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Tiantian Fund is the first independent fund sales organization approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.
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Product multi-transaction fast service good rate province

Life treasureCash out at any time, the fastest 1 second to arrive in real time


Up to 7 days of affiliate funds3.60%2019-03-20

The cumulative sales of the current treasure is super13000Billion

Regular treasureShort-term idle funds come to regular treasures


The highest 7-year annualized income is

7 days3.17%

14 days3.11%

Index treasureEarn an index and make money


Shanghai and ShenzhenHSBC Jinxin Hengsheng Leading IndexNearly 3 years61.36%
globalGF Nasdaq 100Nearly 3 years68.81%
industryTianhong CSI Food & Beverage IndexNearly 3 years71.04%

High-end financial managementGood returns, rich in variety

****number 1Since it is founded 8.77%buy

Steady investment

**** win-winNear January13.57%buy

Received the “Three-Year Golden Bull Securities Dealer Manager” for three consecutive years

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BOC Tim Lee Bond Launch ANearly 3 years16.84%buy

Convenience is comparable to the current period, the income is not lost

Taiping Rixin Currency ASeven-day annualization2.3080%buy

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Trading day 16:00~23:00 Update the net value of the day

Serial number Fund code Abbreviation Related Links 2019-03-20
Unit net value|Cumulative net value
Unit net value|Cumulative net value
Daily growth value Daily growth rate Purchase status Handling fee operating
1 502053 Changsheng CSI Securities Company Rating Estimation map Fund file 0.9420 -- 0.9290 -- 0.0130 1.40% Open subscription 0.12% buy
2 004069 Southern China Securities Wholesale Securities ETF Connection A Estimation map Fund file 1.0452 1.0452 1.0309 1.0309 0.0143 1.39% Open subscription 0.12% buy
3 161629 Rongtong Securities Classification Estimation map Fund file 1.0240 0.7150 1.0100 0.7060 0.0140 1.39% Large amount 0.12% buy
4 004070 Southern China Securities Wholesale Securities ETF Connection C Estimation map Fund file 1.0365 1.0365 1.0224 1.0224 0.0141 1.38% Open subscription 0.00% buy
5 501047 Huitianfu Zhongzheng Quanzhi Securities Company Index A Estimation map Fund file 1.0477 1.0477 1.0335 1.0335 0.0142 1.37% Open subscription 0.08% buy
6 501048 Huitianfu Zhongzheng Quanzhi Securities Company Index C Estimation map Fund file 1.0512 1.0512 1.0370 1.0370 0.0142 1.37% Open subscription 0.00% buy
7 501016 Cathay Pacific CSI Shenwan Securities Industry Index Estimation map Fund file 1.0851 1.0851 1.0706 1.0706 0.0145 1.35% Open subscription 0.12% buy
8 006098 Huabao brokerage ETF connection Estimation map Fund file 1.4280 1.4280 1.4090 1.4090 0.0190 1.35% Open subscription 0.10% buy
9 161720 China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd. refers to the index of securities companies Estimation map Fund file 1.1561 0.7269 1.1408 0.7216 0.0153 1.34% Large amount 0.10% buy
10 502010 E Fund Securities Rating Estimation map Fund file 1.1419 -- 1.1268 -- 0.0151 1.34% Large amount 0.10% buy
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Estimated net value table in open-end fund (updated in real time from 9:30 to 15:00 on each trading day)

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Currency Fund Daily Income List Every trading day 16:00~23:00 Update the latest monetary fund income on the day

Update the latest financial fund income on the trading day from 16:00 to 23:00

Central Bank's one-year fixed deposit rate:1.50%

The rating fund is updated dynamically from 16:00 to 23:00 every trading day.

Daily update of net, market and discount rates

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  • Guaranteed type
Fund codeFund nameUnit net valuedateNear JanuaryNear MarchNear JuneNearly 1 yearNearly 3 yearsIn this yearEstablishedHandling feeoperating
519760Bank of Communications new return flexible configuration hybrid C4.0370 03-200.32%1.66%1.89%257.89%298.86%1.69%303.95%0.00%buy Fixed investment
002407Qianhai Kaiyuan Hengyuan flexible configuration mix1.5847 03-2027.08%52.04%51.94%47.55%--54.03%58.47%0.15%buy Fixed investment
005301Qianhai Kaiyuan Jingxin Mix A1.4376 03-209.26%25.00%30.93%43.16%--26.75%43.75%0.15%buy Fixed investment
005302Qianhai Kaiyuan Jingxin Mix C1.4365 03-209.25%24.97%30.88%43.09%--26.73%43.64%0.00%buy Fixed investment
005324Qianhai Kaiyuan Zexin Mix C1.4268 03-2013.88%20.91%41.65%42.41%--27.51%42.68%0.00%buy Fixed investment
005323Qianhai Kaiyuan Zexin Mix A1.4262 03-2013.89%20.91%41.50%42.34%--27.50%42.62%0.15%buy Fixed investment
001278Qianhai Open Source Clean Energy Mix A1.5400 03-2025.82%49.37%45.83%40.77%77.12%51.13%69.68%0.15%buy Fixed investment
002360Qianhai Open Source Clean Energy Mix C1.5390 03-2025.84%49.27%45.74%40.68%76.00%51.18%69.49%0.15%buy Fixed investment
003853Golden Eagle Information Industry Stock A1.4462 03-2021.50%39.30%47.78%40.23%--36.69%47.22%0.12%buy Fixed investment
003516Cathay Pacific's multi-strategy flexible configuration mix1.3914 03-2025.98%53.24%40.56%37.65%--51.80%39.14%0.15%buy Fixed investment
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  • Rich country fund

