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Daily Fund App helps you to always make money

Daily Fund App hot focus module, to provide investors with the most timely market hot scan, enveloping authoritative information, quality topics, hot topics and other blocks to help investors grasp the industry dynamics in real time.
Daily Fund App Popular theme module provides investors with professional analysis of the industry's hottest sections, surprise selection of theme funds, to facilitate investors quickly find the most concerned about the fund products.
The daily fund app feature list module, the application of big data for investors multi-dimensional display of fund performance, rating and other aspects of the ranking, to facilitate investors to choose all aspects of better fund products.
Save money by investing

More than 5,000 fund rates in the entire market are fully discounted

More Surprising Discounts in the Daily Fund App

Daily Fund App Wealth Number: Direct access to professional agencies, allowing investors and institutions to get closer, fund managers, agencies can easily find out. Wealth number can receive surprise red envelopes, and investment can save more money. Each day, the Fund App envelops more than 5,000 funds in the entire market, and the subscription fee is fully discounted. Investment will earn more savings.
Smarter tools

Index valuation -10 seconds to grasp the valuation of the entire market index
Tracking Limit Shares - Stock Limits Can't Buy Buying

Tiantian Fund App more smart tools for your investment icing on the cake

Daily Fund App New Tool - Tracking Limiting Shares, Smart Screening Funds that focus on trading on the same day of daily trading, the stock limit can not buy, you can buy through the corresponding fund to gain; Daily Fund App new tools - index valuation, big data integration The main index of public market information in the whole market is whether or not the index is overvalued or undervalued based on the price-earnings ratio, so as to facilitate investors to choose index funds.
Communication is more convenient

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Daily Fund App allows you to chat with market hotspot anytime, anywhere

Daily Fund App - ultra-popular wealth management community fund, star V, investment people get together to share their financial management, market hotspots, investment experience chat at any time.
Daily Fund App - Hot Topics, Fresh Topics, Hot Discussions, and Foundations to Keep You Sharing You can talk about your views from time to time.
Daily Fund AppAs a safe and reliable fund management software, it is committed to providing investors with high-quality one-stop financial management services and is well received by investors. inDaily Fund AppFor investment in funds, Minsheng Bank has fully monitored and guaranteed the security of trading funds, insisted on the access of funds to and from the card, closed-loop operations, and no risk of outflow. In order to facilitate investors to obtain a full range of financial services anytime, anywhere, we innovate on the characteristics of mobile phones to provide more and better use of financial management tools, only to make it easier for investors to manage their finances.
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