such as Dong Mingzhu's Gree ...

                    01 月 22 日 05:54

  •                     Suning twice renamed behind Zhang Jindong called e-commerce has encountered bottlenecks in development

                        【Suning renamed behind Zhang Jindong, said the electricity supplier has encountered bottlenecks in development】 Experienced the traditional industries of the Internet christening began to gradually out of the haze to re-enter the transformation of the road. Among them, Suning is realized from the entity's electrical industry transformation and development of the Internet to online and offline together with the development of transformation. Especially to highlight ...

                    January 22, 02:27

  •                     GOME tentacles extended to agricultural products fresh electricity supplier war

                        After a year of adjustment and layout, the retail giant GOME has initially completed the transition to solution providers. Now Gome once again announced that through the layout of the upstream industry chain, quickly cut into the agricultural sector. At this point, the country's "home life" territory once again expanded.

                    January 22, 02:17

  •                     Worship frequent large-scale failure of technical capacity worrying

                        Recently, Ms. Xu from Hangzhou told the Securities Daily that he would usually use motorbikes for cycling, but there have been two cases of billable charges after the lockup. Although the problem has been solved by contacting customer service, Ms. Xu said she was somewhat disappointed with her cycling after these few occasions.

                    January 22, 02:17

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