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CSI 300 Index
No. Lift time The day was lifted
The number of shares
Related Lifting the ban (shares) Lift market value (yuan) CSI 300 Index Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Change (%)
12018-06-129Lift stocks details12.828 billion798.99 billion3825.951.22
22018-06-1313Lift stocks details670 million87.69 billion3788.34-0.98
32018-06-145Lift stocks details121 million19.11 billion3773.37-0.40
42018-06-157Lift stocks details219 million39.02 billion3753.43-0.53
52018-06-1919Lift stocks details62.16 billion47.315 billion3621.12-3.53
62018-06-208Lift stocks details165 million24.61 billion3635.440.40
72018-06-215Lift stocks details18.54 million438 million3592.97-1.17
82018-06-2211Lift stocks details7.96 billion53.34 billion3608.900.44
92018-06-25twenty twoLift stocks details542 million66.46 billion--
102018-06-2614Lift stocks details50.35 billion9.919 billion--
This month total222Only the stock was lifted and the ban was lifted35.625 billionStocks, market value360.685 billionyuan 点击查看全部>>
                        List of banned details
No. Stock code Short stock Related Lift time Lifting the ban (shares) Lift market value (yuan) Proportion of the market capitalization before the lifting of ban (%) 20 days before lifting the ban
Quote change(%)
1600562Guo Rui TechnologyDetails  data  Share it2018-06-25135 million29.51 billion41.22-16.28
2300023Baode sharesDetails  data  Share it2018-06-2591.11 million790 million69.46-22.59
3300230Wynn sharesDetails  data  Share it2018-06-25140 million710 million28.56-18.77
4600260Keller TechnologyDetails  data  Share it2018-06-2525.26 million648 million4.19-23.89
5300604Changchuan TechnologyDetails  data  Share it2018-06-2513.57 million375 million26.05-27.82
6600446Gold SecuritiesDetails  data  Share it2018-06-2533.6 million340 million4.19-33.43
7300317Wei Wei sharesDetails  data  Share it2018-06-2524 million286 million7.410.0
8300299Fuchun sharesDetails  data  Share it2018-06-2544.83 million2.09 billion8.21-17.51
9002632Dominic OpticsDetails  data  Share it2018-06-257.41 million64 million1.34-20.17
10002026Shandong WeidaDetails  data  Share it2018-06-258.65 million51.06 million2.36-14.49