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[Changhong Holding Company signed a strategic partnership with China Post Group Corporation] On the 8th, Changhong Holding Co., Ltd. and China Post Group Corporation held a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement in Mianyang. The two sides extended the scope of strategic cooperation from Sichuan Province to the whole country. Further promote deep cooperation in various fields such as products, channels, finance, and logistics. (中新网) comment


[Hang Seng Index fell to 2%] Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index fell to 2%, and the HSCEI fell 2.2%. comment


[Implementation Opinions on the Reform of State-owned Enterprises' Salary Decision Mechanism in Shaanxi Province] On November 6, the General Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Government issued the “Implementation Opinions on Reforming the Decision Mechanism of State-owned Enterprises' Salary”, aiming to establish and improve the basic adaptation to the labor market and the economic benefits of enterprises. The wage determination mechanism linked to labor productivity strengthens the regulation of income distribution of state-owned enterprises, enhances the vitality of state-owned enterprises, and promotes state-owned capital to become stronger and bigger. If the economic benefits of enterprises increase, the growth rate of total wages in the current year can be determined within the range of not exceeding the growth rate of economic benefits. In addition to the non-operating factors such as policy adjustments, the total wages of the enterprises will decline in principle. According to the relevant regulations, if the enterprise fails to maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets, the total wages may not increase, or decline moderately. The "Opinions" have been implemented since January 1, 2019. (Shaanxi Daily) comment


[Zhongjin: It is expected that the turnover of double 11 nets will increase by 35% year-on-year.] CICC reported that it is expected that the turnover of double-eleven nets will increase by 35% year-on-year and Tmall will increase by 30%. Tmall and still dominate and maintain rapid growth; while Suning, RT-Mart and Yonghui will also seize more and more market share. According to the report, in 2017, the total turnover of the Double 11 network was about 254 billion yuan, up 43.5% year-on-year. The sales of Tmall double 11 was 168.2 billion yuan, up 39% year-on-year. comment


[Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Chen Shaoxiong: 5G is in a critical period of commercial deployment] Chen Shaoxiong attended the 5th World Internet Conference 5G Forum on the morning of the 9th and said in his speech, it is recommended to further promote 5G technology research and development experiments, strengthen 5G and cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence Integrate innovation, develop more basic and cutting-edge technological innovation achievements; comprehensively deepen the 5G international consensus, promote international cooperation in 5G development strategy, planning, standards, frequency, supervision, etc.; promote the deep integration of 5G and the real economy, support the industrial Internet, Breakthrough in application such as car networking, promote the application of 5G in the field of public services, and prosper the development of the digital economy. comment


[S&P credit rating Chinese company has officially settled in Beijing] S&P credit rating Chinese company has officially settled in Beijing. Yesterday, Beijing Mayor Chen Jining met with Douglas Peterson, President and CEO of Standard & Poor's Global Group. (Beijing Daily) comment


[The General Administration of Market Supervision issued a document to further strengthen the quality and safety supervision of children's products] The "Notice of the General Office of the General Administration of Market Supervision on Further Strengthening the Quality and Safety Supervision of Children's Products" pointed out that it is necessary to speed up the formulation of more stringent national standards for the safety of children's products; To supervise and inspect the quality of chemicals for children's products and related raw materials, and to integrate children's products into the local key regulatory catalogues, and strengthen the supervision of children's products; and promote the education authorities to strengthen the procurement management of student supplies in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens; Guide small and medium-sized schools and kindergartens to increase the publicity of bidding; strengthen the supervision of bidding and construction of sports facilities such as plastic runways used by primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. comment


[Xi'an's hard technology industry will exceed 1 trillion yuan in the next three years] From 2018 global hard technology innovation and "One Belt, One Road" innovation cooperation conference, Xi'an will focus on hard technology in the next three years to create dozens of features. A distinct hard-tech town has set up several representative industries in the hard-tech field of 100 billion yuan. It plans to form an industrial scale of more than 1.3 trillion yuan by the end of 2021. Hard technology is a general term for high-tech original technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, aerospace, biotechnology, optoelectronic chips, information technology, new materials, new energy, and intelligent manufacturing. (Xinhua News Agency) comment


