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    Eastern Fortune exclusive integration of the latest stock market information to help you easily control the news.
  • Information forwarding

    Will you see the important information to share with friends, mutual exchanges and common progress.
  • F10 company depth information

    The most detailed company information, financial data, concept themes, the query easier!

user experience

  • On the road - TMT study: With the East Fortune pass, found that I have used to experience the best market software, speed fast, rich interface information, but also free to experience level-2 market.
  • Warm ray of sunshine: I am using this part of the East Fortune pass stock software is good, real-time access to the main funds, and the interface is good, all kinds of information and data are more comprehensive, good things can not be exclusive, interested friends can go and see. http: t.cn/aOHwAi
  • Old Yao 1987_SGG: Fortune Dongfang 2012 version a bit powerful.
  • Yin Huiqiong: The new Oriental Fortune pass very good, recommend friends experience.
  • Trader logs: Fortune East is my good platform to see.
  • Wealth father: Recommended Fortune East software!
  • Xue Xinxin L: Fortune East, very unique, loaded with one
  • Yellowtail Conca: @ Fortune Dongfang version, really good, beautiful interface, powerful, support for what.
  • Rain Ji Wen: Suddenly found Eastern Fortune pass very well, what data are there, ha ha ha ... ...

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product update

  • Conditions stock selection function 2013-1-17

    With computer high-speed search to meet your stock selection of stocks, fast one step, one of the best!
  • Simulated stock market 2013-1-17

    High degree of simulation, simple operation, easy trading, hone the best grinding stock tips!
  • Analysis of the market chips 2013-1-17

    Dynamic analysis of turnover, perspective of the entire process of market cost conversion.
  • Stocks core theme 2013-1-17

    The company's core internal reference, to show you the company's most valuable fundamentals.
  • Information Search Function 2013-1-17

    A key search through the keywords, including all the financial information you need.