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[] On the domestic market ended black Department of General rise East Fortune Network 14, the futures market closed, most of the black rose, glass, copper, iron ore, manganese, rebar, coking coal, rubber, eggs, Shanghai Nickel received rise. Shanghai lead fell over 1%, Shanghai aluminum, Zheng cotton, ferrosilicon, Shanghai gold, Shanghai zinc fell.comment


November 14, the Shanghai and Shenzhen opened slightly lower, the two cities are weak throughout the day, the basic trend in the flat line to maintain the shock. About 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the market suddenly appeared diving market, stocks also sell serious, but fortunately, the last pulled up, narrowing narrowly. At the close, the main stock index closed at 3,429.55 points, down 0.53%, turnover of 267.4 billion. Shenzhen Component Index closed at 11582.92 points, down 0.96%, the turnover of 336.3 billion. The GEM closed at 1896.72 points, down 0.51%, with a turnover of 93.3 billion. From the disk point of view, free trade port, military, environmental engineering and other sectors among the top gainers; Hainan, chips, high to turn the plate and other top decline. Shanghai Stock Exchange net outflow of 0.03 billion, deep shares net inflow 449 million.comment


【Shanghai Municipal Government today formally issued "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development in this Municipality"】 On November 14, the Shanghai Municipal Government officially promulgated the Opinions on Implementation of this Municipality to Promote the Development of New Generation of Artificial Intelligence. The Opinions on Implementation put forward that it is necessary to grasp the law of the evolution of artificial intelligence, gather global elements and resources and organize the implementation of the "AI Shanghai (Shanghai) Initiative". By 2020, it will basically build up a national high ground for artificial intelligence and become the nation's leading artificial intelligence Innovative sources, application demonstration, industrial agglomeration and talent Heights, some areas reached the world advanced level. (On the concept of news)comment


[Nikkei 225 index closed flat] Oriental Fortune Online 14, Nikkei 225 index closed flat at 22380.01 points.comment


[10-year bond spot bond yield of 4%] Oriental Fortune Online 14 News, 10-year bond securities 170018 yield upward 3.91bp 4.00%.comment


Sichuan: Implementation of Peak-shifting Production for All Cement Clinker Production Lines Since November 6, Sichuan officially conducted a three-month intensive site supervision of air pollution prevention and control in autumn and winter in the Chengdu Plain, and implemented all cement clinker production lines Peak production, the order of pressure reduction capacity, to maximize emission reduction. In strict accordance with the industrial and environmental policies, the Ministry of Environmental Protection implemented a number of outdated batches, standardized a number of remediation and shut down a batch of requirements according to the law, and continued to promote brick and tile industry remediation.comment


【List of Selected Listed Companies in the First Batch of Model-Building Demonstration Cities and Industrial Bases】 The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently announced the first batch of 30 assembly-type demonstration cities and 195 industrial bases. Demonstration cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and other hot cities. The list of industrial bases includes Dongyi Risheng, Huida Sanitary Ware, Huajian Group, Golden Mantis, Tushang Design, Yaxiagufen, Fuhuang Steel Structure, Honglu Steel Structure, Southeast Grid, Hangxiao Steel Structure, Vanke, Country Garden, Beixin Building materials and many other listed companies.comment


[Midday Notice: * ST Ethylene stated that the equity transfer agreement has not yet been approved by the SGCC Group] * The latest progress of the transfer of the controlling shareholder of ST Carbon Disclosure, the transfer agreement has not yet been approved by Zhongcheng Investment Holding Group Corporation and its controlling shareholder Agreed that the Company sent a letter to its controlling shareholder inquiring about the matter and has not yet received a reply. * ST Ethylene announced yesterday evening, said the controlling shareholder of the equity structure change, the Communist Youth League into a corporate controller. Jiang powder magnetic material: the acquisition of the benefits of Ministry of Commerce does not implement further review. Manor Ranch: November 14, the company A shares into the deep shares of stock range. NavInfo: The total reduction of directors 180 million shares. Liberal arts garden shares apply for approval by the Commission; Tianshan shares set to be approved by the Commission. Eastern Garden jointly awarded 207 million Pinggu District in 2017 rural pollution control project PPP project.comment


【Bond continuation downturn traded both midday and midday bond down】 10-year bond futures contract fell 0.8% in midday in August, the main contract of five-year bond futures fell 180% TF1803 0.07%; interbank bond yields rose sharply, 10 The annual coupon yield of 170215 is up 8.01bp at 4.76%. The yield of 10-year note bond 170018 is up 3.41bp at 3.9950%, both reaching a new high since October 2014.comment


【Overnight Shibor at 2.827%, up 4 basis points】 Overnight Shibor at 2.827%, gaining 4 basis points; the weekly Shibor at 2.8765%, up 1.73 basis points; and the three-month Shibor at 4.5346%, up 1.91 basis points. (Huitong network)comment


【China's 10-year bond rate of return rose to 4%】 East Fortune Online 14, China's 10-year bond rate of return rose to 4%, is the first time in October 2014.comment


[Treasury bond futures contracts to expand the decline] East Fortune Online 14, the 10-year bond futures contract fell to 0.22% decline, the five-year decline of 0.08%.comment


Bureau of Statistics: Insufficient Economic Development Is Still Unbalanced. According to the Bureau of Statistics, on the whole, the national economy has made progress steadily, steadily and steadily, and the steady and favorable trend has continued to develop. However, we must also see that our country is still in the process of tackling the problem of transforming the mode of development, optimizing the economic structure and shifting the growth momentum. The imbalance in economic development is still outstanding. In the next stage, we will take supply-side structural reform as the main line, deepen innovation-driven development, promote quality change, efficiency change and motivation reform, and lay emphasis on key strengths and weaknesses to tackle tough battles and strive to achieve higher quality, more efficiency and fairness , More sustainable development. (National Bureau of Statistics)comment


[China's power generation in October increased 2.5% YoY] China's power generation in October increased 2.5% YoY to 503.8bn kWh, up 5.3% YoY in September. China's power generation increased 6% YoY in 1H10 to 5.1944 trillion KWH, January-September increased 6.4%. (National Bureau of Statistics)comment