Oriental wealthYesEastern Fortune Network(300059Based on its own platform advantages, the latest free premium stock software, fromQuotes,NewsAnd the index function and other aspects of research and development.

Oriental wealthIn the free stock software,QuotesEnclosedShanghai and Shenzhen motherboards,Small and medium board,gem,Stock index futures,Hong Kong stocks,Global index,Global commodity futuresas well asForeign exchangeWaiting for all financial marketsQuotesdata,NewsFeatures include 24-hour real timeFlash News,Real-time solution,Company research,Industry research,Company financial report,New sharesOn the meeting,New sharesPurchase,Lifting the ban,big deal,Dragon and Tiger list,Long-term leader,Margin financing,A+H ratioOpenFund valuationQuotes, macro data (CPI,PPI,GDP,interest rate,New loan,Refined oil,House price index,Deposit reserve ratio,currency supply,Number of stock accounts), financial dayTrading tips,Shanghai and Shenzhen AnnouncementWait. Featured features include Masukura ranking, capital flow, institutional internal reference, profit forecast, financial data, senior stock selection, depth F9, fund heavy position, QFII heavy position, social security heavy position, brokerage heavy position, trust heavy position.

In addition, it is specially optimized for the user-friendly and convenient operation experience, and incorporates the most advanced cloud computing technology. It is a comprehensive and powerful top-level free stock trading software.

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