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[Near-end new stocks have risen] Oriental Fortune Network 2, news, near midday, the near-end new stocks have risen, Xinrui Technology took the lead in closing the daily limit, top-set Jichuang, Wuhu shares and other stocks. comment


[Rise in the power stocks] Oriental Fortune Network 2, the rise of power stocks, Huayin Power line sealing, Huadian Energy, Zhangze Power, Datang Power and other stocks rose. comment


[Zhu Hexin: The central bank will provide credit support for some private enterprises that have difficulties in issuing bonds through the application of various monetary policy tools.] Zhu Hexin, deputy governor of the central bank, said that various policies specific to private and small and micro enterprises are coming. Next, the central bank will thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council to promote the deployment of financial services for private and small and micro enterprises, adhere to the positioning of private economic entities, and further improve the financial services of private and small and micro enterprises. The central bank has provided reasonable and sufficient liquidity support for financial institutions through the application of various monetary policy tools. Recently, private enterprise bond financing tools have provided credit support for some private enterprises that have difficulties in issuing bonds. comment


[Zhu Hexin: The central bank will deepen the financial services of small and micro enterprises through four measures] Zhu Hexin, deputy governor of the central bank: First, make full use of multiple monetary policy tools, add two additional discounts, and then borrow 30 billion yuan to strengthen support for private and small and micro enterprises. The second is to guide financial institutions to speed up the construction of inclusive finance, innovate products and service methods, increase subsidies in internal assessment, credit management and capital transfer pricing, and optimize means to enable banks to lend, lend, and Lending; the third is to strengthen external incentive assessment and promote the strengthening of regulatory assessment. Increase the incentives for small and micro enterprises to be exempt from VAT. Fourth, we must do a good job in policy, strengthen policy interpretation, strengthen supervision and evaluation, and improve policy transmission. comment


[Gigabit: Two VR games have been launched on the global Steam platform] Gigabit responded to investor questions on the interactive platform on November 2, saying that the company has launched "The Ranger: Lost Tribe" and "On the Global Steam Platform". Deadly Hunter" two VR games. comment


[Ministry of Commerce: The 22nd meeting of the China-Russia Prime Minister's Regular Meeting Committee will be held on November 6] The Ministry of Commerce has announced that the 22nd meeting of the China-Russia Prime Minister's Regular Meeting Committee will be held in November. Held in Shanghai on the 6th. Vice Premier Hu Chunhua of the State Council will co-chair the meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Akimov. comment


[The Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission held a system-wide warning education conference: strong supervision and strong supervision to resolutely curb the corruption cases in the financial sector. Guo Shuqing attended the meeting] On the morning of October 30, the Bank of China Insurance Supervision and Management Committee party committee held a party committee center group (expansion) fourth Secondary concentrated learning and Lai Xiaomin case warning education conference. Guo Shuqing, secretary of the party committee of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting pointed out that Lai Xiaomin's case is extremely bad and his lessons are extremely painful. His serious violation of laws and regulations shows that the anti-corruption struggle situation is still severe and complicated, and the task of preventing and defusing financial risks is arduous. It is necessary to further strengthen discipline and discipline, and continue to increase supervision and discipline. It is necessary to speed up the shortcomings of the regulatory system, plug the loopholes in the system, promote structural de-leverage, strengthen risk prevention and disposal in key areas, focus on solving the problem of financing difficulties for private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the inclusive finance. Strengthen supervision responsibility, strict financial supervision, strengthen financial supervision, strengthen supervision and strong supervision, resolutely curb the occurrence of vicious corruption cases in the financial sector, and win more powerful measures to prevent and resolve risks. (China Financial Times) comment


[Iron ore daily re-investment hits a new high in Tangshan, the production limit is still not expected] According to statistics, as of November 2, 35 ports of iron ore inventory was 13,332 tons, down by 138.81 million tons last week. Ten thousand tons; the overall daily average volume of the port this week increased by 88,000 tons to 2.813 million tons last week, setting a new record for daily average port. This week, the average daily port of Shandong and the ports in Hanoi has risen steadily. Although the Tangshan area has heavy pollution secondary warning and limited production, the average daily port of Jingtang and Caofeidian ports remains at a high level of 300,000 tons. Not expected. (Shanghai Nonferrous Network) comment


[Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Four aspects of efforts to promote the development of artificial intelligence industry to a new level] On November 1, 2018, the 2018 Artificial Intelligence Development Summit Forum was held in Zijingshan Hotel, Zhengzhou City. Liu Wei, deputy governor of Henan Province, and Wang Weiming, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the forum and delivered speeches. Wang Weiming pointed out that in the next step, we will deepen the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and promote work from four aspects: cultivating smart products, solidifying core foundation, deepening intelligent manufacturing, and building support systems, and strive to promote artificial intelligence. Industrial development has reached a new level. comment


[Smartphone shipments fell for the fourth consecutive quarter] International data company (IDC) preliminary data showed that smartphone shipments in the third quarter totaled 355.2 million units, down 6% year-on-year. This is the fourth consecutive quarter of decline, which has raised doubts about the future of the smartphone market. Samsung Electronics has the largest market share of 20.3% and its shipments fell by 13.4%. The second-ranked is Huawei, with shipments up 32.9% and Apple's shipments up 0.5%. IDC maintains its view that the market will resume growth in 2019, but it is too early to predict the specifics of this growth at this stage. comment


[Futures concept stocks collectively pulled up] Oriental Wealth Network 2, the futures concept stocks collectively rose. Hongye shares, China's medium-term, Meierya daily limit, Xiamen International Trade, Minmetals Capital, Zhejiang Oriental, high-tech development and other stocks also rose. comment


[Rebar implementation of new Peugeot vanadium price] On November 1, rebar implemented new national standards, the biggest change required the addition of vanadium, niobium and other alloying elements to improve performance, resulting in a difficult balance of the vanadium market Seeking, boosting the price of vanadium-containing alloys all the way. According to the monitoring data of the Lange Steel Cloud Business Platform, since September 14, the price of ferro-vanadium in Chengde has soared from 288,500 yuan/ton to the current 490,000 yuan/ton, and the price has increased by 70% in less than two months. (China Securities Journal) comment


[Natural gas concept stocks rose and strengthened] Oriental Wealth Network 2, the natural gas concept stocks rose and strengthened. Guizhou Gas, Changchun Gas, Xinjiang Haoyuan, Dongfang Huanyu, Xinjiang Torch, Jinhong Holdings, New Natural Gas, Chongqing Gas and other stocks all performed. comment


[Forex Pilots Help Small and Micro Enterprises to Develop] On the 2nd, the reporter learned from the Beijing Deepening Private and Small and Micro Enterprise Financial Service Promotion Conference that in order to promote the investment and financing facilitation of Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises, Beijing Foreign Exchange Management Department has been in Zhongguancun Haidian since 2015. The park carried out and gradually expanded the macro-prudential management pilot of foreign debts. As of the end of September 2018, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises borrowed foreign debts of US$12.62 billion, saving costs of about 2.06 billion yuan. In 2018, the Beijing Foreign Exchange Management Department launched a pilot program for the settlement of income from foreign exchange settlement of capital projects and the external debt facilitation policy in Zhongguancun “One District and 16 Parks”, which significantly improved the efficiency of the use of foreign debt funds. (The country is a through train) comment


[Soybean meal, vegetable meal both down limit] Most agricultural products are green, soybean meal, vegetable meal both fell, beans fell more than 4%, soybean oil fell nearly 4%, beans fell more than 3%. comment


[People's Bank Shanghai Headquarters ensures the smooth flow of funds for the Expo.] As a member of the "China International Import Expo City Support Work Leading Group", the Shanghai Headquarters of the People's Bank of China is fully committed to supporting the financial services of the Expo, focusing on optimizing international trade. Settlement of exchange and payment settlement services to improve the efficiency of financial services, to ensure smooth flow of funds into the Expo. The Shanghai Headquarters of the People's Bank of China issues notices to more than 260 institutions including Shanghai designated foreign exchange banks, insurance companies, finance companies, third-party payment institutions, and individual foreign exchange denominated institutions, specifically guiding financial institutions to make relevant financial services during the period of the Expo. jobs. (Xinhua News Agency) comment


[Director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission: Fully organize the various exchanges and cooperation activities of central enterprises during the Expo.] On November 1, Xiao Yaqing, director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, presided over the pre-emptive mobilization meeting of the Central Enterprise Trading Group of the first China International Import Expo. Xiao Yaqing emphasized that it is necessary to highlight key points, be small and detailed, and make every effort to organize various exchanges and cooperation activities of central enterprises during the Expo. To serve the participating central enterprises, the central enterprises, as independent market players, must adhere to the principle of marketization, further broaden the channels for opening up to the outside world, and expand the results of cooperation. The relevant central enterprises should do a good job in ensuring the transportation, communication, power supply and other services during the Expo. comment


