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[Tianjin will speed up the listing of the city management enterprises or the listing of core business assets] The Tianjin State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission is comprehensively summarizing the successful experiences of the three groups that have been put into operation, and further speeding up the efforts to comprehensively promote the mixed reform of municipal management enterprises. It is understood that in 2018, Tianjin will continue to fully promote the work of the city management enterprises. On this basis, it will also take the listing and listing and capital operation as the starting point, realize higher-level mixed reform through the capital market, speed up the listing of the city management enterprises or the listing of core business assets, revitalize the resources of listed companies, and continuously optimize the layout of state-owned assets. Enlarge the investment and leading role of state-owned capital. (21st Century Business Herald) comment


[Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Meets with the Heads of the Three Major Enterprises] Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, met with Peng Chun, Chairman of the Bank of Communications, Luo Wei, General Manager of China Resources Group, and Chen Fenjian, Chairman of China Railway Construction Corporation: Deepening the new urbanization with China Resources Group. Exchange of views on cooperation in the development of medical and health care industry, precision poverty alleviation and other fields; and China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. to further deepen the construction of high-speed railways in and out of Sichuan, industrial transformation and upgrading, eco-environmental protection, urban rail transit construction, cultural tourism, etc. Exchange of views on cooperation in the field; I hope that Bank of Communications will further increase support in the construction of western financial centers, comprehensive innovation and reform, real economic development, financial service innovation, and poverty alleviation, and promote more pragmatic cooperation results. (Sichuan Daily) comment


[Eggs and golden egg prices rose by 1.79 yuan in January, more than 20%] According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, as of 14:00 on August 14, the average price of eggs in the national agricultural wholesale market was 9.14 yuan / kg, higher than August 13 1.6%. The average price of eggs on July 13 was 7.35 yuan / kg. This means that in a month or so, the average price of eggs rose by 1.79 yuan per kilogram, an increase of more than 20%. From the perspective of the industry, egg prices will continue to rise for a while, but there is not much room for growth. (Securities Daily) comment


[The US Bank survey shows that the US stock market bull market is close to the top] According to the latest fund manager survey of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the bull market that pushed the US stock market to reach a record level this year may be close to the peak. The survey showed that the position of the US stock market increased by 10 percentage points this month, reaching a net over-match of 19%, the highest level since January 2015. This made the United States the most popular stock market for the first time in five years. (huitong network) comment


[The net profit growth of 868 new three board listed companies in the first half of the year] As of August 15, Choice data showed that 1507 new three board companies released their first half results, and the disclosure ratio was less than 10%. The total revenue was 117.94 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24.77%, and the net profit was 7.496 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33%; 868 listed companies achieved a year-on-year increase in net profit. In the first half of the year, under the background of rising raw material prices, rising labor costs, and upgrading environmental protection requirements, the operating cost of the New Third Board Company increased by nearly 30% year-on-year. Many enterprises seek innovative development through cost reduction and efficiency improvement, technological innovation, and increase in value-added products to maintain stable gross profit margin. (China Securities Journal) comment


[The price of live pigs has soared by 33% in March] Before and after the African swine fever epidemic in the northeastern region, the domestic pig breeding industry has ushered in a favorable market that has generally turned from loss to profit. Since mid-May this year, the average price of domestic pigs has increased by about 33%, and most of the industry enterprises have gone out of the previous losses. Analysts said that after this round of increase, the current average price of domestic pigs has reached the top, and signs of weak growth are obvious. In the short term, the price of pigs will remain stable and there will not be much room for decline, but the price decline will be widened after next month. It is expected that the market situation in the first half of next year will not be optimistic. (Securities Times) comment


[Mainstream insurance companies: the signal at the bottom of the market is now in short-term grasp of the structural opportunities of the TMT sector] Due to external environmental factors and other factors, the recent trend of A-shares has fluctuated. In this regard, a number of Beijing-Shanghai mainstream insurance institutions interviewed by reporters said that the current market trend is still dominated by uncertain factors such as fluctuations in external exchange rates, and the market has been slow to respond to the positive adjustments made by relevant departments in response to external shocks. The bottom signal that has appeared. For long-term funds, the current position is in the strategic allocation range, specifically related to the industry, a number of large and medium-sized insurance institutions investment managers are optimistic about the short-term trend of the TMT sector under the policy level. (Shanghai Securities News) comment