[Paper plate plate moving up] East China Fortune Network on the 9th, the paper plate sector rose. Jingxing Paper's daily limit, Bohui Paper, Qingshan Paper, Hengfeng Paper, Yin Ge Investment, Shanying Paper, Kane shares and other stocks collectively rose. comment


[5G plate collective pull-up] 5G plate collectively pulled up, Fuchun shares straight-line sealing, the innovation source shocked the daily limit, Wutong Holdings, Fei Rongda, moved to communications have followed suit. comment


[Statistics Bureau: The rise in food prices from the ups and downs is the main reason for the decline in CPI growth] The CPI rose more than the previous month, and the year-on-year increase was the same as last month. Food prices fell by 0.3%, affecting CPI by about 0.05%; non-food prices rose by 0.3%, affecting CPI by about 0.24 percentage points. The rise in food prices from ups and downs is the main reason for the decline in CPI growth. The production capacity of laying hens increased and the price of eggs dropped by 4.0%. The demand for meat consumption increased, and the prices of pork, beef and mutton rose by 1.0%, 1.1% and 1.8% respectively; the supply of fresh fruit was tight and the price rose by 1.9%. comment


[The Bank of China launched 20 private economy support] On the 9th, the Bank of China issued the "20 Banks of the Bank of China to Support the Private Economy" in Beijing. Bank of China Liu Lianhuan said that the Bank of China will introduce 20 measures, including the introduction of refinancing and refinancing policies, adjustment of the pledge rate system, and support for the development of private enterprises through multiple channels. (The country is a through train) comment


[The brokerage sector moved up] The brokerage sector moved up, and Guoyuan Securities led the gains. Tianfeng Securities, Zheshang Securities, Great Wall Securities, Nanjing Securities, Soochow Securities, Huaan Securities, Northeast Securities and other stocks all performed. comment


[Huatai Macro Li Chao: The risk of inflation in the fourth quarter is worry-free] Huatai Macro Li Chao team commented that October inflation data said that in the second and third quarter of this year, abnormal weather (frost, rainfall, etc.) in some parts of the country caused partial food supply bias. Tight (such as apple) has increased seasonal fluctuations in the prices of fresh and fresh fruits, but these factors have limited impact on the overall inflation. The most important inflation risk factor in the future is still the upward resonance of pig prices and oil prices, especially Concerned about the spread of the swine epidemic. It is expected that the probability of inflation in the fourth quarter of this year will not exceed 3%. comment


[*ST longevity touched the daily limit again in the morning] Oriental Wealth Network on the 9th, *ST longevity once again hit the daily limit, the turnover exceeded 100 million. comment


[The concept of venture capital is rising and strengthening] The East Fortune Network reported on the 9th that the concept of venture capital has risen and strengthened. The city's North High-tech, Demei Chemical, Minfeng Special Paper and other stocks rose daily, and entrepreneurial dark horses, Donghu High-tech, Dianguang Media, Shanshan shares and other stocks also rose. comment


[Bank stocks fell across the board] Eastern Fortune Network reported on the 9th, banking stocks fell across the board, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Ningbo Bank fell 3%, Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank and other stocks have all fallen. comment


[A-shares three major indexes opened lower] The Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.55%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.62%, and the ChiNext fell 0.62%. Insurance and financial stocks led the decline; universities, parks and other sectors were among the top gainers. comment


[Hong Kong stocks opened 1.2% lower, Apple concept fell] Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index opened 1.2% lower. AAC Technologies opened 2.2% lower. Yesterday's earnings report was lower than expected. Sunny Optical opened 3.8% lower; Tencent Holdings opened 2% lower. comment


