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  •                     Shanghai stock index approaching 3200 points

                        The Shanghai Composite Index approached the 3,200 point mark. Oil and gas sector gains are among the top gainers. This week, the Shanghai Composite Index consolidated and accumulated under 3200 points. On the whole, the hot wheels in the sector are relatively cautious. In recent days, the market has been "inertial" on Fridays, but ...

                    May 19 06:46

  •                     “Moving in” small step running fund into the key configuration window

                        [Moving into the Small Movement] Funds entering the key configuration window] This week, MSCI announced the results of its semi-annual index adjustment. This adjustment marks a crucial step in the "entry". What is its significance? What are the performance opportunities for the future market? This period Guotai Jun safety ball chief strategy analyst Li Shao...

                    May 19th 04:53

  •                     Main force leaves more than one consecutive daily limit

                        This week, the market continued to show a turbulent trend. After the first pent-in upset, it rose strongly on Friday, closing up 1.24% to close at 3,200 points, while the FBMACE was slightly weaker. The rally on Friday also rose only 0.30%. Overall, this week's trading is relatively light, the activity of hot money has declined, the main funds to do more emotions ...

                    May 19th 04:47

  •                     Shanghai Stock Index closed up over 1%

                        At the close of trading, the Shanghai Composite Index pulled up more than 1%, and the GEM rebounded by 0.30%. The industry sector went up and down, and the oil stocks had a strong outbreak. PetroChina surged over 7%.

                    May 18 15:00

  •                     Broad market rebound continues

                        Today, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,193 points, up 39.02, or 1.24. The Shanghai Composite Index traded 168 billion. Today, the Shanghai Composite Index performed as a shock in the morning. In the afternoon, with the rise of blue chips such as oil, coal, and banks, the broader market rose to 40 in late trading. point.

                    May 18 17:23

  •                     Zhou Lianyang has pressure on the upper gear

                        On Friday, the broader market showed a turbulent rebound. After the market opened in early trading, the FBMACE retreated. The Shanghai Composite Index maintained a pattern of sideways volatility. In the afternoon, the stock indexes of the two cities continued to decline. After 13:40, they stabilized and rebounded. Afterwards, the broader market quickly pulled up. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index receives a Zhongyang line, and the GEM is a small Yangxian with a lower shadow line...

                    May 18 17:20

  •                     What is the deep meaning of the A-share "tailwatch" market? One week hot plate analysis: oil stocks boiling!

                        When the mountains of water are no longer in doubt, A shares are often inadvertently giving investors "surprisingly." What is the deep meaning of the A-share "tailwatch" market? Undoubtedly, last week (May 07-May 11), A shares went out of the bottom of the formation of the previous sideways shock, and this week (May 14 - May 18 ...

                    May 18 17:05

  •                     Two barrels of oil led the stock index to counterattack Small new high will appear soon

                        [Two barrels of oil led the stock index to attack the small new high will appear] With the stocks today's counter-attack, the stock index has formed a broken position and back to the upper track, the stock index will be re-stretched to the 3200 point integer mark; Although it is in a contrarian situation today, it is only just returning to the pressure range. It must be...

                    May 18 16:31

  •                     Energy Sector Blowout Market Reproduction Bounce Bounce

                        On the afternoon of the 18th, driven by the continuous rise of international crude oil prices, the energy sector collective blowouts, and the broader market regained its tail. Among them, the Shanghai Composite Index regained its five-day moving averages on the 5th, 10th and 60th, and approached the 3200-point integer mark again. The GEM is supported at the 60-day moving average and shocked by the red. cut...

                    May 18 16:30

  •                     Next week the market or maintain the shock pattern

                        1. Both Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges opened lower in the morning, with chemical fiber, mineral products and agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery sectors leading the rise, while the winemaking, steel and insurance sectors were among the top losers. The opening stock index rushed higher in the chemical fiber, oil and coal sectors, but quickly turned green. After 10:30, the oil and coal prices rose steadily.

                    May 18 16:03

  •                     From the rise of oil stocks to see what kind of market?

