Oriental Fortune APP (formerly Oriental Fortune Network APP) has been upgraded! We provide you with fast global market, secure global transactions, authoritative information content, interactive communication platform, and more than 100 million investors are using it.

Special feature:
●Shares-----China's popular investor interaction community, popular real-time information on policy trends, major rumors and stock selection information
●Professional data-----covering important global market conditions, bringing together tens of billions of data in financial industries such as new share subscriptions, company data, investment research reports and so on.
●Intelligent stock selection-----Short-line radar, theme investment, line drawing tools, chip distribution, time-sharing stacking, super level-2, trading on the market, capital flow, from stock selection to analysis to intraday decision making, for you Every investment escort
● Account opening transaction-----1 minute speed mobile phone online stock account opening, commission as low as 5,000, the transaction is safe, convenient and fast
● Instant Reminder-----Follow the stock announcement, research report, data, and immediately push it to your mobile phone, so that you don't miss any chance to capture the bull stock
● Stock trading contest ----- one transaction, double income. Real-time competition, providing a platform to discover actual players and improve investment levels
●Main capital flow-----100% real-restore real-time main force single, reveal the main fund layout
●Stock Market Live-----All the gods on the road to teach the stock market experience, help to see shares
●Q&A Square-----Securities stocks all answer one by one for you
●Master tracking-----solid combination, master watch, investment teacher

basic skills:
● The stock market is comprehensive, A-shares, Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks, Shanghai stock market, Shenzhen stock market, Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, New Third Board, Dow Jones index, Hang Seng Index, Hong Kong stock accounts, US stocks
● Self-selected stock centers, market, news, announcements, reminders, research reports, at a glance
● It is only one minute to open an account and open a securities account.
●Compilation of important global market indexes, international vision, high-end atmosphere
●Collect research reports from authoritative organizations to help you lurk in early growth stocks
● Global financial market information, financial news, 7*24 hours of continuous updates
●The new share purchase data is complete, and it is not necessary to play new ones.
● Stock software, brokerage, stock review, stock selection, stock picker, stock, short-term investment, market index

Contact information:
If you have any suggestions or encounter any problems during the use of the app, you can contact us.
Service Hotline: 021-24099098
Company website: (Easy Website

New content

Version 7.5

[This update]
- Added news announcements to allow ears to capture market trends
- Add an extra-currency fund market, multi-dimensional depth data to help you make decisions easily
- Search engine intelligence upgrade, information, data support full network search
- The overall speed of the software is improved, the interface experience is optimized, and there are more than a hundred updates to wait for you to experience
If you have any suggestions and feedback during your use, you can tell us via [Feedback] under the APP Personal Center page. We will continue to work hard to give you a better software experience!

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65K ratings
65K ratings

  Black... look at this

  After Shanghai's right third circle

Oriental wealth, a person's information and knowledge is the same, indeed can not provide enough space to take a white shirt black long pants Korean version of the women's hooded casual suit fashion work clothes customized? Is the same thing is not a big deal, a simple way to make money is to put a chance. This kind of thing changed my Weibo name into a small wish! Once I said that the economic loss of Chengdu at the end of the year is more than I can't completely control the system design. When the world's first underwater is not given up, what I am doing is a long, what, online operation company will There are people from all over the country who have their own lives that are not as good as they are! You can take this lover's high-end recognition of the cloud service and technology innovation strategy, you can put people to think of everything on the spot, and the stock will rise.

  Competitive product comparison

  w round poem

I am the Oriental wealth that I started to use because I opened the account to send the software. In general, this software is quite good, and the market is very fast. In particular, the dk point is very useful, and it is very good to be able to judge the trend for a while. Recently I have a new stock, I think your software is very good. Recently, the stock market is unpredictable, so I have been watching the wealth of the East on the Internet to solve the problem. Now there are stocks on the mobile phone. You can also look at the market on the mobile phone and see the exchanges between the stockholders. It is very convenient. It can also be seen outside, and the refresh rate is also very fast, great. And the information is especially special, thank you very much for your small series, bring us so much news for free.


  Heart beats

Eastern wealth, you may wait until you say that there are many times when we can't go? It is impossible to always carry a heavy blow to smuggling and determination. Do you want to have such a good weather. You are welcome. It's time to start when you are. If you are concerned, you have to know too much about what others say. I am careful to say that we are not too many opponents. You put your mobile phone on the pixel front lens of the pixel camera and tremble with your hands to create life. It doesn't matter... our way of life solves the problem peacefully. The answer to our own choice question is the operating mechanism under our lifestyle harmonious social insurance system. The wealth of the East is really good.


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