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Fund codeFund nameUnit net valuedateNear JanuaryNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 yearNearly 3 yearsIn this yearEstablishedHandling feeoperating
519760Bank of Communications new return flexible configuration hybrid C3.9630 08-15-0.48%0.05%254.47%273.16%--257.03%296.54%0.00%buy Fixed investment
550016Xincheng Zhiyuan C1.4075 08-15-1.12%-2.84%-3.68%51.18%38.59%35.86%146.92%0.00%buy Fixed investment
004223Jinxin multi-strategy selection flexible configuration1.3910 08-150.20%0.77%21.09%47.30%---2.45%53.36%0.15%buy Fixed investment
519772Bank of Communications new vitality flexible configuration mix1.4290 08-15-7.51%-11.63%-0.56%29.67%---0.14%42.90%0.15%buy Fixed investment
003096CEIBS Health Care Mix C1.2630 08-15-17.56%-13.04%13.21%28.89%--7.89%33.14%0.00%buy Fixed investment
003095CEIBS Health Care Mix A1.2660 08-15-17.52%-13.07%12.99%28.43%--7.61%33.44%0.15%buy Fixed investment
519221Haifutong Xinyi Mix C1.2240 08-1519.07%19.86%20.31%26.71%--20.42%28.61%0.00%buy Fixed investment
399011China Shipping Healthcare Theme Stock1.6020 08-15-15.95%-11.17%9.36%26.16%22.12%6.06%135.43%0.15%buy Fixed investment
003750Chuangjinxinxin income mix C1.2670 08-150.16%0.24%0.96%24.83%--3.51%26.70%0.00%buy Fixed investment
519732Bank of Communications regularly pays a balance of double interest balance2.8290 08-15-5.19%-8.68%1.98%23.54%64.67%2.80%182.90%0.15%buy Fixed investment
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  • Tianhong Fund

    March sugar and wine will be good

    Tianhong CSI Food & Beverage Index C


    Nearly 1 year

  • Golden Eagle Fund

    Main deposit slip

    Golden Eagle Xinrui Mix A


    In this year

  • Huatai Bairui Fund

    Layout hot investment

    Huatai Bairui Innovation Power Mix


    Nearly 1 year

  • Minsheng Plus Fund

    New choice for current financial management

    Minsheng Plus Silver Cash Treasure Currency C


    Seven-day annualization

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Fund nameNearly MarchHandling feeoperating
Xingye Yufeng Bond2.79%0.08%buy
Zheshang Huijin Juli will open a bond for one year1.91%0.08%buy
CEIBS Strong Bond1.80%0.08%buy
Huafu Heng Finance Debt C1.70%0.00%buy
Yi Fangda Yong Xu Ding Debt1.64%0.06%buy
Boss’s year-old increase in profits1.58%0.06%buy
Qianhai Kaiyuan Dingrui Bond C1.03%0.00%buy
Southern Rongyi0.77%0.12%buy
Fund nameNearly MarchHandling feeoperating
Hui'an Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Enhanced A2.27%0.12%buy
Noon Strategy Select Stock2.03%0.15%buy
Fund nameNear JuneHandling feeoperating
Rich country precision medical mix19.51%0.15%buy
Fuguo Healthcare Industry Mix19.39%0.15%buy
Huaan Media Internet Mix19.17%0.15%buy
CEIBS Health Care Mix C13.21%0.00%buy
CEIBS Health Care Mix A12.99%0.15%buy
Huitianfu Medical Service Mix11.75%0.15%buy
Zhonghai Medicine Health Industry Select Mix C10.67%0.00%buy
Zhonghai Medicine Health Industry Select Mix A10.35%0.15%buy
Fund nameNear JuneHandling feeoperating
Dacheng Bond C7.63%0.00%buy
Taikang Ruikun Pure Bond Bond6.21%0.00%buy
Huaan Pure Bond Bond A4.67%0.08%buy
Harvest Super Short Bond3.31%0.00%buy
Golden Eagle Timui Medium and Short Debt A3.14%0.04%buy
Penghua Putian Bond B3.03%0.00%buy
Golden Eagle Timui Medium and Short Debt C2.93%0.00%buy
Dacheng Jing'an Short-term Bond A2.74%0.00%buy
Fund name7th annualizationHandling feeoperating
Southern Tianli Currency B4.2340%0.00%buy
Penghua Tianlibao Currency4.1930%0.00%buy
Rich country rich wallet currency4.0270%0.00%buy
Bo Shi Cash Treasure Currency B4.0010%0.00%buy
ICBC Currency3.7840%0.00%buy
Minsheng plus Yin Teng Yuanbao Currency B3.6060%0.00%buy
Rich country time currency B3.4270%0.00%buy
Southern Cash Increase Currency A3.2380%0.00%buy

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  • Exponential
Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Hui'an Shanghai and Shenzhen 3002.27%2.76%-2.26%
2Central European Electronic Information Industry2.06%----
3Noon Strategy Select Stock2.03%3.70%0.41%
4China Securities Finance Co., Ltd.0.00%0.00%0.00%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-08-15
Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Everbright Yongxin Mix C211.58%215.64%230.41%
2Everbright Yongxin Mix A211.00%215.33%230.38%
3Haifutong Xinyi Mix C19.86%20.31%26.71%
4Huaan Xinanping Mix A18.67%21.00%23.73%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-08-15
Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Jinxin Minxing Bond A95.74%102.37%95.90%
2Jinxin Minxing Bond C15.07%18.85%14.79%
3Invesco Great Wall Jingsheng Shengli14.99%15.18%15.73%
4Long letter stable and pure debt14.72%17.06%17.54%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-08-15
Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1GF China Bond 1-3 years5.63%----
2Yinhua Zhongxin 5-year gold5.17%7.47%6.71%
3China Credit Bond ETF3.46%----
4Yi Fangda China Bond 7-13.46%6.83%3.22%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-08-15

Rankingproduct nameManagement companydeadlineNearly MarchNearly 1 yearEstablished
1****科城Huaneng Trust2018-08-10130.78%--242.63%
2****Number 5Shenzhen Dahe2018-08-1043.86%168.41%397.90%
3****number 1Shenzhen Dahe2018-08-1046.62%165.54%386.20%
4****Number 7Shenzhen Dahe2018-08-1039.05%--147.10%
5****number 6Shenzhen Dahe2018-08-1036.30%--123.85%
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    Stocks six bonds, the bull market is not behind, the bear market is anti-risk
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