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Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index
Serial number Unblocking time Lift the ban on the day
Number of stocks
Related Number of lifts (shares) Actual lifting of the ban (shares) Actual lifting of the market value (yuan) Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index rose (%)
12018-07-1811Unblocking stock details652 million303 million4.372 billion3431.32-0.52
22018-07-199Unblocking stock details2.97 billion2.97 billion7.18 billion3428.34-0.09
32018-07-206Unblocking stock details152 million152 million12.19 billion3,492.891.88
42018-07-2318Unblocking stock details760 million760 million5.352 billion3525.750.94
52018-07-249Unblocking stock details5.175 billion50.82 billion35.92 billion3581.711.59
62018-07-255Unblocking stock details295 million294 million40.05 billion3577.75-0.11
72018-07-265Unblocking stock details50.6 million41.81 million771 million3536.25-1.16
82018-07-277Unblocking stock details184 million181 million19.19 billion3521.23-0.42
92018-07-3018Unblocking stock details1.642 billion1.641 billion159.7 billion--
102018-07-317Unblocking stock details370 million331 million4.399 billion--
This month203Only stocks are lifted and banned276.80 billionStock market value253.339 billionyuan 点击查看全部>>
                        List of lifting the ban
Serial number Stock code Stock short name Related Unblocking time Unblocking number
Actual release number
Actual lifting of the city
The value of yuan)
Preemptive circulation
Market value ratio (%)
Closing the closing price of the previous trading day (yuan) 20 days before lifting the ban
Quote change(%)
1000958Eastern EnergyDetail  data  Share it2018-07-30433 million433 million16.01 billion64.953.7-
2300182JebsenDetail  data  Share it2018-07-30224 million224 million15.38 billion16.106.87-
3603063Hewang ElectricDetail  data  Share it2018-07-30195 million195 million2.14 billion325.5010.96-
4300256Star TechnologyDetail  data  Share it2018-07-30181 million181 million758 million30.544.18-
5000158Changshan BeimingDetail  data  Share it2018-07-30145 million145 million848 million9.806.1-
6600487Hengtong OptoelectronicsDetail  data  Share it2018-07-30123 million123 million2.755 billion7.0522.48-
7603889New Australia sharesDetail  data  Share it2018-07-3068.49 million68.49 million753 million21.2010.99-
8002479Fuchun Environmental ProtectionDetail  data  Share it2018-07-3064.68 million64.68 million367 million8.855.67-
9300343Lianchuang InternetDetail  data  Share it2018-07-3055.1 million55.1 million551 million14.8810.0-
10002151Big DipperDetail  data  Share it2018-07-3052.20 million52.20 million1.375 billion20.4226.44-