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The championship staged super short-term gains are rising

April 25, 2011 14:23
source: Dongfeng Citroen
edit:Oriental wealth network

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Millions of awards, championship situation:http://westdollar.com/sbdm/dfcitroen/champion/

  Income climbing, filling the championship character

Dongfeng Citroen Sega "millions of awards, championship situation" since the beginning of March 30, has attracted a large number of investors concerned about the stock market champion Bu Zhixi million real disk open trading results despite the inferior to the previous virtual stock, but sharp The operating practices and the steady growth of income or let users amazed.

Since the April 11 into the positive income track, the current income has more than 15%! Through the ultra-short-term frequently for the warehouse, sharp graspXiang post technology,Ningbo FubonAnd a series of short-term rally, hi brother in one fell swoop to reverse the flat yield of the decline, began to show the master manipulator character.

If in the virtual stock market competition to seize one or two rose shares to win the championship or lucky elements, then the current play is more powerful description of the extraordinary strength of hi brother. The recent heavy storage operation has been to two to three stock-based configuration, change the frequency of two to once a day or even once a day, it really is not the average person can play.

Bu Zhaoxi will have three months to continue to operate this million funds, can be expected that he will get a very good income, and online open trader will continue until April 29, I hope this event to the majority of users to create a mutual understanding, mutual Learning opportunities.

  Beyond yourself and doing your own championship

In the middle of the event, we interviewed Bu Chaoxi, hi brother said, very grateful to the attention of the majority of investors friends, because the first month of the million disk is open, he felt that must be achieved good results only worthy of everyone Of the expectations, but also on their own requirements. So the operation on the more radical, usually less use of the ultra-short-term special skills recently moves frequently. I hope the majority of users rational view, to their own way to invest. He believes that is not more than the last results called beyond their own, self-confidence to face every new challenge, the success of cross, is to do their own championship!

  Watch, take the prize correct

As of April 22, the use of activities gold coins award "extra good gift" there are two lucky draw opportunities, iPad, iTouch4, iPod Nano6 each have 2, in addition to 10 Dongfeng Citroen Sega beautiful car models. Everyone in hand the gold coins are not idle ah, the more the higher the probability of winning the higher!

"The market quiz" link, the current Zhang Weiying to 15 times the highest quiz topped the list, the second and third are 14 times, the championship is still inspired, the first three prizes SONY SLR camera, iTouch4, iPod Nano6 final ownership, But also on April 29 after the stock market to see the outcome!

Stay tuned for the latest news:http://westdollar.com/sbdm/dfcitroen/champion/

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