feature of product

  • Real-time main capital flows

    A new generation of 100% reduction of the main single large analytical methods, monitoring the main capital movements more easily.
  • Optional stock one-stop service

    The most practical value of the information presented at times, always grasp the pulse of the global stock market.
  • Top - level Institutional Depth Report

    The most comprehensive and timely analysis of the top institutions, and give the stage reference target valuation.
  • Advanced intelligent stock picking function

    Provide more than 100 reference indicators fine set, to create your own exclusive stock picking device.

user experience

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  • Old Yao 1987_SGG: Oriental Fortune 2012 version is a bit powerful.
  • Yin Huiqiong: New Oriental Fortune is very easy to use, recommend friends to experience.
  • Trader practice log: Oriental Fortune is a good platform I see.
  • Wealth daddy: Recommended Eastern Fortune Software!
  • Xue Xinxin L: Oriental Fortune, very unique, installed one
  • Yellow fish Conca: @ Oriental Fortune revised version, really good, beautiful interface, powerful, support it.
  • Yu Jiawen: Suddenly found that the East Fortune good use, what data inside there, ha ha ha ... ...

Oriental Fortune Mobile Edition

product update

  • New DDE Intelligent Decision Function 2012-9-25

    DDE must be charged? All investors can free intelligent decision-making function.
  • Add 1 minute k line function 2012-9-25

    The shorter the cycle, the finer the transaction! Have you seen a shorter market cycle?
  • Handicap new changes 2012-9-25

    Where is the short-term market hot spot? Handicap trading in the first time to tell you.
  • Add four new technical indicators 2012-9-25

    Exclusive index library is more substantial, at any time to find your best special indicators.
  • New continuous trading day capital flow data 2012-9-25

    Continuous main capital flow data, more intuitive and more clearly show the main trend.