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Fund App every day to help you grasp the opportunity to make money

Every day Fund App hot focus module, to provide investors with the most timely hot market scanning, enveloping the authority of information, boutique topics, hot topics such as blocks to help investors grasp the industry dynamics in real time.
Daily Fund App popular feature modules, to provide investors with the industry's hottest professional analysis, surprise screening theme funds to facilitate investors to quickly find the most concerned about the plate of fund products.
Daily fund App features list module, application of big data for investors to display multi-dimensional fund performance, rating and other aspects of ranking, to facilitate investors to choose all aspects of more outstanding fund products.
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The market more than 4000 fund rates a full fold
Professional wealth services directly to receive red-collar investment provincial province

More surprises offer every day Fund App

Everyday Fund App wealth number: direct access to professional services agencies, investors and institutions closer together, fund managers, institutions judged at your fingertips. Wealth can receive surprise red envelopes, investment is more economical; Every day Fund App Envelope market more than 4,000 funds, purchase fees a full fold, the investment will earn more will save.
Tool smarter

Index valuation -10 seconds to grasp the market index valuation
Tracking the daily limit shares - the stock can not buy into the daily bypass profit

Daily Fund App more smart tools for your investment icing on the cake

Daily Funds App new tools - tracking daily limit stocks, smart screening trading day heavy trading limit daily limit stocks, the stock can not buy the daily limit, you can take advantage of the corresponding funds to buy profits; Daily Funds App new tools - index valuation, big data synthesis The main market index of public information, according to the level of the price-earnings ratio is overvalued or underestimated the index, to facilitate investors to choose index funds.
Exchange more convenient

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Daily Fund App let you chat anytime, anywhere hot topic

Everyday Fund App - Ultra-popular financial community fund it, the big stars V, investment people together to share their financial management, market hot, investment experience anytime chatting non-stop.
Everyday Fund App-hot topics, fresh topics, hot discussions, supportive collections, let you share from time to time to talk about their own point of view non-stop.
Daily Fund AppAs a safe and reliable fund management software, committed to providing investors with high-quality one-stop financial services, much of the favorite of investors. inDaily Fund AppTo conduct fund investment, Minsheng Bank will supervise and control the safety of transaction funds throughout the entire process. We will insist on funds coming in and out with closed-loop operations and no risk of outflows. In order to facilitate investors to obtain full-service financial services anytime, anywhere, we will innovate the features of the mobile version to provide more More financial tools to better use, just to make investors easier financial management.
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Over 4,000 funds
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The highest investment of 10 million yuan can be saved 1761.18 yuan
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