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Champion situation - Champions staged ultra-short strokes

April 25, 2011 14:23
source: Dongfeng Citroen
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Millions of awards, championship:Http://westdollar.com/sbdm/dfcitroen/champion/

  The profits are rising, showing the championship

Dongfeng Citroen Sega's "Millions of Merit Awards, Champions Fights" campaign has attracted a lot of investors since March 30. The stock market champion Bu Zhaoxi's million-million-toned public trading performance is inferior to the previous virtual stock-fighting competition, but it is sharp. The steady increase in operating practices and revenues still stunned netizens.

Since the arrival of the positive return track on April 11th, the current revenue has exceeded 15%! With ultra-short lines frequently used to change positions, keen to graspXiangmail Technology,Ningbo FubonWaiting for a series of short-term uptrends, Xigeyi reversed the decline in earnings and began to show his true talent.

If we say that in the virtual stocks competition to seize one or two stocks to win the championship is still a matter of luck, then the current outstanding performance is even more powerful to illustrate the extraordinary strength of Xige. The recent heavy storage operations have been dominated by two or three stocks, and the frequency of swaps has reached once every two days or even once a day. This is not what most people can play.

Bu Zhaoxi will have three months to continue to operate the millions of funds. It is foreseeable that he will make a very good profit, and the online public practice will continue until April 29, hoping that this event can create a mutual understanding and mutual understanding for the majority of users. Learning opportunities.

  Beyond yourself and be your own champion

In the middle of the campaign, we telephoned Bu Zhaoxi. Xige said that he was very grateful to the friends of the majority of investors for their attention. Since the first month of the million trader was open, he felt that he must achieve good results before he could afford everyone. The expectations are also at the same time their own requirements. Therefore, the operation method is relatively radical, and the ultra-short-term unique skills that are rarely used at ordinary times are frequently used frequently. It is hoped that the majority of users will take a rational view and invest in ways that they are good at. He believes that it is not to exceed his last performance to be able to surpass himself. Confidence in the face of every new challenge and successful leap is to be his own champion!

  Observe and win awards

As of April 22, there were 2 lucky draws for the “Extraordinary Gifts” to use active gold coins to award prizes. There are 2 iPads, iTouch4s, and iPod Nanos, as well as 10 Dongfeng Citroen Sega models. The gold coins on hand are not idle. The more chance of winning, the higher the probability of winning!

"Big game quiz" link, Zhang Weiye currently takes the lead with 15 correct quizzes, the second and third are 14 times, the championship fight is still motivated, the final prize of the top three prizes SONY SLR camera, iTouch4, iPod Nano6, Also on April 29, after the stock market closes, it will be clear!

Stay tuned for the latest activity:Http://westdollar.com/sbdm/dfcitroen/champion/

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