Oriental Fortune APP (formerly Eastern Fortune APP) and upgrade it! We provide you with a fast global market, secure global transactions, authoritative information content, interactive exchange platform, more than 100 million investors are using

Special feature:
● Shares - China Popular investor interaction community, popular real-time informed of policy trends, major anecdotal and selective stock intelligence
● professional data ----- covering the world's major market conditions, pooling subscriptions for new shares, corporate information, investment research reports and other financial industries billions of data.
● Intelligent stock selection ----- Short-range radar, theme investment, line drawing tools, chip distribution, time-sharing, super-level-2, trade transactions, capital flows, from stock picking to analysis to intraday decision-making for you Every investment escort
● account transactions ----- 1 minute speed mobile phone online stock accounts, commissions as low as 2.5 million, the transaction safe, convenient and fast
● real-time reminder ----- pay attention to stock announcements, research reports, data, immediately pushed to your mobile phone, so you do not miss any chance of capturing Niu shares
● stock contest ----- a transaction, double revenue. Firm competitions provide a platform for discovering actual players and boosting investment levels
● The main flow of funds ----- 100% real-time real-time major single, revealing the main capital layout
● stock market live ----- God on the spot teach stocks speculation experience, help to see the stock
● Q & A Square ----- Securities stocks all one by one for you to answer
● master track ----- firm portfolio, expert look at the plate, the investment teacher contend

basic skills:
● stock market comprehensive, A shares, Shanghai and Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, the new board, the Dow Jones index, Hang Seng Index, Hong Kong stocks, US stocks
● Select stock center, market, news, announcements, reminders, research reports, glance
● stock accounts, securities, easy to open an account, only one minute
● Compilation of global key market indices, international perspective, high-end atmosphere on the grade
● Collection of authoritative research reports to help you hoard premature blue-chip performance
● global financial market information, financial news, 7 * 24 hours non-stop update
● IPO subscription data is complete, playing a new one can not be less fried
● stock software, brokerage, stock assessment, self-selection stocks, stock options, stocks, short-term investment, market index readily available
Contact information:
In the process of using the app, you have any suggestions or encounter any problems, you can contact us
Service Hotline: 021-24099098
Company website: (easy to remember website

New content

Version 7.1.8

1, repair known BUG, ​​improve system compatibility
2, performance optimization, enhance user experience
【Recently updated】
- Added Super Level-2 function module to capture the trading opportunities behind big data more accurately
--New theme investment decision-making module, the current hot spots, the plate leading a clean sweep
- Add Handicap and Smart Stock Pickup module, do not miss any investment opportunities in the session
- Home, information, market comprehensive revision upgrade, not the same interface for your more personalized use
If you have any suggestions or feedback during the course of using, you can tell us through the bottom of the APP home page [Feedback]. We will continue to strive to give you more high-quality software experience!

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621 ratings

621 ratings

  I am glad to see the change of Tung Choi

  Little Prince Saya

Is the old users of Tung Choi has been gradually using and has gradually felt he is improving and improving the update of the multiple functions such as the purchase of bonds stock picking smarter overall interface than ever before clearer and clearer functions also keep pace with the times covered business Also have to open an account also give users a lot of value-added services is a good experience for our stocks are the best choice

  Updated every month

  Original mound column Ye

Let me feel particularly good is a stock account can be submitted at any time, unlike other, but also some of them in, with your video witness. Second, the eastern part of the wealth is better and better, with the market changes will be more attentive, according to the needs of our customers, update some trading functions, such as the purchase of new debt. Do not know at the beginning convertible bonds can purchase, really missed several. In short, recommended. However, older and do not love ye use, you can call customer service ah

  Once know that convertible bonds can purchase

  Nini 12344666

Has always been known before convertible bonds bond funds, ups and downs, did not expect to have a convertible bond issuance of new shares there are convertible bond subscription. See Oriental wealth has this feature, but also suggested that the relevant sale time and product information, Dongcai own approval also passed, as long as there is buy, it means to make a daily limit, I have encouraged families to open an account transaction, on Good news on Fridays.


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