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CSI 300 Index
No. Lift time The day was lifted
The number of shares
Related Lifting the ban (shares) Lift market value (yuan) CSI 300 Index Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Change (%)
12018-04-099Lift stocks details14.86 billion19.091 billion3852.93-0.05
22018-04-104Lift stocks details69.92 million19.23 billion3927.171.93
32018-04-112Lift stocks details61,600,00018.37 billion3938.340.28
42018-04-126Lift stocks details378 million59.47 billion3898.64-1.01
52018-04-1312Lift stocks details338 million48.38 billion3871.14-0.71
62018-04-1610Lift stocks details9.19 billion95.16 billion3808.86-1.61
72018-04-179Lift stocks details404 million32.83 billion3748.64-1.58
82018-04-1812Lift stocks details12.27 billion68.71 billion3766.280.47
92018-04-195Lift stocks details802 million47.90 billion3811.841.21
102018-04-2015Lift stocks details4.327 billion24.544 billion--
This month total196Only the stock was lifted and the ban was lifted22.356 billionStocks, market value2686.57 billionyuan 点击查看全部>>
                        List of banned details
No. Stock code Short stock Related Lift time Lifting the ban (shares) Lift market value (yuan) Proportion of the market capitalization before the lifting of ban (%) 20 days before lifting the ban
Quote change(%)
1002863FahidaDetails  data  Share it2018-04-1957.78 million903 million49.21-5.16
2603766Loncin UniversalDetails  data  Share it2018-04-1916.01 million92.28 million0.76-9.44
3000025Special force ADetails  data  Share it2018-04-1977 million27.09 billion28.43-12.40
4002109Xinghua sharesDetails  data  Share it2018-04-19153 million10.56 billion42.18-2.29
5600734Shida GroupDetails  data  Share it2018-04-192.46 million23.13 million0.690
6603081Dafeng IndustrialDetails  data  Share it2018-04-2025.93 million550 million50.05-16.33
7002821KailaiyingDetails  data  Share it2018-04-201.75 million140 million1.479.43
8300480Optical TechnologyDetails  data  Share it2018-04-2042.95 million5.94 million0.660.73
9300369NSFOCUSDetails  data  Share it2018-04-2052 million762 million9.529.41
10002683BlastingDetails  data  Share it2018-04-2019.09 million175 million3.3122.46