• Real-time main cash flow

    Real-time monitoring of individual stocks into and out of the state, to give you the clearest investment reference
  • Institution Masukura ranking

    Real-time tracking positions Masukura institutional situation, exposing changes in the main capital positions
  • Chip distribution

    Stock 6-cycle cycle chip distribution map, an intuitive display of institutional changes in position costs
  • Institution research report

    The latest and most comprehensive research institute rating, accurate grasp of the future trend of individual stocks
  • other

    More profitable forecasts, conditional stock selection, roaming stock selection, real-time solution, commissioned by the transaction
    Nearly a hundred features waiting for you to try

Install Fortune Eastern 2012 version

  • Software Category: Level-2 stock software
  • Software Size: 11.1MB
  • Software License: Shareware, free for life
  • Operating Environment: WinXP / Win2003 / WinVista / Win7
  • Software Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Developer: Oriental Fortune (300059)
  • Updated: March 5, 2012

Install Fortune East mobile version

Latest update:

  • 1, new DDE decision-making capabilities
  • 2, add 1 minute K-line function
  • 3, Handan new changes
  • 4, add 4 kinds of new technical indicators
  • 5, new continuous trading day capital flow data

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