[Jidong Cement: Xiong'an New District has not started to be supplied in small quantities.] Jidong Cement said on the interactive platform that Xiong'an New District has not started on a large scale. The company only has a small amount of supply. As for the year of Xiong'an New District There is a difference between the demand and the supply of the company. The company is temporarily unable to estimate the long-term benefits brought by the construction of Xiong'an New District. comment


[Changchun approved the import port of the whole vehicle will apply for parallel import vehicle pilot] According to the Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce on the 2nd, the State Council recently approved the approval of the Changchun Xinglong Railway Container Yard Station in Jilin Province to carry out the import business of the whole vehicle. In the next step, Jilin Province will apply for a parallel import vehicle pilot on this basis to meet the large demand for imported cars in Jilin Province and surrounding areas, and promote consumption upgrading and opening up. (中新网) comment


[Golden stocks rose again in the morning] Oriental Fortune Network 2, the gold stocks rose again in the morning, the park city gold opened higher and rose 6%, Chao Hongji, Yuyuan Mall, Ronghua Industrial, Gangtai Holdings and other stocks have risen. Overnight, gold futures prices closed sharply higher, creating the highest closing price in more than three months. comment


[Wang Xinzhe, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Adhere to the direction of intelligent manufacturing to promote China's manufacturing industry to the mid-to-high end] On November 1, 2018 China Intelligent Manufacturing System Solution Conference was held in Beijing. Wang Xinzhe, chief economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that there are still some problems and shortcomings in the development of China's intelligent manufacturing. I hope that industry, industry alliances, intermediary organizations and governments at all levels will thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party. The spirit of the 19th National Congress, focusing on intelligent manufacturing, promotes industrial technology reform and optimization and upgrading, and promotes China's manufacturing industry to move towards the middle and high end. (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website) comment


[Lei Jun: Xiaomi's internationalization has entered 82 national markets smoothly] On the 2nd Zhongguancun Forum held on the 2nd, Lei Jun revealed that Xiaomi's internationalization is getting more and more smooth, and has now entered 82 national markets, accounting for international revenues. The ratio has exceeded 36%. Lei Jun said that the exploration of Xiaomi's internationalization shows that Zhongguancun not only has to be China's Zhongguancun, but also to be the world's Zhongguancun, and enterprises must go more to the international market. (36氪) comment


[Lei Jun: Zhongguancun is the best place for financing conditions in the country. Xiaomi has already completed the annual shipment target ahead of schedule.] At the 2018 Zhongguancun Forum held on the 2nd, Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Technology Co., said that it was necessary to start a lot of business before starting a business. Focus on angel investment. At present, Zhongguancun has a large number of venture capital institutions and other institutions, making Zhongguancun the best place for financing in the country. Specific to Xiaomi, Lei Jun revealed that in the absence of hardware industry experience in the initial stage of the venture, the company has only become the mobile phone market in China in less than three years; this year, the shipment has reached 100 million units, completing the year ahead of schedule. aims. (36氪) comment


[The renminbi's gains have subsided. Onshore renminbi has fallen below the 6.93 mark.] Onshore renminbi continued to fall against the US dollar, falling below the 6.93 mark, down 150 points from its initial high. Offshore RMB fell to 6.9263 against the US dollar, completely reversing the earlier gains. comment


[The brokerage sector moved up] Oriental Wealth Network 2, the brokerage sector changed. Great Wall Securities' daily limit, Nanjing Securities, Guosen Securities, Zheshang Securities, Changjiang Securities, First Venture, Soochow Securities and other stocks have all risen. comment


[The state-owned shares have strengthened across the board] The state-owned shares have strengthened across the board, and both the landscape garden and the gravitational media have double-sealed. Infineon, Bishuiyuan and Sanju have become more and more environmentally friendly. comment


[The Bank of Japan bought government bonds for the first time according to the adjusted bond purchase plan] According to Reuters, the Bank of Japan carried out a bond purchase operation on Friday, and it first bought bonds since the announcement of the fine-tuning of the bond purchase plan. The central bank has tendered 350 billion yen ($3.1 billion) in one-year to three-year bonds, and the bond purchases are higher than the previous 300 billion yen. The central bank also tendered 400 billion yen for three-year to five-year bonds, which is also higher than the previous 350 billion yen. The Bank of Japan announced at the end of last month that it would reduce the frequency of regular purchases. If the central bank maintains the latest trend of debt purchases, the total size of one-year to five-year bonds it buys in November will fall to 3 trillion yen, compared with 3.25 trillion yen in October. (Gold ten data) comment


