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Fuguo's new power and flexibilityNearly 1 year11.20%1foldbuy
Jiahe Rock ANearly 1 year10.89%1foldbuy
Fuguo's new power and flexibilityNearly 1 year10.87%0Ratebuy
Jiahe Stone CNearly 1 year10.75%0Ratebuy

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High-end financial managementGood income, rich in variety

Fuxin Investment Research Team to build a flagship bond fund

**** strong A7th annualization3.96%buy

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Red clay innovation currency ASeven-day annualization2.1410%buy

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Central Bank's one-year fixed deposit rate:1.50%

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Fund codeFund nameUnit net valuedateNear JanuaryNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 yearNearly 3 yearsIn this yearEstablishedHandling feeoperating
519760Bank of Communications new return flexible configuration hybrid C3.9740 11-09-0.15%-0.28%0.79%260.94%--258.02%297.64%0.00%buy Fixed investment
004223Jinxin multi-strategy selection flexible configuration1.2068 11-090.10%0.43%1.12%50.13%---2.00%54.05%0.15%buy Fixed investment
550016Xincheng Zhiyuan C1.4067 11-091.12%-0.56%-2.79%33.78%38.11%35.78%146.78%0.00%buy Fixed investment
519221Haifutong Xinyi Mix C1.2280 11-090.16%-0.08%20.70%22.42%--20.81%29.03%0.00%buy Fixed investment
003503Golden Eagle Xinrui Mix C1.2469 11-090.27%0.74%3.07%20.42%--23.48%24.69%0.00%buy Fixed investment
001508Fuguo New Power Flexible Configuration Mix A1.3500 11-09-3.85%-4.66%-12.34%11.20%10.75%10.66%35.00%0.15%buy Fixed investment
001571Jiahe Rock A1.1381 11-090.73%2.09%6.96%10.89%7.36%10.50%24.86%0.12%buy Fixed investment
001510Fuguo New Power Flexible Configuration Mix C1.3360 11-09-3.88%-4.71%-12.51%10.87%9.33%10.41%33.60%0.00%buy Fixed investment
001572Jiahe Stone C1.1255 11-090.66%1.77%6.58%10.75%16.16%10.24%23.60%0.00%buy Fixed investment
519062Haifutong Alpha Hedge Mix1.4150 11-09-0.98%-1.33%3.89%9.52%18.81%5.83%41.50%0.15%buy Fixed investment
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  • Zhongrong Fund

    Peace of mind, every day has a profit

    Zhongrong Cash Increases Currency A


    Seven-day annualization

  • Fu Rong Fund

    Professional team, sound financial management

    Fu Rong Fu Xiang Pure Debt


    Near June

  • CITIC Prudential Fund

    Selected low valuation + industry leader

    Xincheng Shengshi Blue Chip Mix


    Since it is founded

  • Xingquan Fund

    Over 14 times the income, annualized income similar champion

    Xingquan Trend Investment Mix (LOF)


    Nearly 3 years

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Fund nameNearly MarchHandling feeoperating
Dongwu Yuexiu C1.02%0.00%buy
Southern Gaoyuan Debt initiated C0.99%0.00%buy
Western Profits Bonds A0.87%0.05%buy
Western Profits Exchange Bond C0.83%0.00%buy
Dacheng Jing'an Short-term Bond B0.62%0.00%buy
Caitong Asset Management Xinda Mix A0.55%0.12%buy
Jianxin Ruiyi Pure Bond0.54%0.06%buy
Caitong Asset Management Xinda Mix C0.48%0.12%buy
Fund nameNearly MarchHandling feeoperating
Cathay Pacific CSI Shenwan Securities Industry Index3.50%0.12%buy
Shen Wanling Xin Shenwan Securities Classification3.49%0.12%buy
Southern China Securities Wholesale Securities ETF Connection C3.43%0.00%buy
Tianhong CSI Securities Insurance A3.29%0.10%buy
Tianhong CSI Securities Insurance C3.25%0.00%buy
E Fund Securities Rating3.04%0.10%buy
China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd. refers to the classification of securities companies' indices2.71%0.10%buy
Penghua Securities Rating1.67%0.12%buy
Fund nameNear JuneHandling feeoperating
Changan Xinyi Enhanced Mixing C7.54%0.00%buy
Jiahe Rock A6.96%0.12%buy
Jiahe Stone C6.58%0.00%buy
Haifutong Alpha Hedge Mix3.89%0.15%buy
Huaan Gold Easy ETF Connection C1.17%0.00%buy
Huaan Gold Easy ETF Connection A1.09%0.06%buy
E Fund Gold ETF Connection A0.97%0.07%buy
Cathay Gold ETF Connection A0.97%0.07%buy
Fund nameNear JuneHandling feeoperating
Anxin Baoli Bond (LOF)4.96%0.08%buy
Huaan Pure Bond Bond A4.63%0.08%buy
Bank of Communications pure bond bond initiated C4.59%0.00%buy
Huatai Bairui rich and pure bond bond A4.18%0.08%buy
China Dingmao Bond A4.12%0.08%buy
China Dingmao Bond C4.08%0.00%buy
Boss Credit Bonds Pure Bond Bond A3.31%0.08%buy
Huatai Bairui Steady Income Bond A2.96%0.08%buy
Fund name7th annualizationHandling feeoperating
Penghua Tianlibao Currency3.4180%0.00%buy
Southern Tianli Currency B3.4130%0.00%buy
ICBC Currency3.3210%0.00%buy
Bo Shi Cash Treasure Currency B3.2200%0.00%buy
Xingquan Currency A3.1470%0.00%buy
Rich country rich wallet currency3.0450%0.00%buy
Great Wall Currency B2.8780%0.00%buy
Minsheng plus Yin Teng Yuanbao Currency B2.5820%0.00%buy

