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[National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference today] The National Development and Reform Commission will hold a special press conference in the large conference room on the third floor of Zhongjiao Tower at 10:00 a.m. on April 27, 2018 (Friday). The responsible comrades of the Bureau attended the meeting and introduced the work related to the construction of the Natural Gas Production, Supply, Storage and Sales System and answered questions from reporters.comment


[Peace Good Doctor IPO is priced at HK$54.80] Ping An Hao doctors set the IPO price of US$1.1 billion at the high end of the IPO range, and plans to issue 160 million shares at HK$54.80 per share. (Huitong Network)comment


[Shenzhen Party Committee Meeting with the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Chen Yulu: Promoting Shenzhen's First Trial on Broadening Financial Sector Opening] On the afternoon of April 26th, Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Weizhong met with the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Chen Yulu and his party. The two sides stated that they must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the keynote speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the 2018 annual meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia and the spirit of the important speech at the meeting to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Provincial Special Administrative Region of Hainan, and jointly promote Shenzhen’s expansion of the financial industry. Open up, carry out green financial reforms and innovations, and improve the level of financial supervision, etc., and try to help Shenzhen take the forefront in the new era and become a pioneer in the new journey. Continue to become an important window, experimental platform, pioneer, and doer in reform and opening up. . (Shenzhen Special Zone Daily)comment


[Report: Beijing's house prices have picked up but the recovery is not solid] The "China Housing Market Development Monthly Analysis Report" shows that Beijing's housing prices have picked up, but the recovery is not solid. Some hotspots in second-tier and third-tier cities are still rising rapidly. In some cities in the northeast where housing prices rose relatively early in the previous period, prices began to rise. The report believes that in the short term, the number of cities whose house prices have decreased or stabilized in the first- and second-tier cities will increase; housing prices in third- and fourth-tier cities will continue to increase in inertia, but the rate of increase will decline. It is still the main task of current real estate regulation to control housing speculation by demand policies to curb housing bubble risk. (Securities Daily)comment


[Securities Times front page commentary: Gree Electric Co., Ltd. does not divide the market so why is the market so extreme? ] Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. did not pay dividends for only one year. Why did it cause such fierce market reaction? There may be two reasons: First, the prospect of high dividends falls short, and second, questions about the direction of diversification. Gree’s long-term large-scale dividend distribution has formed a positive feedback for investors, but it has also caused some burden on the company. For the long-term development, Gree Electric Co., Ltd. has made an appropriate balance. In some years, it is understood that there should be less dividends and even no dividends.comment


[In the first quarter of Huijin, the increase in holdings of 22 shares has become an important mover] As of April 26, a total of 1,735 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen disclosed the first quarterly report of 2018, of which Huijin appeared in the top ten circulation of 465 listed companies. List of shareholders, a total of 8.666 billion shares, holding a stock market value of about 99.955 billion yuan. The 22 companies that saw Huijin’s newly increased holdings found that low prices, stagflation, low valuations, and small and medium-sized startups have become an important starting point for Huijin’s investment layout in the first quarter. (Shanghai Securities News)comment


Oriental Fortune Net News on the 27th, Japan's Nikkei 225 Index opened up 0.7% to 22,466.66 points. The daily share certificate index opened up 0.4% to 1,778.56 points.comment


[Shanghai cement prices exceeded 500 yuan/ton. Some parts of Jiangsu Province have raised cement prices 3-4 times this month] According to market feedback, some manufacturers in Jiangsu Nantong District raised their cement prices by 15-20 yuan/ton slightly, and on the 26th, the region mainly The manufacturers continued to increase the price of high standard cement by RMB 30-40/ton, and some of the low price by RMB 20/ton. After the transfer, Nantong District Dachang P.O42.5 bulk mainstream factory listed 440-470 yuan / ton range. Recently, the supply of cement in Nantong region has been tight. Since April, regional manufacturers have gradually pushed up cement prices by 3-4 rounds, and the cumulative rate has reached around RMB 100. On the 26th, in Shanghai, the Pearl River Conch, Jinshan South, and other major real estate cement companies raised the factory price of low-grade cement by RMB 20/ton, and the high-grade cement factory price by RMB 30/ton. After the adjustment, large-scale regional manufacturers P.O42.5 bulk cement factory is listed at 500 yuan/ton. (China Cement Network)comment


The new regulations on capital management have not yet officially landed Banks feel bad: deposits have disappeared a lot. In the first quarter of this year, the total absorption of deposits in the accounting records of a number of listed banks has slowed down and can even be said to be stagnant. In the first quarter of this year, the growth rate of total deposits absorbed by a number of listed banks has slowed down, and has been almost stagnant. Daxing has national outlets and channel advantages, while small and medium-sized banks are relatively limited. In the past few years, small and medium-sized banks have relied on interbank financial management to form liabilities to expand assets. Nowadays, with the strong supervision of financial institutions and the new regulations for asset management, the pressure on bank banking liabilities has been drastically reduced, pushing small and medium-sized banks and even big banks to begin to increase their efforts to absorb general deposits. ( Shanghai Securities News)comment


