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Published in: 2018-07-12 12:38:22
[Question 688] Low valuation or investment opportunities? The fund manager is professionally confusing for you!

Interview time:July 18(on Wednesday)in the afternoon1:30

Interview guests:@Huaxia Fund Rong Rong

The current market policies and valuations have reached the relative bottom, does it herald the opportunity to invest in bargain-hunting?Low valuation, low position,PerformanceLarge varietyReally worth buying? In this issue, we invite Ms. Rong Rong, the manager of Huaxia Fund Beauty Fund, to interpret the market and professional Q&A for you!

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Ms. Rong Rong2010year7He joined Huaxia Fund in the past and served as senior product manager of the Research and Development Department, researcher, investment manager and assistant fund manager of the quantitative investment department. The current Huaxia Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Exchange50AHPreferred index, HuaxiaMSCIChinaAshareETFAnd its connection fund, Huaxia Zhongzheng500ETFAnd its joint fund, China consumptionETFAnd other fund managers.

Faced with the temptation and fear of long-term investment in the market, focusing on investment is the investment path that Ms. Rong has always been adhering to, focusing on long-term returns and diluting short-term fluctuations. With a stable investment style, Ms. Rong has become the backbone of the China Investment Fund's quantitative investment research system.

Ms. Rong Rong is dedicated to her work, and she has also lived a lot of life. She loves photography and flower arrangement, temper her mind in composition, light, angle capture and parameter setting, and experience the mixed taste in the arrangement of one leaf and one leaf.


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