feature of product

  • Real-time main cash flow

    A new generation of 100% reduction in the main single analytic approach, monitoring the main fund movements more easily.
  • One-stop service from stock selection

    The most practical value of the information presented rapidly, always grasp the pulse of the global stock market.
  • In-depth study of the top agencies

    The most up-to-date, state-of-the-art top agency research report gives a phase reference target estimate.
  • Advanced intelligent stock selection function

    Provide more than 100 fine set of reference indicators, to create your own exclusive selection weapon.

user experience

  • On the road - TMT study: With the East Fortune pass, found that I have used to experience the best market software, speed fast, rich interface information, but also free to experience level-2 market.
  • Warm ray of sunshine: I am using this part of the East Fortune pass stock software is good, real-time access to the main funds, and the interface is good, all kinds of information and data are more comprehensive, good things can not be exclusive, interested friends can go and see. http: t.cn/aOHwAi
  • Old Yao 1987_SGG: Fortune Dongfang 2012 version a bit powerful.
  • Yin Huiqiong: The new Oriental Fortune pass very good, recommend friends experience.
  • Trader logs: Fortune East is my good platform to see.
  • Wealth father: Recommended Fortune East software!
  • Xue Xinxin L: Fortune East, very unique, loaded with one
  • Yellowtail Conca: @ Fortune Dongfang version, really good, beautiful interface, powerful, support for what.
  • Rain Ji Wen: Suddenly found Eastern Fortune pass very well, what data are there, ha ha ha ... ...

Eastern Fortune mobile version

product update

  • Added DDE intelligent decision-making function

    DDE must pay? All shareholders are free intelligent decision-making capabilities.
  • Added 1 minute k-line function

    The shorter the cycle, the more refined the transaction! Have you ever seen a shorter market cycle?
  • Handing plate changes new upgrade 2012-9-25

    Short-term market hot spots where? Handicap transaction disk tell you the first time.
  • Added 4 new technical indicators

    Exclusive indicator library more substantial, find your best at any time dedicated indicators.
  • Added consecutive day trading capital flow data

    Continuous main cash flow data, more intuitive and more clearly show the main trends.