[A share dividend of A shares in 2017 or part of the iron cock began to plucking] As of April 25, there are 2299 listed companies in the two cities intending to carry out cash dividends, and the 2017 A-share listed companies have implemented and announced the cash distribution total amount of the plan. It has reached 988.5 billion, close to the trillion mark. In addition, some "iron rooster" listed companies began to use cash dividends to reward investors. Under the pressure of supervision, some listed companies that have not paid dividends for a long time have finally begun to use cash dividends to return to shareholders. Both Langsha Pharmaceuticals and Furen Pharmaceuticals were named “iron roosters” by the China Securities Regulatory Commission in February this year. Both were asked why the company was unable to pay cash dividends for a long time and were asked to explain to investors. (Securities Times)comment


[Geli's medium-term dividend, Dong Mingzhu said that “maintaining the initial heart” is the most important. According to this change caused by the market’s expectation, Gree Electric’s relevant sources stated that this is a special method and special method adopted in a special period. The purpose is to Gree. The long-term development of electrical appliances. There is no connection between Red Hat’s redemption and the previous frustration of Gree’s acquisition of Silver Dragon and whether Dong Mingzhu’s reappointment is possible. On the morning of the 26th, Dong Mingzhu said, “Don’t care about what other people think of themselves. Keeping your mind, doing what you insist on, and chasing your dreams are the most important things,” Dong Mingzhu expressed his views. (Shanghai Securities News)comment


【Cheng Quan Capital, Chairman of the Board: This year optimistic about the military sector】 Hu Quanguang, chairman of Chengquan Capital, said that compared to static low-value stocks, more optimistic or growing stocks. The low valuation is not a reason to buy, and if there is no growth, this low valuation is difficult to sustain. More optimistic about those industries where there will be a turning point in the future, in these industries looking for companies at the bottom of the stock price. In addition to the new purchase of Zhengyu Industrial, Chengquan Capital insisted in the first quarter, and Masukura's individual stocks were also concentrated in the small and medium-sized market. Hu Jiguang said: “We are optimistic about the military and military sector this year, because the reference to 'military-military integration' has been for some time. Judging from experience, the concept of 'military-military integration' will come to the end this year.” (Shanghai Securities News)comment


[Comprehensive Profits and Technological Breakthroughs] Accelerated Development of Integrated Circuit Companies The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said on the 25th that the National IC Industrial Investment Fund is raising second-phase funds. The state will continue to invest in real money and silver support for this industry. At the same time, according to statistics, more than 60% of the integrated circuit companies that have announced the 2017 annual report or performance report have achieved profit growth and year-on-year growth, and nearly 30% of their profits have increased by more than 50% year-on-year. Domestic integrated circuit companies have shown a good situation of double breakthroughs in profitability and technology, and the industry has entered a period of rapid growth. (Shanghai Securities News)comment


[Iron ore prices rise in Vale's first-quarter sales of iron ore] The reporter learned from Vale, the world’s largest iron ore and pellet producer, that in the first quarter of 2018, thanks to a flexible supply chain, In spite of the challenge of seasonal production reduction, Vale’s sales of iron ore and pellets still broke the same period, and the adjusted EBITDA (profit before tax depreciation and amortization) totaled US$3.971 billion, which was basically the same as the previous quarter. In the first quarter of 2018, Vale's ferrous metals business performed outstandingly, with adjusted EBITDA reaching US$3,408 million. The company said that this is due to the increase in ore grade and average premium. (Securities Daily)comment


[United Kingdom April GfK Consumer Confidence Index -9] Eastern Wealth Online 27th, United Kingdom April GfK Consumer Confidence Index -9, Expected -7, Previous -7.comment


[10-year US Treasury yields ended in a continuous rise for seven days] Oriental Wealth Daily News, 27th, Thursday (April 26th) late in New York, US 10-year benchmark bond yields fell 4.49 basis points to 2.8099% Intraday trading averaged between 3.0315% and 2.9791%, while the previous seven trading days gained 19.92 basis points. It was recorded on the 25th of December 2013 since the end of New York on December 31, 2013 (3.0282% at the end of the day in New York). The highest level of the market was 3.0259%, with an intraday high of 3.0334% approaching January 2, 2014 - the highest level of the day was 3.0516%. The two-year US Treasury yield fell 0.61 basis points to 2.4817%, trading in the intraday trading range of 2.4918% to 4.4686%. On April 25, it rose to 2.5039%, approaching the intraday high of 2.5217% on September 8, 2008. .comment