                        [From the rise of oil stocks to see what kind of market the mystery? The market rebounded on Friday and the performance of the Shanghai Composite Index improved. Under the stimulation of rising oil prices, the oil sector stocks rose sharply, which played a relatively good role in promoting the market. The impact of oil stocks on the market is relatively positive, but the transactions in the two cities...

                    May 18 15:57

  •                     Shanghai Stock Index approached 3200 points PetroChina soared 7%

                        Today Dikaigaozou Shanghai and Shenzhen, rose oil in the booster, closed up 1.24% stock index approaching 3200; disk, the oil sector tide off limit, China 7% rose oil; petroleum, coal, shale gas sector gainers; chip, logistics and other plate decreases. The two cities have slightly smaller volume...

                    May 18 15:49

  •                     Two barrels of oil help the market take off

                        The Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks rose unilaterally in the afternoon and the Shanghai Composite Index rose more than 1% to close at 3,200 points. The oil and gas sector staged a cease-and-fist surge. CNOOC Engineering, Huibopu, China Oil Engineering, and Tongyuan Petroleum all reached daily limit, and PetroChina surged 7%. Banks, insurance, coal and other heavyweights also performed brilliantly, and the volume of the market can gradually increase in the afternoon. finally,...

                    May 18 15:44

  •                     Market outlook focus on energy and funding

                        The broader market oscillated stronger and the positive sign gradually followed up; the oil sector was insane and the market remained cautious. On the disk, the oil industry, coal mining and selection, chemical fiber industry, public utilities, fertilizer industry, paper printing, insurance and other industries led the rise, jewelry, medical industry, craft goods, civil aviation airports and other industries...

                    May 18 15:41

  •                     Doing more to establish confidence is expected to gradually firm

                        The market index plunged at the end of the day and the trading volume improved modestly. It shows that the long-term emotional recovery has been confirmed, and it has done so much confidence or has entered a stage of strengthening phase. Therefore, it is expected that the structural rebound will continue. From a market point of view, the main two changes, first, the short-term view and the mid-term conflict of views, into a short...

                    May 18 15:40

  •                     Three stock market speculations next week: Index is about to open counterattack

                        [Next week's stock market three major conjecture: index is about to open the counterattack] today to do more emotional first concentrated in the two barrels of oil-related industries, the enthusiasm to do more quickly spread to most of the plate, in which the weight of shares in the financial, real estate There are a lot of sales in the sector, and there is a clear net inflow of funds. It is recommended that investors pay attention.

                    May 18 15:32

  •                     Bottom up on the index rebound

                        Both the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index and the GEM Index rebounded. Both the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index and the ChiNext Index began to strengthen strongly. The national oil price rose. PetroChina and Sinopec became the main driving force for the pull index; the GEM rebounded in the afternoon and then rebounded. Eastern Fortune, Weining Health Is pulling the main force. Throughout the main line of today's market rebound ...

                    May 18 15:25

  •                     Oil plate pulls stock index rebound

                        A-shares in Shenzhen and Shanghai were divided on Friday and the Shanghai Composite Index remained strong. The Shenzhen Component Index and the Growth Enterprise Market Index were clearly green, but they were supported by indicator stocks such as PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Oil Engineering, Kweichow Moutai, and China Ping An in the afternoon. The three major stock indexes all rebounded, with the Shanghai Composite Index performing relatively...

                    May 18 15:18

  •                     A-share market reversal of the market to rejuvenate the market

                        [A stock market reversal of the market to rejuvenate the stock index of 3200 points is only a short-handed kick] today's four major indexes ended higher across the board, including the broader market's pull-up and previous analysis of the results through the line of resistance. From the perspective of the daily level, the current break is back to stepping again and breaking away from 3200 points. by...

                    May 18 15:16

  •                     The oil financial sector turned the tide

                        The shrinking trading volume of the broader market is the signal to build the bottom and is also the main factor that restricts the upward movement of the stock index. In the recent market, except for the sub-new stocks and some of the subject matter of price increases, there are almost no hot spots. On Friday morning, the GEM fell below 1850 points and continued to move towards 1800 points. The stock index started to compete around 3150 points; ...

                    May 18 15:00

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