[Greenland plans to invest 60 billion green land red city and high-speed railway east square project in Zunyi] On November 8, Greenland Holdings (600606) signed a contract with Zunyi Municipal People's Government for investment cooperation in Zunyi Greenland Red City and High-speed Railway East Plaza project, and plans to invest in total investment. About 60 billion yuan. At the same time, Greenland Hotel Tourism Group and Zunyi Travel Investment Group signed a contract for hotel management cooperation. (澎湃News) comment


[HSBC: The auto industry's dilemma may mean that the German economy has shrunk.] HSBC said that after the new emissions test has affected car production, the German economy is expected to shrink by 0.1%, the first decline since the beginning of 2015; the bank's previous expectation is The growth rate is 0.4%; the initial value of Germany's third quarter gross domestic product (GDP) will be announced on November 14. (Gold ten data) comment


[The People's Bank of China has zero return to zero today] The People's Bank of China did not conduct open market operations today, and did not operate for the fourth consecutive day. Today, no reversal repurchase expires, and zero return is achieved. comment


[Shanghai lead, iron ore, thread futures main open up more than 1% fuel fell more than 2% crude oil fell more than 1%] Shanghai zinc, Shanghai tin, sugar, coke, manganese silicon, Shanghai nickel, eggs, hot coil, coking coal Zheng coal rose. Rubber, soybean meal, bean II, PTA, Zheng alcohol, bean one, Shanghai gold, Shanghai copper fell. comment


[Zhongjin: China's passenger car sales in October still show a significant decline in inventory pressure, bottoming out is still necessary] CICC reported that passenger car wholesale and retail sales in October fell by more than 10% year-on-year, if stimulated The policy is not out. The auto industry is facing destocking in the next two months of this year. The decline in wholesale sales may exceed retail sales. The follow-up is expected to complete the decline in raw material prices, replenish stocks, and adjust the price and supply chain system to make the passenger car market reachable. Bottom rebound. Note: China's passenger car sales fell for the fifth consecutive month. According to data from the National Federation of Passengers on Thursday, retail sales of narrow-seat passenger cars including cars, utility vehicles and sport utility vehicles fell 13.2% year-on-year to 1.95 million units; cumulative sales of general passenger vehicles in the first ten months of 2018 decreased by 2.5% year-on-year to 18.43 million units. comment


[Guo Shuqing: Doing Everything to Build a Community of Destiny of Banks and Enterprises] The People’s Daily today issued an exclusive interview with Guo Shuqing, Party Secretary of the People’s Bank of China and Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission. Guo Shuqing said that it is necessary to promote the awareness and thinking of the "silver enterprise destiny community" between the banks and enterprises, especially the financial institutions. Private enterprises are the strategic business customers of banks. They have great growth potential and will occupy a higher proportion. Helping private enterprises to tide over the difficulties is to help the financial industry to overcome the major obstacles of preventing and resolving financial risks. Financial institutions should fully and clearly understand the importance and urgency of serving private enterprises, and do everything possible to build a community of fate of banks and enterprises, work together in the same boat, share prosperity and common development. comment


[Zhengshang Institute will strive to further promote its international development in three aspects] Chen Huaping, chairman of Zhengshang Institute, said that in the future, Zhengshang Institute will work hard in three aspects to further promote its international development: First, lay a solid foundation for opening up to the outside world. The second is to actively "bring in" and the third is to explore "going out." (People's Daily) comment


[The balance of financing between the two cities decreased by 648 million yuan] As of November 8, the balance of financing of the Shanghai Stock Exchange was reported to be 466.76 billion yuan, a decrease of 137 million yuan from the previous trading day; the balance of financing of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was 294.909 billion yuan, a decrease of 511 million yuan; A total of 761.675 billion yuan, a reduction of 648 million yuan. comment


