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      Code name Latest price 5 minutes ups and downs
      002803Jihong shares39.402.93%
      601700Style shares4.692.85%
      600088Zhongshi Media15.252.14%
      Professional Finance: The first batch of sales agencies approved by the Securities Regulatory Commission
      Safe Finance: Supervision by the People's Bank of China
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      • China Merchants Banking Liquor Index ClassificationNearly one year53.79%
      • E Funda consumer industryNearly one year38.03%
      • Cathay Internet + StockNearly one year29.48%
      Latest news
      The supply of "non-limited" commercial housing in the Wuhuan is in an emergency 00:25 "Snapping Swallows" has not been scattered. Silver Dove investment layout and financial "predicament" 00:10 In addition to the IPO regulators have relied on the new economy in this direction 23:55 Beijing Financial Secretary, Xue Xuewen: Beijing does not welcome the issuance of blockchain currency 23:53 Tan Haojun: Local debt risk needs to be resolved with "heart" 23:52 Huang Qifan's latest speech: 50 years to 100 years 23:50 Ali Tencent's close competition in the electric race track 23:48 Dripping to restore business owners owners need to re-certification 23:48 Listed company's state-owned stocks clearly categorized and supervised: Reduction of privileged local state-owned assets 23:35 Building "beautiful China" Xi Jinping put it this way 23:20 The list of 500 financial executives with the highest annual salary is here! Do you know? 23:19 China Southern Airlines transitions to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport T2: the world’s fifth-year throughput 23:17 Four listed company debts "burst" high leverage to push down dominoes 23:05 Chen Wenhui, Vice Chairman of China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission: "Live Water" should be introduced to the open country and "Sewage" must be filtered 22:50 What is the lack of banks and banks that can use collateral to secure loans? 22:35 Less than 9 brokerage employees were penalized for illegal stock trading in half a year! The highest fine of 57.43 million 22:20 National Trust 怼 冶 metallurgical cable product was fined for "360 fortune underwriting" 22:00 Businesses such as financial leasing are transferred to the China Banking Regulatory Commission to manage the "interbank market funds lending" is difficult to release 21:41 More than 50 Zhejiang businessmen went to Xi’an to exchange “business opportunities” to focus on the integration of the two properties 21:39 Zhou Yanli: Institutions participating in internet financial activities must have access to license and operate licenses 21:28
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      Stock name Quote change Focus on shares
      Changshan Pharmaceutical-10.02%attention
      Hongchuan wisdom10.00%attention
      Yonghe Intelligent Control10.01%attention
      Luo Niushan5.52%attention
      Hainan Ruize10.01%attention
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      Value he riskActive shareholderattention
      Lost lightActive shareholderattention
      Why do you have to look back 2348?Active shareholderattention
      Shouxian Valley shareholdersActive shareholderattention
      Wolf TotemActive shareholderattention
      Combination name Daily income 5-day earnings 20 day earnings Total revenue
      When love has...18.95%19.66%15.12%-21.66%
      Shenghe tinted18.49%-17.61%-41.74%-38.12%
      Xiao Hezi14.22%19.72%4.32%-64.29%
      Analyst Latest index 3 months earnings 6 months earnings 12 months earnings Track stocks
      Zhang Jin5728.5667.06%94.64%136.77%Tiger Medical
      Peng ZOU1570.8457.86%32.39%57.08%Wisdom creature
      Wu Peng744.8144.11%-21.88%-25.52%Xusheng shares
      Shen Wenwen2638.3440.93%28.29%80.97%Enhua Pharmaceutical
                                  Data date
                                  Friday, May 18, 2018
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                                  Continuous suspension200 Family
                                  New suspension of trading today5 Family
                                  Resumption today5 Family
                                  Performance report0 Family
                                  Performance forecast0 Family
                                  Dividend increases130 Family
