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Fund big coffee show
Published in: 2018-07-27 16:27:41
[Question 188] It is still possible to invest in the stock market like this!

Interview time:July 31 (Tuesday) at 10:00 am

Interview guests:@博道基金Yang Meng

Focus on the key! ! !From now on, all the friends who have raised good questions in this activity have the opportunity to be selected by the fund manager.20 friends who are replied by the fund manager can get188 yuanFund share rewards! ! !

Ps: Click on the “Question to Guest” section below (APP is in the “Comment” section), you can ask questions after registration/login~

5Time span, Shanghai and Shenzhen300Annualized income10.57%

15Time span, Shanghai and Shenzhen300Annualized income11.19%

(Note: Shanghai and Shenzhen300Source of return data:Wind, Bodao Fund, as of2018year5month29day.AThe stock market operates for a short period of time and past earnings cannot represent its future performance. )

From historical data, in2800Around the point, the current market investment opportunities are relatively large. The current market price-earnings ratio is close to the past15Year4At the bottom of the sub-important level, the current market valuation is already in the bottom area. Therefore, from the perspective of long-term allocation, when entering the market at this time, the chances of obtaining better returns in the long run are higher, and the opportunities brought by the market are greater. Moreover, there are many low-priced, well-oriented industries and investment targets in the market, which also provide better layout opportunities.

How do small investors who are floating in the sea and the sea are involved and harvested?AWhat is the wealth value brought by the stock market?

This big coffee show specially invited the Bodao Fund to be the fund manager Yang Meng online exchange, she brought different things for everyone.AStock investment method.

Yang dream

Currently, he is the chief quantitative analyst and proposed fund manager of Bodao Fund.

· Master of Finance, Zhejiang University.7Years of experience in securities and fund industry.

· Now he is the chief quantitative analyst of Bodao Fund.2014Joined Shanghai Bodao Investment Management Co., Ltd. as a partner and quantitative investment manager. One of the main developers of Bodo multi-factor quantitative model, position management system, style rotation system and other strategies.

· He has served as a quantitative researcher of Huatai Asset Management Co., Ltd. and a quantitative researcher of Agricultural Bank of China Fund Management Co., Ltd.

· 2015year12Participate in the management of Bodao quantitative strategy products from the beginning of the month, due to excellent performance,Won the China Securities Journal"2016Golden Bull Private Equity Management Company (Macro Futures Strategy) Award".

Focus on the craftsmanship of research

In the private equity field where many elites gathered, the secret of Yang Meng relied on her obsession with quantification. After graduating from the Finance Department of Zhejiang University, it is infinitely focused on the field of quantification. From quantitative researchers to quantitative investment managers, to the company's main players in quantitative multi-factor models, style rotation models, and system position management, the seven-year model is accompanied by a wonderful world, drawing nutrition from the data, and acquiring wisdom from the analysis. Probability to analyze problems and broad perspectives to find excess returns. This childhood likes mathematics."Schoolmaster" is happy and content.

This self-confident Scorpio goddess likes direct and frank communication, extracts investment logic from the analyst's analysts, and then supplements the factors to make the model more vital.

forAStock custom kit tips

faceAWith the high volatility of the stock market, Yang Meng brings you a good idea of ​​the investment and practical experience of the Bodao Investment Research Team for many years.

"Jet One": Choosing a good stock: the scientific method of quantifying multi-factor stock selection to pursue excess returns

"Knowledge 2": Style rotation: The model follows the market trend, captures the dominant style, and stands on the wind of the style rotation.

“Knowledge 3”: Flexible Position: Systematic, multi-dimensional position management to smooth the fund's net worth fluctuations caused by extreme market shocks.

"Jin Si Si": Be friends with time, insist on long-term investment, and retainAHigh returns in the stock market.

How do these kits work? The clever and confident goddess will open these mysterious tips for you. If you have any questions about your investment, please leave a message!

Please read and agree to the following rules before participating in the event: 

1. To encourage more users to participate,Each user is limited to a maximum of5 questions. Once found maliciously screened or plagiarized,Permanently cancel the qualification of the user and other accounts under his name in the "Fund Big Show" event. 

2. If there is a situation in which the user's question is repeatedly drawn, the reward is postponed to the latter user who is questioned, and the reward is no longer superimposed;The same fund account, the same mobile phone number or the same ID numberCan only get1 reward (issued by the highest reward). 

3. Do not touch sensitive vocabulary questions or answers.

4. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to Eastern Fortune..

Awards, awards, more information, please addLittle HelperWX(WXnumber:Chelizi_seven)Hey, verify the information, please note your fund nickname!

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