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    Oriental Wealth exclusive integrates the latest stock market information to help you easily control the message surface.
  • Information forwarding

    Share important information you see with your friends, communicate with each other, and make progress together.
  • F10 company depth data

    The most detailed company information, financial data, concept themes, the query easier!

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Oriental Wealth Mobile

product update

  • Conditional stock selection function 2013-1-17

    High-speed retrieval of stocks that meet your stock selection requirements with a high-speed computer, one step faster and better!
  • Simulation stocks 2013-1-17

    Highly simulating, easy to operate, easy to trade, hone the best whetstone skills for stocks!
  • Market chips analysis 2013-1-17

    Dynamic analysis into exchange hands, perspective the entire process of market cost conversion.
  • Core stocks of individual stocks 2013-1-17

    The company's core internal reference provides you with the company's most valuable fundamental information.
  • Information search function 2013-1-17

    Search for all the financial information you need with a one-click keyword search.