[Multi-Fluoride: Lithium battery business is expected to grow significantly next year] Multi-Fluoron said in the investor interaction platform that with the advancement of technology and standards, the company's power lithium battery has been upgrading and expanding new new energy vehicles. client. At present, the product orders are full and the demand is in short supply. It is expected that there will be significant growth next year. comment


[Shenzhen launched 21 PPP projects with a total investment of about 78 billion yuan] On November 8, 2018, Shenzhen City promoted private investment PPP project promotion meeting was held. A total of 21 projects in three major areas, including comprehensive transportation, people's livelihood security and ecological environment, were launched, with a total investment of about 78 billion yuan. (Securities Times) comment


[Data Reminder] Eastern Fortune Network on the 9th, the National Bureau of Statistics will release the October inflation data today, it is expected that the CPI increase may be flat at 2.5% of the previous month, while the PPI increase is expected to fall from 3.6% in September to 3.3%. comment


[IPO Queue Scanner: Companies with a net profit of less than 80 million are listed as "High-tech" or Chengtong Passcode] Since this year, 9 companies with a net profit of less than 80 million in 2017 have successfully met. Do these signs mean the relaxation of IPO filings for corporate performance standards? However, many investment bankers told reporters that there is no sign of any loosening in the IPO review. Most of these 9 companies belong to high-tech industries and have strong research and development capabilities. An investment banker said that it would be more difficult for a traditional industry with a net profit of less than 80 million to be successful. However, if it is a high-tech, new economic enterprise supported by the regulatory authorities, it has more patents, such as biomedicine and AI. Wait, then even if the profit is low, it will be too late. (21st Century Business Herald) comment


[Guangming Food Group signed 17 projects to reach nearly 2 billion yuan intention order] On the afternoon of November 8, the first China International Import Expo, Guangming Food Group held the signing ceremony of the “Global Food Integration Distribution Platform” exhibition area. At the signing ceremony, a total of 5 batches and 17 projects were signed in a centralized manner, and an intentional order of nearly 2 billion yuan was reached. (Securities Times Network) comment


[Guangdong Super 90% listed companies reported the first three quarters of the real estate and other three major industries to make the most money] At present, 585 A-share listed companies in Guangdong Province completed the disclosure of the three quarterly reports, handing over a bright transcript to the market. According to statistics, in the first three quarters, a total of 545 A-share listed companies in Guangdong achieved profitability, accounting for more than 93%. Since the beginning of this year, the most profitable companies are still concentrated in the financial industry, real estate industry and manufacturing industry. Ping An has won the performance champion with a net profit of 79.397 billion yuan. In addition, benefiting from the economic transformation, the growth rate of some technology companies is also accelerating, and the non-net profits of Fenghua Hi-Tech and Tianyuan Dike have doubled. (Securities Daily) comment


[Nikkei 225 index opened down 0.1%] Japanese stocks Nikkei 225 index opened down 0.1% to 22,471.31 points. comment


[Five banks have been reduced by 51 times in half a year, and they have reduced their shareholdings by 1.71 billion yuan.] At the last moment of the annual sprint, selling property, selling assets, selling shares into listed companies to quickly increase their performance, and dressing up the annual report of "Auspicious Sambo ". According to statistics, since June this year, the shares of Ningbo Bank, Jiangsu Bank, Bank of Communications, Shanghai Bank and Guiyang Bank have been reduced by shareholders. The cumulative number of reductions has been 51 times, involving 147 million shares, and the amount of reduction has reached 1.71 billion yuan. . (21st Century Business Herald) comment


