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Fund codeFund nameNet unit valuedateNear JanuaryNearly MarchNear JuneNearly one yearNearly 3 yearsIn this yearEstablishedFeesoperating
519760Bank of Communications New Return Flexible Configuration Hybrid C3.9160 04-20247.16%248.09%258.28%280.56%--252.79%291.84%0.00%buy Fixed vote
002853Huafu Yuan Xin Flexible Configuration Mix A2.0090 04-200.10%0.50%1.98%91.70%--1.06%100.90%0.15%buy Fixed vote
004008Zhong Rong Xin thinking mixed A1.3712 04-200.31%-1.00%-0.15%70.70%---0.70%75.52%0.15%buy Fixed vote
004009Zhong Rong Xin thinking mixed C1.3501 04-200.29%-1.11%-1.04%68.82%---1.00%73.02%0.00%buy Fixed vote
519772Bank of Communications New Life Vibrant Flexible Configuration Mix1.5700 04-20-0.63%11.11%19.85%55.60%--9.71%57.00%0.15%buy Fixed vote
550016Xincheng Zhiyuan C1.4405 04-20-3.14%-1.98%38.51%50.21%48.27%39.04%152.71%0.00%buy Fixed vote
519732Bank of Communications pays a balanced mix of remuneration on a regular basis3.0250 04-20-0.10%10.48%16.75%40.24%80.38%9.92%202.50%0.15%buy Fixed vote
399011China Shipping Healthcare Theme Stocks1.7380 04-20-0.27%9.56%17.70%35.15%27.49%10.02%144.24%0.15%buy Fixed vote
260108Invesco Great Wall Emerging Growth Mix1.2650 04-20-3.66%-6.23%10.85%34.89%43.53%-1.36%224.29%0.15%buy Fixed vote
519196Wanjia emerging blue chip flexible configuration mix1.2800 04-20-0.05%2.07%8.22%34.21%--9.70%61.12%0.12%buy Fixed vote
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  • Zhongke Soil Fund

    A civilian financial tool

    Zhong Ke Wo soil currency A


    Seven-year aging

  • State Sea Franklin...

    Global View QDII

    Guo Fu Greater China Select Mix


    Nearly one year

  • China Fund

    Hot topics Three Musketeers Medical section

    Huaxia Medical Health Mix A


    Nearly one year

  • Golden Eagle Fund

    High quality debt base Small fluctuations

    Golden Eagle Yuan Sheng Bond Type Initiation E


    Nearly one year

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Fund nameNearly MarchFeesoperating
Huian Fusion Fusion A1.77%0.15%buy
Huian Fusion Fusion C1.74%0.00%buy
Nord Growth Collection C1.66%0.00%buy
Xinyuan Juxin Income Enhancement Bond A1.44%0.06%buy
Xinyuan Juxin Income Enhancement Debt C1.35%0.00%buy
De Bangdehuan opens bond A in 9 months1.05%0.06%buy
De Bangde Huan is set to open the debt in 9 months.0.93%0.00%buy
BOC Securities An Hong Bond C0.89%0.00%buy
Fund nameNearly MarchFeesoperating
Bank of Communications Pharmaceuticals Innovative Stocks13.47%0.15%buy
Penghua National Defense11.10%0.12%buy
China Shipping Healthcare Theme Stocks9.56%0.15%buy
Rich China State Securities Industry Index Graded7.36%0.12%buy
Huitianfu mobile internet stocks7.16%0.15%buy
Tianhong Computer Securities Index C6.67%0.00%buy
Financing GEM Index A3.84%0.12%buy
EasyFund GEM ETF A3.15%0.12%buy
Fund nameNear JuneFeesoperating
Bank of Communications New Life Vibrant Flexible Configuration Mix19.85%0.15%buy
E F5.98%0.15%buy
Eastern Red China Advantage Mix4.77%1.50%buy
Full Trend Investment Mix (LOF)4.41%0.15%buy
Oriental Red Industrial Upgrade Blend4.09%1.50%buy
Xingquan Light Asset Mix (LOF)3.71%0.15%buy
Oriental Redrich Mix3.14%1.50%buy
Huitianfu Bluechip Steady2.81%0.15%buy
Fund nameNear JuneFeesoperating
Bo Shi Yupeng Pure Bond Bonds8.88%0.08%buy
E Fund High Grade Credit Bond Bond C4.95%0.00%buy
Yinhua Credit Season Red Bonds3.04%0.07%buy
Dacheng Jingan Short-term Bond Bond A2.60%0.00%buy
Southern Baoyuan Bond1.62%0.08%buy
EasyFonda Steady Yield Bond A1.47%0.00%buy
E Fund Enhances Return Bond A1.29%0.08%buy
Huitian Fu High-yield Bond Bond C1.02%0.00%buy
Fund name7 years of agingFeesoperating
China Cash Increases Currency A/E4.8260%0.00%buy
Southern Tianli Currency B4.6140%0.00%buy
Boshi Cash B Currency B4.5530%0.00%buy
Peng Hua Tian Li Bao currency4.4790%0.00%buy
Huitianfu and Jubao currency4.4480%0.00%buy
Merchants recruit Qianbao currency A4.3250%0.00%buy
Livelihood Plus Silver Teng Yuanbao Currency B4.2520%0.00%buy
Rich country rich wallet currency4.2000%0.00%buy

