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Fund big coffee show
Published in: 2018-09-17 16:41:35
#大咖秀# (With awards) Under the weak market, can the pension fund be started?

time:September 20 (Thursday) at 3:30 pm

This big coffee:@泰达宏利基金 kingJian QinWang Yanjie

1 minute to understand"Fund Big Show">>>

Focus on it! ! ! !From now on, all the friends who have raised good questions in this activity have the opportunity to be selected by the fund manager.50 friends who are replied by the fund manager can get188yuanFund share rewards! ! ! 

Ps: Click on the “Question to Guest” section below (APP is in the “Comment” section), you can ask questions after registration/login~

It is said nowAfter 90Start 枸杞 insulation cup, overlord shampooofStart to health,thatPensionweStill far away?

Fund communityRed fried chicken- pensionTarget fundRecentHot on all platformsOn sale,alsoJust coincidethis yearThe market has continuedAdjustment, down, investor sentiment is low, this time the emergence of pension fund is notone doseInvesting in good medicine?

Pension fundThe value is not worth it.cast?shouldHow to vote?I think everyoneFor the public fund"New favoriteThere are still many questionsRight!

MokNo hurry,Big coffeeturn upPersonally dispel doubts, take youGet pension fund investment!

This fund is a big show, we have invitedMr. Wang Yanjie and Mr. Wang Jianqin, the manager of the two-person coffeeDiscuss with everyone"Under the market, the pension goalfundCan you start? What is pension?TRF? ”


Mr. Wang Yanjie, China's pension financeA core member of the 50-member forum, deputy general manager and investment director of TEDA Manulife Foundation, former member of the Taiwan Public Service Retirement Fund Advisory Committee, 25 years investment research experience.


Mr. Wang Yanjie handwritten "for the third"30 years of gradual happiness" to the present you a letter, quite 70, 80 after the investment users have feelings, for the young people in the middle-age crisis, pensions really have to plan early, plan early!

Wang JianChinMrSenior pensionInvestment expert. Merrill Lynch(United States)Investment Consultant; Analyst of Investment Department of Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Senior Analyst of Investment Department, Chief of International Investment Department; Central Reinsurance Company(Taiwan)Deputy Manager of Investment Department and Manager of Investment Department;2012Year to2016Hongli Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)Fixed income investment supervisor.2016year10Joined TEDA Manulife Fund Management Co., Ltd. as the director of the letter evaluation.

9month20Day (Thursday) afternoonAt 15:30, Mr. Wang Yanjie and Mr. Wang Jianqin answered you comprehensively.,Relieving pensioninvestment!

Please read and agree to the following rules before participating in the event: 

1. To encourage more users to participate,Each user is limited to a maximum of2Questions. Once found maliciously screened or plagiarized,Permanently cancel the qualification of the user and other accounts under his name in the "Fund Big Show" event. 

2. If there is a situation in which the user's question is repeatedly drawn, the reward is postponed to the latter user who is questioned, and the reward is no longer superimposed;The same fund account, the same mobile phone number or the same ID numberOnly one kind of reward (issued by the highest reward) can be obtained. 

3. Do not touch sensitive vocabulary questions or answers. After the question, you will enter the automatic review process, and you will be able to post it after you have passed. Please be patient. The fund account must be uniquely bound to the account of the Tiantian Fund that opens the account and is bound to the bank card. Otherwise, the qualification will be cancelled.

4. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to Eastern Fortune..

For the award information release, please search and pay attention to the fund account.@活动助手smalldayIn order not to miss the time to receive the award, add it as soon as possible.Little HelperWX (WX: chelizi_seven)Hey, verify the information, please note your fund nickname!

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