【Amazon rose 7.1% after a record high for a record】 Oriental Fortune Net on the 27th, the Amazon financial report performance is beautiful, the stock price in the US stocks after the trading rose 7.1%, a record high.comment


Bitcoin rose by 1.1% in the last 24 hours. Oriental Fortune Website reported on the 27th that Bitstamp data showed that Bitcoin rose 1.1% in the last 24 hours and temporarily reported 9165 US dollars.comment


[IQIQI revenue of 4.9 billion yuan in the first quarter] Oriental Fortune Net on the 27th, iQiyi revenue of 4.9 billion yuan in the first quarter (equivalent to 777.6 million US dollars), an increase of 57%. In the first quarter, the operating loss was 1.1 billion yuan (loss of $169.4 million), the operating loss rate was 22%, and the operating loss in the same period in 2017 was RMB 1 billion, and the operating loss rate was 34% at that time. The net loss attributable to iQiyi in the first quarter was 395.7 million yuan (a loss of US$633.1 million), and a loss of 1.1 billion yuan in the same period of 2017.comment


[Baidu's revenue for the first quarter was US$3.33 billion] Eastern Wealth Online reported on the 27th that Baidu’s revenue for the first quarter was US$3.33 billion and the market forecast was US$3.2 billion. In the first quarter, the profit per ADS was adjusted to US$2.60. The market forecast was 1.67. Dollars. Baidu rose more than 7% after the close.comment


[Microsoft's adjusted EPS profit in the third quarter of 0.95 US dollars] Eastern Fortune Network on the 27th, Microsoft's third-quarter adjusted EPS earnings of 0.95 US dollars, the market expected 0.85 US dollars. The third quarter revenue was 26.82 billion U.S. dollars, and the market was expected to reach 25.78 billion U.S. dollars.comment


[Comex May copper futures closed down 0.7%] Oriental Fortune Website on the 27th, COMEX May copper futures closed down 0.7% at $3.114/lb.comment


[Amazon's first quarter EPS earnings of 3.27 US dollars] Eastern Fortune Network on the 27th, Amazon's first quarter EPS earnings of 3.27 US dollars. Net sales of 51 billion U.S. dollars in the first quarter, the market is expected to 49.96 billion U.S. dollars. It is estimated that the net sales in the second quarter will be 510-540 billion U.S. dollars, and the market expects 52.26 billion U.S. dollars.comment


[Gold fell to a five-week low] Oriental Wealth Online News on the 27th, COMEX June gold futures fell $ 4.90, or 0.4%, the second consecutive trading day fell to $ 1317.90 per ounce, creating March 20th It has closed at a new low. COMEX May silver futures closed down less than 0.1% at $16.491/oz. NYMEX July platinum futures closed down 0.3% at $910.10 per ounce. NYMEX June palladium futures closed up 1.2% at US$979.50 per ounce, closing below the psychological threshold of US$1,000/ounce for the fourth consecutive day. US sanctions on RUSAL led Palladium futures to accumulate about 4% in April so far.comment


Crude oil futures closed. On the 27th of the Oriental Wealth News, WTI June crude oil futures closed up 0.14 US dollars, or 0.21%, to US$68.19 per barrel. Brent's June crude oil futures closed up $0.74, or 1.00%, to $74.74/barrel. The last day crude oil futures contract SC1809 closed up 0.84% ​​at night to 443.10 yuan, Monday (April 23) recorded the previous session crude oil futures closing record since the first trading day (March 26) has a record high of 445.30 yuan.comment


[ICE raw sugar futures closed up 1% in May] Eastern Fortune Net reported on the 27th that ICE May raw sugar futures closed 1% higher at 10.97 cents/lb. ICE July raw sugar futures closed up 0.26 cents, or 2.3%, to settle at 11.38 cents/lb. ICE August sugar futures closed up $9.40, or 3.0%, to $321.70 per ton.comment


[Alluminium rose more than 1%] Eastern Fortune Network on the 27th, LME aluminum closed up 1.3% at 2,275 US dollars / ton, once fell to 2195 US dollars / ton, then rebounded to a daily high of 2316 US dollars / ton. Zinc closed at the end of the LME period was reported at US$3,135/tonne, while in February it was recorded at its highest level in more than 10 years at US$3,595.50/tonne. LME copper closed down 0.6% at US$6,965/ton. LME lead rose 1.3% to 2,336 US dollars / ton. Nickel in LME closed up 0.4% at $14,200/tonne. LME tin futures closed up 0.7% at 21,400 U.S. dollars per tonne.comment


[Facebook rose by more than 10%] Oriental Fortune Net News on the 27th, Facebook rose more than 10%, led the Nasdaq rose 1.6%, the Dow is currently up 280 points. Netflix is ​​currently up 3.3% and AMD is up 11.6%.comment