[Zhenfeng Lithium and South Korea's LG Chem signed a contract to sell 456 metric tons of lithium hydroxide products to LG Chem from 2019 to 2022.] According to the company's announcement, the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Qifeng International and South Korea's LG Chemical signed hydration. Lithium supply contract, the basic sales volume is 47,600 tons, and the price is adjusted according to market price changes. The contract will be executed and confirmed in 2019-2022, which will have a positive impact on the company's annual operating results. comment


[Mu Jin Association: Zhu Yong: Online loan members should quickly carry out self-examination and self-correction] Zhu Yong, assistant secretary-general of China Internet Finance Association, said that online loan member institutions must resolutely implement the next phase of special rectification and deployment, in accordance with rectification requirements. , regulatory policies and industry self-discipline standards and rules, and in accordance with the relevant requirements of the company's self-inspection to be issued in the near future, promptly carry out self-examination, and check and correct the problems found. (Shanghai Securities News) comment


[Shangzheng Daily: Rational understanding of the status quo of P2P industry] After two years of investigation, investigation and remediation, nearly 3,000 non-compliant P2P institutions have withdrawn from June this year, leaving about 2,000. Close to the regulators said that after the rectification of the P2P industry risks in the past two years, the overall risk of the industry has been gradually released. Although there are cases, the overall risk of the industry is controllable. Most P2P platforms have actual investment targets and are supported by real assets. The person stressed that it is necessary to rationally look at the risk situation of the insurance platform. At present, most of the insurance platform's amount of compensation is below 100 million yuan. It is not difficult to see that the total amount of funds involved in the insurance platform is not as big as imagined. (Shanghai Securities News) comment


[Berkehill Announces Second Quarter Position Report Buffett Continues to Increase Apple] According to Berkshire Hathaway’s second-quarter position document released on Tuesday, Buffett continued to increase his stake in Apple by 5%. According to the document, Berkshire also increased its stake in Goldman Sachs by 21%, Delta Airlines by 18.8%, and Southwest Airlines by 18.7%. The company reduced its stake in American Airlines by 2.8% and reduced Charter Communications' shares by 8.7%. (Phoenix) comment


[The probability that the Fed will raise interest rates by 25 basis points to 2.00%-2.25% in September this year is greater] The Fed’s probability of raising interest rates by 25 basis points to 2.00%-2.25% in September this year is 96%, and the probability from December to the interval It is 31.8%. (FX168) comment


[NVIDIA rose 0.9% after the market] Oriental Wealth Network reported on the 15th, NVIDIA rose 0.9% after the close, Wells Fargo analyst Aaron C Rakers upgraded Nvidia from weaker than the broader market to outperform the market, the target price increased from 140 dollars Up to $315. Of the brokers covering Nvidia, 28 were buying, 12 were holding, and 2 were selling. comment


[US crude oil fell 0.85% Brent crude oil fell 0.58%] Eastern Fortune Network on the 15th, the US crude oil is now reported 66.63 US dollars / barrel, down 0.85%; Brent crude oil is now reported 72.19 US dollars / barrel, down 0.58%; Fuel is now reported at $2.1217 per gallon, down 0.72%; US Gas is now at $2.955 per million British thermal units (mmBtu), up 0.85%. comment


[China's concept stocks fell most. Vipshop will close down 16.2%] Oriental Wealth Network on 15th, China's stocks fell mostly on Tuesday, Alibaba closed down 2.9%, Baidu closed down 0.63%, Jingdong closed down 3.42%. Vipshop will close down 16.2%, Tiger Tooth live down 16.06%, Thunder closed down 15.53%, the gathering closed down 13.72%, Momo closed down 8.79%, Zhongtong Express closed down 8.16%. comment