                                  Purchase of new shares0 Family
                                  Payment signed2 Family
                                  Listing of new shares0 Family
                                  Directional hair extension0 Family
                                  Supplementary plan11 Family
                                  Listing of shares70 Family
                                  Equity registration85 Family
                                  Shareholders meeting335 Family
                                  Internet voting331 Family
                                  Asset restructuring 59 Family
                                  Asset acquisition2 Family
                                  Pledge of shares81 Family
      name Latest price Quote change Main net inflow
      1Hainan Ruize11.1010.01%2.49 billion
      2Luxi Chemical20.805.32%203 million
      3Crane shares36.0510.01%195 million
      4Gree Electric Appliances48.271.09%176 million
      5Offshore Oil Engineering6.6610.08%156 million
      6China Petroleum8.497.33%128 million
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      date name Related Earnings per share Revenue year-on-year Net profit
      05-19Zhongyuan Xiehedetailed-0.05003.94%-148.76%
      05-18Shenwu environmental protectiondetailed0.3600-10.10%-48.84%
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Fuda alloy15.2910.00%13 million
      2Convinced52.399.99%72.66 million
      3Yap shares32.7510.01%101 million
      4Yue Bo Power72.0410.00%17.22 million
      5WuXi Mingde66.6610.00%20.77 million
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      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Baoli International3.2610.14%72.28 million
      2Jiafa Antai33.2810.02%125 million
      3World Digital73.1010.01%36.74 million
      4Houpu shares8.5710.01%101 million
      5Nanjing Julong53.9610.01%156 million
      GEM Fund
      Nuggets High-quality Growth Enterprise Growth Unit
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Han Yu Environmental Protection--36 million
      2New material for a long time15.980.00%9.18 million
      3Yong'an Futures--7.97 million
      4Blue Sky Gas7.900.00%7.83 million
      5First three-dimensional3.81-0.26%7.12 million
      Preferred QDII
      Global asset allocation, investment without borders
      Purchase date Purchase code New stock short name Issue price Issue price-earnings ratio Payment date
      05-24780138Industrial Riches14.0417.4305-28
      06-01780990Nanjing Securities3.7925.6106-05
      05-16300746Hanjia Design5.6221.4505-18
      05-14300745Xinrui Technology11.6517.2905-16
      date Stock name Transfer method Circulating Shares Total share capital Industry
      05-18Zhengrong Technologyprotocol6.5 million20000000
      05-18Strong resistance to new materialsprotocol-68 million
      05-18Yi Ruiweiprotocol2.3 million7 million
      05-17Born Softwareprotocol2.05 million5000000
      date name Additional price Number of additional P/E ratio Discount premium rate
      05-18Sunshine Telecom2.00400000025.81-
      05-18Agricultural Business1.255.6 million--51.92%
      05-18Yong Jin Electric1.2020.94 million5.73-
      05-18Bai Bao5.3511.39 million25.56-9.32%
      • VC/PE Investment Details
      date name Investment agency investment amount Price per share
      05-17General Research StandardsShanghai Zhangjiang torch...2 million1.05
      05-15Yu Fang ElectromechanicalBeijing Yirun Venture...30 million10.00
      05-15Lijiang Golden RentAnhui Investment Set...--
      date name Types of
      05-20The 4th China and the world...Forum
      05-21Japan: Trade Balance:...Economic data
      05-21Japan: Import Amount: ...Economic data
      05-21Japan: Export Amount: ...Economic data
      05-232018 China Electronics...Forum
      05-23Under the "New Regulations on Asset Management" private...Forum
      Code name Latest Price (USD) Quote change
      HGSHHan Guangsha Real Estate1.7730.15%
      OSNAosheng Innovation2.686.35%
      CAASChina Steam System4.675.66%
      KONEJoint information6.745.31%
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      Variety contract Latest price Quote change
      CSI 300 IndexIF18063903.001.47%
      SSE 50 IndexIH18062735.201.70%
      CSI 500 IndexIC18065975.200.73%
      Five-year government bondsTF180997.35-0.11%
      10-year government bondsT180994.070.11%
      Quantification Fund
      Quantitative investment, refining and gold