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Top 20 funds in the past 1 year Bond fund for nearly 1 year SSE 5-star rating fund

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  • Investment|
  • Ji'an Jinxin
Serial numberAbbreviation3-year ratingThe increase in the past year
1Nuoan Shuangli Bond31.13%
2Huatai Bairui rich pure bond debt9.74%
3Huatai Bairui's stable income bond9.74%
4Haifutong Alpha hedge mix9.52%
Serial numberAbbreviation3-year ratingThe increase in the past year
1Huaan Pure Bond Bond A7.52%
2Beixin Ruifeng stable income A7.25%
3China Merchants Industry Bond A7.10%
4China Merchants Double Debt Enhanced Bonds (6.86%
Serial numberAbbreviation3-year ratingThe increase in the past year
1Nuoan Shuangli Bond31.13%
2GF Nasdaq 10017.56%
3Cathay Pacific Nasdaq 10017.29%
4GF Nasdaq 10017.10%

  • Stock type|
  • Hybrid |
  • Bond type|
  • Exponential
Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Yifangda Shanghai and Shenzhen 3003.97%-7.60%-18.82%
2Yifangda Shanghai and Shenzhen 3003.83%-7.12%-17.55%
3Fuguo Zhongzheng All-inclusive Securities3.80%-15.48%-27.82%
4Rongtong Securities Classification3.55%-16.19%-29.15%
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Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Shangtou Anfeng returns A16.32%14.60%15.69%
2Huaan new preferred flexible13.63%0.95%2.79%
3Shangtou Anfeng returns C11.34%9.64%10.52%
4Qianhai Kaiyuan Jingxin Mix9.89%14.76%--
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-11-09
Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Caitong Income Enhanced Bond15.39%14.45%13.24%
2Nuoan Shuangli Bond9.29%22.59%31.13%
3Bo Shi Yu Rui Pure Bond Bond5.03%7.88%9.99%
4Hui'an stable bond4.33%5.35%--
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-11-09
Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Yifangda Shanghai and Shenzhen 3003.83%-7.12%-17.55%
2Fuguo Zhongzheng All-inclusive Securities3.80%-15.48%-27.82%
3Rongtong Securities Classification3.55%-16.19%-29.15%
4Southern China Securities3.54%-15.76%-27.75%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-11-09

Rankingproduct nameManagement companydeadlineNearly MarchNearly 1 yearEstablished
1****number 2Shanghai Xiran2018-11-0936.01%176.20%6803.72%
2****number 3Shun win investment2018-11-09260.38%1852.82%1668.09%
4**** accountMingjing Investment2018-11-0917.78%96.37%453.90%
5**** number oneJinyuan Hengli2018-11-0252.65%148.69%194.95%
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15034Today's high point around 1.270, try to hold back, do not buy or buy less?Short-term primary school student 111-12 10:58:17
2481This year, since the stocks were bought, I lost my mind every day with a loss of less than 1,000.Flowers love to eat fish11-12 10:56:59
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411040"Bank ETF dividend rate has exceeded the rate of bank wealth management products"Black as me11-12 10:36:31
19993Chicken friends: Is there a cost of more than 4.0628? ?Zg love to fight can win...11-12 10:34:08
13552Analyze the two major policies of the weekend, which is to focus on solving the liquidity of enterprisesBand sniper in the trend11-12 10:25:05
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79545The election fund is the election fund manager! More than 10 years as a fund managerOld disclosure11-12 10:21:54
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20552Is this goods T0 traded? Troubled old driver advises [smile]High mountain water 72211-12 10:18:59
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