[Garden stocks rose straight in the morning] Oriental Wealth Network 2, the garden stocks rose linearly in the morning, the leading oriental gardens took the lead in closing the daily limit, the dry garden followed closely, the Lingnan shares, palm shares, liberal arts gardens, etc. Individual stocks surged. comment


[In October, China's logistics industry sentiment index was 54.5%, up 1.4 percentage points from the previous month.] China Logistics and Purchasing Federation released the China Logistics Industry Climate Index for October 2018, which was 54.5%, up 1.4 percentage points from the previous month. The China Warehouse Index is 51.7%, down 0.1 percentage points from the previous month. In addition, the China E-commerce Logistics Operation Index, which was jointly investigated by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and the Jingdong Group, was 113.8 points, up 1.5 points from the previous month. comment


[Crude futures fell 4.2%] crude oil futures fell 4.2%, iron ore futures fell nearly 4%, and coke fell 2.5%. comment


[Artificial intelligence sector continues to be active Dahua shares and other stocks limit] Dahua shares, Yuanda intelligence, Tuoersi seal board, Zhongke information rose 8%, the game for intelligence rose 7%. comment


[Jilin Province vigorously promotes the transformation and upgrading of individual industrial and commercial households into enterprises] In order to deepen the reform of “distribution management”, optimize the business environment, and promote the healthy growth and development of individual industrial and commercial households, Jilin Province recently issued and implemented “Responding to Supporting the Transformation and Upgrade of Individual Businesses For the opinions of the company. The overall requirement of the "Opinions" is to strive for three to five years of efforts to transform and upgrade a large number of qualified individual industrial and commercial households into enterprises, especially company-owned enterprises, and achieve the goal of increasing the number, quality and strength of small and micro enterprises. . (Jilin Daily) comment


[World Gold Council: Global central bank gold reserves increased by 22% in the previous quarter] The World Gold Council's “Gold Demand Trends” report released on November 1st showed that the demand for gold in the third quarter of 2018 was 964 tons, an increase of only 6 tons. Strong central bank purchases and 13% increase in consumer demand offset the large outflow of gold ETFs. The lower gold price has made individual investors choose gold bars and gold coins to hedge their investment, and the purchase of gold ornaments in India, China and Southeast Asia has also increased. In the third quarter, global central bank gold reserves increased by 148 tons, up 22% year-on-year. This is the highest net purchase since 2015, both in the quarterly and year-to-date statistical dimensions. (China Securities Journal) comment


[Heng Index rose more than 2%] The Hang Seng Index expanded more than 2%, returning to 26,000 points, refreshing more than a week high. comment


[SSE's financing balance fell to a four-year low] The data showed that as of November 1, the Shanghai Stock Exchange's financing balance fell to 465.87 billion, the lowest since November 2014; this is also the third consecutive day of decline in financing balance. . comment


[Offshore RMB against the US dollar pulled up more than 100 basis points in the short-term] The offshore RMB against the US dollar pulled up more than 100 basis points in short-term, approaching the 6.91 mark. comment


[Aerospace stocks opened higher and higher] Oriental Wealth Network 2, the aviation stocks opened up sharply, Huaxia Airlines daily limit, Air China, Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines are more than 8% higher, Jixiang Airlines, Spring Airlines also have High performance. comment


[Treasury futures opened lower across the board] Treasury futures opened lower across the board, with the 10-year main contract opening down 0.25%. comment


[Hebei Province Governor Xu Qin: Welcome Hitachi Group to actively participate in the planning and construction of Xiong'an New District] Hebei announced that on November 1, Hebei Provincial Governor Xu Qin met with the executive director and CEO of Hitachi, Ltd. in Shijiazhuang. Yuan Minzhao and his party. Xu Qin said that the advantageous areas of Hitachi Group are in line with the adjustment of Hebei's industrial structure. Hebei is willing to strengthen cooperation in the fields of green economy, smart city, recreational equipment, ski equipment and earthquake emergency technology. Welcome Hitachi Group to actively participate in Xiong'an. Planning and construction of the new district, and more R & D and manufacturing links settled in Hebei, the two sides mutually beneficial and win-win, and get pragmatic results as soon as possible. comment


[The central bank has zero return to zero today] The Chinese central bank did not conduct open market operations today, and it did not operate for the sixth consecutive trading day. Today, no reversal repurchase expires; zero return is achieved. comment


[Soybean meal, vegetable meal futures main opening fell more than 4%] soybean meal, vegetable meal futures main opening fell more than 4%, soybean meal once fell, crude oil, fuel fell more than 3%. comment

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