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CodenamePublisherFund typeFocus on the subscription periodFund manager
005581Huaxia Credit Bond ETF Link AChina FundLinked funds18/01/24~18/04/24Zhu Can
005582Huaxia Credit Bond ETF Link CChina FundLinked funds18/01/24~18/04/24Zhu Can
511280China 3-5 Year Credit Debt ETFChina FundETF-field18/01/24~18/04/24Zhu Can
005605Xingyin Ruifu set aside debtXingyin FundFixed bond18/01/24~18/04/23Yang Fanying
005077Ping An Dahua is scheduled to open a bondPing An UOB FundFixed bond18/01/30~18/04/27Duan Hao
点击查询全部新发基金>As of 2018-04-23 in total sales of funds85only
  • Stock type|
  • Hybrid |
  • Bond type|
  • Exponential
No.AbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly one year
1Penghua Zhongzheng Space and Sky13.51%-3.61%--
2Bank of Communications Pharmaceuticals Innovative Stocks13.47%14.50%27.40%
3China Economic Transformation Stock12.87%4.34%23.14%
4Huabao CSI Healthcare Index11.86%7.49%9.80%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-04-20
No.AbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly one year
1The new rewards of the Bank of Communications248.09%258.28%280.56%
2Cathay Pacific benefits flexible configuration33.74%32.19%47.20%
3China Post enjoys a year of opening25.00%0.44%-1.19%
4Merchants Fengjia Mix A23.44%23.20%28.99%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-04-20
No.AbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly one year
1Debon Bonds A25.24%158.51%162.35%
2Debon Bonds C25.22%158.70%162.06%
3Penghua Putai Bonds16.62%17.40%17.00%
4Zhongrong Yingze Bond A14.41%15.33%17.18%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-04-20
No.AbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly one year
1Penghua Zhongzheng Space and Sky13.51%-3.61%--
2Yinhua Shanghui 5 Years13.18%12.93%11.96%
3Huabao CSI Healthcare Index11.86%7.49%9.80%
4GF Medical Index Grading11.78%8.55%12.36%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-04-20

Rankproduct nameManagement companydeadlineNearly MarchNearly one yearEstablished
1****number 6Taizhou thinking2018-04-13165.72%332.25%315.91%
2****number 1Yunnan Trust2018-04-13214.01%178.96%206.41%
3****Number 7Zhongrong Trust2018-04-13-11.85%224.72%249.81%
4****Number 5Yunnan Trust2018-04-1392.61%--73.85%
5****QuantizationTianhe Sichuang2018-04-135.37%101.59%90.50%
Click to see all private equity rankings >As of 2018-04-23 Total118697Only private equity products
  • ****fund
    The core driver seeks qualitative change, the core value chain looks for investment...
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  • Anxin Financial No. 1
    Macroeconomic Research Leads Bond Investment, Controlled Risks, and...
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  • ****fund
    The private equity giant with over 300% actual profit in the past five years told...
    1 million purchaseClick here for details
  • Achieve Gold Benefit
    Study macroeconomic policies and bond market trends, adopt...
    50,000 purchasesClick here for details
PopularityReplytitleThe authorlatest update
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76886By the way, it’s getting more and more outrageous.Xxm base cents04-23 17:53:55
4083Li Xun precision howFriends of Garfield04-23 17:50:05
3612The task of lighten up is a long way! Remember, every one from todayFutian Fudi 222...04-23 17:49:46
1151Buy a good stock, please!Friends ANEjQE04-23 17:49:33
31487146I bid farewell to this from today, and dispute with Mr.Qkbqhl0...04-23 17:49:14
5182I want to break 3,000 to about 2800.Rich spring is good04-23 17:47:18
7802Are you covered? Now we have to wait. Buy 510050I am FY 8804-23 17:46:36
41943Who knows when the positions are updated and they are still holding positions last year?Ch calm and calm04-23 17:45:56
4702184.23 10:32 -1.5% Come to my cost price, the GEM 1720?How far is dawn?04-23 17:42:35
1831I beat again, add a position, fall again and lie down to rest.Linna28304-23 17:41:40
2151The ass donkey's head on donkey day, the market did not fall much today.Friends YajoCa04-23 17:40:45
6195The first sentence I saw every time I turned on last year was slow cows on the road.Chasing and selling is the leeks04-23 17:39:53
8122Do not want to add a little! To buy Shanghai port tomorrow, it will be too low.The king of chicken kings came back from the lake04-23 17:37:23
3563The bear market has to be nine shallow and deep.Jingting04-23 17:36:44
8051The Shanghai Stock Exchange should break below 3,000 points. If it breaks below 3,000 points, is it a share?Dreamcatcher 31404-23 17:36:34
15846This rebound in late-end indicates what the master saidXinxin shares roll to me04-23 17:32:02
6731From November or December of last year, the chicken people who bought at a low priceAssault posture04-23 17:31:39
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