    National team and foreign capital will buy

    Rich China Securities Bank Index Classification


    Nearly 3 years

  • Tianhong Fund

    Leading strategy, basic configuration

    Tianhong CSI 300 Index A


    Nearly 1 week

  • Invesco Great Wall Fund

    Quantifying stock picking

    Invesco Great Wall quantifies new power stocks


    Nearly 2 years

  • Changsheng Fund

    Free conversion of stock bonds

    Changsheng Growth Value


    Since it is founded

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  • Currency type
Fund nameNear MarchHandling feeoperating
Yuanxin Yongfeng Xingyuan Flexible Configuration Mix C8.41%0.00%buy
ICBC New Benefits Mix6.54%0.15%buy
Nord Growth Selection C4.80%0.00%buy
Huitian Fuxi and Selected Mix C2.87%0.00%buy
Guangda Jixin Mix A2.64%0.08%buy
HY Markets will open debts every year2.10%0.06%buy
Bank of Communications still earns bond A1.50%0.08%buy
Bank of Communications still earns bond C1.34%0.00%buy
Fund nameNear MarchHandling feeoperating
China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor Index43.68%0.10%buy
Tianhong CSI Computer Theme Index C42.05%0.00%buy
E Fund Consumer Industry33.24%0.15%buy
Tianhong GEM C30.51%0.00%buy
E Fund Access Co., Ltd. ETF Connection A29.27%0.12%buy
CEIBS Pioneer Stock A29.24%0.15%buy
CCB CSI 500 Index Enhanced A27.84%0.15%buy
Southern CSI 500ETF Connection A27.27%0.12%buy
Fund nameNear JuneHandling feeoperating
Yinhua Domestic Demand Select Mix (LOF)37.76%0.15%buy
Huaan Media Internet Mix31.98%0.15%buy
Xingquan Herun graded mixing24.32%0.12%buy
Bank of Communications Alpha Core Mix20.12%0.15%buy
Xingquan Trend Investment Mix (LOF)19.51%0.15%buy
Bank of Communications Advantage Industry Mix17.87%0.15%buy
Yifangda medium and small disc mix15.00%0.15%buy
Xingquan Light Assets Mix (LOF)14.05%0.15%buy
Fund nameNear JuneHandling feeoperating
Noan Double Bond13.20%0.08%buy
Boss Credit Bond A/B12.22%0.08%buy
Yi Fangda reassured bond A11.70%0.08%buy
Long letter convertible bond C11.54%0.00%buy
E Fund's Steady Income Bond A9.81%0.00%buy
ICBC Credit Suisse Double Bond A7.25%0.08%buy
Penghua Industrial Bond Bond7.11%0.08%buy
Penghua Fortress Bond (LOF)6.23%0.00%buy
Fund name7th annualizationHandling feeoperating
Southern Tianli Currency B3.1310%0.00%buy
Bo Shi Cash Treasure Currency B2.9910%0.00%buy
Penghua Tianlibao Currency2.9690%0.00%buy
CCB Currency A2.8230%0.00%buy
ICBC Currency2.8190%0.00%buy
Huitianfu and Jubao Currency2.8190%0.00%buy
Huabao Cash Treasure Currency E2.6730%0.00%buy
China Cash Increase Currency A/E2.5700%0.00%buy

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Top 20 funds in the past 1 year Bond fund for nearly 1 year SSE 5-star rating fund

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  • Hybrid |
  • Bond type|
  • Exponential
Serial numberAbbreviationNear MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Qianhai Open Source Refinancing Unit50.91%44.42%20.09%
2Yinhua Agricultural Industry Stock48.02%42.36%22.71%
3China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor Index43.68%20.10%14.56%
4Southern China Securities 500 letter43.19%23.83%-2.58%
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Serial numberAbbreviationNear MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Fu Rong Value Select Mix121.72%83.37%--
2Guotai Rongan Multi-Strategy53.24%40.56%37.65%
3Qianhai Open Source is flexible and flexible52.04%51.94%47.55%
4Yinhua Domestic Demand Selection Mix50.50%37.76%5.13%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2019-03-20
Serial numberAbbreviationNear MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Qianhai Kaiyuan Dingxin Bond47.68%46.66%--
2Qianhai Kaiyuan Dingxin Bond47.57%46.69%--
3Fuanda enhanced income bond23.68%20.32%8.66%
4Fuanda enhanced income bond23.56%20.09%8.23%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2019-03-20
Serial numberAbbreviationNear MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor Index43.68%20.10%14.56%
2Tianhong CSI Computer Master42.14%26.53%1.55%
3Tianhong CSI Computer Master42.05%26.41%1.34%
4Cathay Pacific CSI Shen Wan Securities41.51%47.53%18.94%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2019-03-20

Rankingproduct nameManagement companydeadlineNear MarchNearly 1 yearEstablished
1**** RunfengPoole Investment2019-03-08987.64%716.42%207.07%
2****number 2State assets2019-03-08301.66%97.81%23.59%
3**** SecuritiesSaiyan Capital2019-03-08165.87%147.70%121.20%
4****number 1Saiyan Capital2019-03-08156.21%178.30%436.00%
5****CelebritySaiyan Capital2019-03-08149.06%176.10%151.80%
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  • **** Dexin
    Low market layout, focusing on long-term benefits
    100,000 purchasesClick here for details
  • ****number 1
    Steady investment
    1 million purchasesClick here for details
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    Optimize undervalued stocks and seize historic opportunities
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    Investment to be a minority, new hit under the science and technology network
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