[Securities Times: Shenzhen is bidding farewell to real estate speculation] Securities Times said that this time the Shenzhen property market may face the biggest challenge in more than a decade, Shenzhen real estate speculators may no longer have the opportunity to make a comeback. In the city next door to Hong Kong, house prices have fallen. Shenzhen’s previous high-growth trend has changed, and it has started to slow down. Although the absolute amount of the decline is not big, the real real estate speculators have already fled, or fell into fear: Shenzhen’s October The average transaction price of residential buildings was 54071 yuan / square meter, down 9 yuan / square meter. The volume of first-hand residential properties was 1,835, down 18.3% from the previous month, and the monthly volume continued to decline. The transaction area was 178,200 square meters, down 19.10% from the previous month. According to the rhythm of Shenzhen policy makers, each step is dedicated to solving the needs of just-in-time (including talent). Encourage real estate speculation, encourage investment in poles, may never come again in Shenzhen, a banquet has actually been gone. comment


[The three-day signing of Zhuhai Air Show exceeded US$21.2 billion] The 12th China Aerospace Exhibition was held in Zhuhai on November 6-11. Zhuhai Airshow Company announced that according to incomplete statistics, the first three days of this year's air show, the professional day signed a total of more than 569 projects worth more than 21.2 billion US dollars worth of contracts, agreements and cooperation intentions, sold 131 various The model of the aircraft, the professional audience reached 150,000 times. (Securities Times) comment


[National People's Congress Financial and Economic Committee Research Group listened to the report on the construction of the Free Trade Zone in Hainan Province: strive to lead the country in the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone by 2020] From November 5th to 8th, Xu Shaoshi, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairman of the Financial and Economic Committee The team came to Qiong to carry out research on the development of the marine economy and free trade pilot zone. On the morning of November 8, the research team held a symposium in Haikou to listen to the report and suggestions on the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Zone. Xu Shaoshi suggested that the construction of Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone should adhere to the overall layout in time and space. It is necessary to strive for a high point to start, and strive to lead the country in the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone in 2020, and then pass the five-year effort to benchmark the international first-class standards. On the basis of other domestic free trade pilot zones, we will make overall plans to further improve the investment management system with the negative list as the core, the trade supervision system with the high standard of trade facilitation as the rule, and the aftermath of regulating the market subject behavior. Regulatory system, etc. (Hainan Daily) comment


[30 "white list" private enterprises CRM bond issuance: the risk weight ratio is temporarily implemented at 100%] At present, 30 private enterprises are busy preparing for the issuance of debt financing instruments. These 30 private enterprises were interpreted by market participants as the first "white list" to use CRM to issue bonds. However, for the credit risk of CRM issuance, there is no clear regulation at present, and banks are still temporarily implemented in the original way. Investors, each bank has different situations, some occupy the same industry quota, and some calculate the risk weight according to ordinary credit bonds, but generally still take the risk weight according to 100%. (21st Century Business Herald) comment


[Shanghai Securities News: Demon stocks can be "devil"! Optimizing transaction supervision is not abandoning supervision] On the 11th trading day of Hengli Industry's continued daily limit, there is a market view that the stock market and shell stocks are picking up, which is the new supervision of “optimizing transaction supervision and reducing unnecessary intervention in trading”. The trend opened up space for hot money speculation, reflecting the fact that investors use real money to “increase the vitality of market transactions”. This view seems to misinterpret the information conveyed by the regulation. Judging from past regulatory cases, there is no obvious improvement in the fundamentals of Hengli Industry, which is purely speculative speculation in the market. Once the illegal trading behavior is discovered, the exchange will strictly monitor it. This is beyond doubt. comment


[The biggest increase in history has broken the tide: 1488 companies broke 80%] With the loosening of policies, the recent increase in A-shares has become increasingly active. It is difficult to conceal the atmosphere of the plan that has been implemented in the past two years. According to the statistics of the Shanghai Securities Journal, among the 1488 listed companies that have implemented the increase, the share price of the 80% company has fallen below the fixed issue price, and even 30% of the breaks have exceeded 50%. From the absolute number of breaks, it is the biggest wave of breaking in history. A rough analysis, severely broken, and more related to changes in the company's performance and other fundamental changes, but there are also many companies' steady growth is equally difficult to escape. (Shanghai Securities News) comment

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