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8:00 fund it night
Posted: 2017-09-05 11:21:45
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[Ask questions have 5 to 188 yuan in cash] Exclusive Secret "new trends under the new opportunities!"

Interview time: September 12Day (Tuesday)20:00 - 21:00

(InRogue live broadcastAPPSearch and follow9880329orFinance Fund, You can watch simultaneous live! )


Welfare it! ! 


From now on, as long as the current activities, before100 proposedQuality problemsBar friends can getSunshine shine award(5 yuan fund share)~


In addition, all activities in this issue, put forward high quality problems and was selected by the fund manager of friends,The highest reward188 yuan fund share oh ~ 


No.1 was adopted by the fund manager to reply to friends, available188 yuanFund share


No.2 to 10 by the fund manager to reply to the base Friends, available 128 yuanFund share


No.11 to 20 fund managers who have responded to the fund manager are available108 yuanFund share


Note:1, in the event of a user's question was repeatedly drawn in the case, then the reward postponed to the next question was drawn in the user, no longer superimposed reward oh ~ 

2, the same user can only get a reward (according to the highest reward) 

3, Sunshine Prize Award statistics until the interview the afternoon of 5:00;Awards andPlease pay attention to the award information every day fund network WeChat public numberID: tiantianjijin18) 推送 

4, questions can not water Oh ~ 


At present, only support for the registered user award yo, if you want to get rewarded, please click here5 seconds to quickly register! If you have an account, please click herelog inPost questions, read and agree to participate before the eventFund night8:00 "section of the rules of the event,Thank you 



Wondering how new opportunities in the new trend can be captured in the frequent rounds of market opportunities?

Want to know the return value of the motherboard, small board, the GEMPEAre lower than the current median of the moment, is the best time to approach?

Want to discount the stock? Want to experience a tall investment fun?

Current issue "Fund Night8 o'clock ", it isFinancial public offering set by the head of the series- Yao Si 劼, For your exclusive Secret in the ever-changing capital markets, seize the opportunity to rotate the exclusive secret! Bring you three layers of innovative genes! With your experience of different financial!

Yao Si 劼,Who is it?

Years of securities practitioners experience,Finance public offering set by the head of the series,2011year7Joined the Finance Fund month, accumulative total assets under management150100 million yuan. Good at looking at the industry from the perspective of economic development opportunities for space and investment opportunities to explore the long-term growth potential of enterprises, from the preferred investment target.

Have a solid mathematical analysis capabilities and macro-micro-economic basis, in the thinking mode, be good at top-down macro-thinking and bottom-up micro-research combine to find long-term value investment with the potential of enterprises to achieve common with the enterprise growing up.


Innovative genes1: "Bulk+Fight new "strategy

Reduce the introduction of the New Deal, the secondary market by holdingsAt the same time, "leading" Guan Xiaotong, the block trade has become an important export of various types of restricted capital. Assignor to be locked6Months "of the new rules changed the original profit model of the block trade, but also reshaped the structure of the participants. The logic of the discount transferability and short-term arbitrage no longer applies, the chance of simple profit is blocked, and many of the original undertaker Leave

"Discount buy stocks, lock6A month, "a lot of investors decided that investors see it at a glance .. Mr. Yao Sizao believes that some professionalSet by the agencymaybebecomefutureLarge transactionsNew marketofParticipants,"becauseheThey have pricing power, can determine the value of the stock investment,The future can choose a better time to sell."


Innovative genes2: Flexible capture of new opportunities for refinancing

Yao think that the new opportunities are not limited to a single asset, convertible bonds, fixed assets and other refinancing in theFortune more strategy FuxinIn the field of vision. Flexible positionsCan effectively avoid the market volatility, and actively adapt to changing market conditions.Encouraged by the policy,Convertible bondsIs becoming an important channel for refinancing listed companies, but also by a public investors of all ages.

According to statistics, about the first seven months of this year75Listed companies issued convertible bonds plan is expected to exceed the scale2280One hundred million yuan may usher in a major period of opportunity.


Innovative genes3: "Investment bank+Investment Research "dual-core driver

Behind a broad vision is the backing of a large military strategist-Capital Fund's "investment bank + investment research" dual-vote system is the industry's first. Yao think 劼 noOn the bulk or refinancing of the subject, not only to follow the top-down macro-thinking and bottom-up micro-research combinedNeed to haveThe view of industrial capital and the investment logic running through the primary and secondary markets consider the balance between value and price.

Looking ahead to the market, Yao Sifu believes that the steady recovery of the economy stabilizes the vigorous promotion of supply-side structural reforms,After the 19 major or will usher in a watershed in value investment, 34 quarter will be a better Jiancang window period.

September 12 (Tuesday) 8 pm, and your exclusive time! See yourselves!


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