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    Oriental Fortune has exclusive integration with the latest stock market information to help you easily control the news.
  • Information forwarding

    Share the important information you see with your friends, communicate with each other, and make progress together.
  • F10 company depth information

    The most detailed company information, financial data, concept topics, inquiry is easier!

user experience

  • On the road - TMT research: I used Dongfang Fortune, and found that I have used the best experience software, fast speed, rich interface information, and free to experience level-2 market.
  • Passionate sunshine: I use Eastern Fortune's stock trading software is good, there are real-time main funds in and out, and the interface is good, all kinds of information and data are more comprehensive, good things can not be enjoyed alone, interested friends can go and see. Http:t.cn/aOHwAi
  • Lao Yao 1987_SGG: The Oriental Fortune 2012 version is a bit powerful.
  • Yin Huiqiong: The new Oriental Fortune is very easy to use and recommend friends to experience.
  • Trader practice log: Oriental Fortune is a good platform I have seen.
  • Wealth dad: Recommended Oriental Fortune Software!
  • Xue Xinxin L: Eastern Fortune, very distinctive, loaded with a
  • Yellow croaker Conca: @东方财富通 Revised version, really good, beautiful interface, powerful, support.
  • Yu Jiawen: Suddenly found that the East Fortune is very useful, what data is there, hahaha...

Oriental Fortune Mobile Edition

product update

  • Conditional stock picking function 2013-1-17

    Use the computer to quickly search for stocks that meet your stock picking requirements.
  • Simulated stocks 2013-1-17

    Highly simulated, easy to operate, easy to trade, and the best whetstone for honing stocks!
  • Analysis of the market chips 2013-1-17

    Dynamic analysis into exchange hands, perspective market cost conversion process.
  • Core stocks of the stocks 2013-1-17

    The core internal reference of the company presents you with the most valuable fundamental information of the company.
  • Information search function 2013-1-17

    Search all the financial information you need with a one-click search.