[US stocks three major stock indexes closed up the Dow rose nearly 0.5%] Eastern Fortune Network on the 15th, the S & P 500 index closed up 18.03 points, or 0.64%, to 2839.96 points; Nasdaq index closed up 51.20 points, or 0.65 %, reported 7878.89 points; Dow Jones index closed up 112.20 points, or 0.45%, to 25299.92 points comment


[US energy stocks rose and fell] Eastern Fortune Network on the 15th, Occidental oil closed up 1.95%, Chesapeake energy closed up 1.58%, ConocoPhillips closed up 1.52%, EOG resources closed up 1.29%, Hess closed up 0.93% Chevron closed up 0.11%, Marathon oil closed up 0.02%; Schlumberger closed down 0.26%, Exxon Mobil closed down 0.32%, Cimarex Energy closed down 0.42%, and Phillips 66 closed down 0.52%. comment


[Apple's market value exceeds 1 trillion US dollars for eight consecutive days and Amazon's history hits a new high] Oriental Wealth Network 5th news, Nvidia closed up 2.07%, AMD closed up 1.47%, Microsoft closed up 1.25%, Amazon closed up 1.24%, reported US$1919.65, a record high, with a market value of 936.298 billion US dollars; Twitter closed up 1.19%, Spotify closed up 1.15%, Qualcomm closed up 0.91%, Google parent company Alphabet closed up 0.76%, Facebook closed up 0.59%, IBM closed up 0.46%, Apple closed up 0.42%, to 209.75 US dollars, a record high, with a market value of 1.01307785 trillion US dollars; Dropbox closed down 0.65%, Intel closed down 0.68%, Netflix closed down 1.12%, Micron fell 1.4%, Broadcom closed down 1.79%, NXP fell 2.11%, and Tesla closed down 2.46%. comment


[US banking stocks rose across the market, worries about market easing] Oriental Fortune Network reported on the 15th, Citigroup closed up 1.23%, Goldman Sachs closed up 1.19%, Morgan Stanley closed up 1.08%, Bank of America closed up 1.02%, Wells Fargo closed Up 0.80%, JP Morgan Chase closed up 0.67%, American Express closed up 0.36%, "Bei Shi" Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway B shares closed up 0.32%, A-shares closed up 0.19%. comment


[Turkey Lira against the US dollar rose more than 8%] Eastern Fortune Network on the 15th, the Turkish lira rose more than 8% against the US dollar, once refreshed to a high of 6.2968 lira, on August 13th recorded a record low of 7.1326 lira. comment


[White House spokesman said Trump's security adviser will meet with Russian officials in Geneva] White House spokesman Sanders: Trump's security adviser Bolton will meet with Russian officials in Geneva. (FX168) comment


[WTI September crude oil futures closed slightly] Oriental wealth net 15 news, WTI September crude oil futures closed down 0.16 US dollars, down 0.24%, to 67.04 US dollars / barrel. comment


[In the previous period, the main contract of crude oil futures contract SC1809 closed up slightly] Oriental Wealth Network on the 15th, the previous contract crude oil futures contract SC1809 closed at 0.04%, reported 518.80 yuan; last Monday (August 6) to 535.40 Yuanchuang's crude oil futures closed at the highest level of the night trading day since the first trading day (March 26). comment


[Mexico Minister of Economy will visit Washington, USA on August 15 and it is highly likely to reach an agreement with the United States in August] Mexican private sector representative Kalach talks about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): Mexican Economy Minister will visit the United States on August 15 Washington, and negotiating NAFTA, the possibility of reaching an agreement in August (with the United States) is high. (FX168) comment


[COMEX December gold futures closed slightly] Oriental Fortune Network 14th news, COMEX December gold futures closed up 1.80 US dollars, or 0.2%, to 1200.70 US dollars / ounce. comment


[Vipshop will drop 15.5% to create a new low] Eastern Fortune Network on the 15th, VIPS (VIPS) fell 15.5%, a new low in more than four and a half years. comment

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