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[Hebei Provincial Party Committee Secretary: Will elaborate the development plan of the province's traditional Chinese medicine industry] On September 19th, Hebei Provincial Party Committee Secretary and Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Director Wang Dongfeng attended the Chinese Medicine Higher Education Development Forum and Hebei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shijiazhuang and the province. Zhang Boli, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who held the 60th anniversary of the founding of the school, held a working meeting. Wang Dongfeng said that in the next step, the provincial party committee and the provincial government will firmly grasp the major historical opportunities, adhere to the emphasis on both Chinese and Western medicine, elaborate the development plan of the province's traditional Chinese medicine industry, and gather a wide range of Chinese medicine experts and talents inside and outside the province to give full play to Hebei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The role of vigorously developing a large health industry. (Shanghai Securities News) comment


[Preview] Eastern Fortune Network on the 20th, the 10th China (Hainan) International Marine Industry Expo will be held in Haikou from September 28th to 30th. The fair attracted nearly 300 domestic and foreign companies to participate. comment


[Hebei: vigorously develop the digital economy to lead the province's high-quality development] On the afternoon of September 19, Hebei Provincial Party Committee Secretary Wang Dongfeng and Governor Xu Qin met with the Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress Social Construction Committee and the President of the China Network Social Organization Federation. Xianliang, Wang Ning, president of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, and other guests. When meeting with the important guests of the 2018 International Digital Economy Expo, Wang Dongfeng and Xu Qin emphasized that they should make full use of the important platform of the International Digital Economy Expo to vigorously develop the digital economy and lead the province's high-quality development. (Hebei Daily) comment


[Civil Aviation Administration: the shareholding system reform of the bureau construction enterprises entered the capital increase phase] On September 17, the Civil Aviation Administration held the twenty-sixth meeting of the deepening reform leading group. The meeting reviewed and approved in principle the implementation plan for the reform of the civil aviation management system. ", will be submitted to the CAAC party group meeting for deliberation. In addition, the meeting heard the promotion of key reforms such as the shareholding system reform of the construction enterprises and the preparatory work for the construction and operation of the Beijing New Airport. At present, the shareholding system reform of the bureau-building enterprises has entered the stage of capital increase. The reform plan and the cooperation framework agreement have been adjusted according to the actual situation. The participating enterprises have carried out relevant work as planned, and strive to basically complete the restructuring reform before the end of November. (China Civil Aviation Bureau Network) comment


[The banking sector is strengthening] Oriental Wealth Network on the 20th, the banking sector is strengthening. Bank of Ningbo led the gains, and China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Nanjing Bank, China Merchants Bank, Chengdu Bank, Agricultural Bank, Shanghai Bank and other stocks also rose. On the news front, China Settlement Amendment Account Opening Rules: Clearly require a nested account opening requirement, and bank wealth management can directly invest in stocks. comment


[Shaanxi: Six provincial enterprises were shortlisted for the "Double Hundred Actions" list of state-owned enterprise reforms] The official Weibo news of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government portal website. Recently, the State Council's State-owned Enterprise Reform Leading Group Office announced the "Double Hundred Actions" list, a total of 404 The company was selected, including 224 central enterprise subsidiaries and 180 local state-owned enterprises. There are 6 provincial enterprises in Shaanxi Province who have been listed in the “Double Hundred Actions” list: Shaanxi Investment Group Shaanxi Huisen Coal Industry Development Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Coal Group Beiyuan Chemical Company, Shaanxi Steel Group, Shaanxi Yanzhong Coal Mining and Energy Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Solid Waste Company, Shaanxi Gas Group LNG Company. (Shaanxi Daily) comment


[Hainan: Accelerating the promotion of a number of projects to promote foreign trade development] On the morning of September 19, Hainan Provincial Governor Shen Xiaoming hosted a special meeting of the provincial government. Shen Xiaoming asked to focus on the following aspects. First, around the problems of the province's 47 key projects, 113 cities and counties, targeted implementation of the promotion measures, but also accelerate the promotion of a number of projects. Second, actively coordinate and solve problems in the development of import and export enterprises and promote the development of foreign trade. The third is to increase the promotion of government investment projects, accelerate the construction of social undertakings, and promote the promotion of medical, urban and rural domestic waste treatment, sewage treatment, and farmer market transformation projects. Fourth, we must pay close attention to the planning of the project, increase the project reserve, and actively plan a number of projects in the fields of education, health, culture, sports, urban and rural environmental remediation, and promote project implementation and accelerate fiscal expenditure. The fifth is to do a good job in expanding consumption in the fourth quarter. (Hainan Daily) comment


[Anhui: 6 state-owned 5A-level scenic spots ticket prices will be reduced] Anhui Provincial Price Bureau released the latest news, since September 28 this year, Anhui decided to reduce the price of 6 state-owned 5A-level scenic spots in Huangshan. In the future, the ticket prices of scenic spots in Anhui Province's 5A level scenic spots will be dynamically adjusted on the basis of regular cost supervision and examination. Among them, the ticket price of Huangshan Scenic Area in the peak season is reduced from 230 yuan / person to 190 yuan / person. (Shanghai Securities News) comment


[Lian Rui Microelectronics announced the completion of the Northern Light Venture Capital, the door venture capital investment of 60 million yuan A round of financing] Hefei Lian Rui Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. today officially announced that the completion of the Northern Light Venture Capital and the venture capital investment of 60 million yuan A Round financing. This round of financing will be mainly used for the expansion of existing low-power Bluetooth products and the development of a new generation of low-power products. (36氪) comment


[Lithium battery segment quickly pulled up Keheng shares straight-line daily limit] Oriental Fortune Network on the 20th, the lithium battery sector quickly pulled up, Keheng shares straight up the daily limit, Tianci material once hit the board, National Technology, Yongxing Special Steel, Jiangsu Guotai, Individual stocks such as Zhiyun, Huayou Cobalt and Shidashenghua have all risen. In the news, according to Baichuan Information Monitoring, domestic electrolyte products have bottomed out since August and have recently ushered in a price hike. comment


[New Light Quantum Chips Successfully Can Be Used to Create More Powerful Quantum Computers] Recently, a research team led by Dr. Alberto Peruzzo of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology developed a topological photonic chip to process quantum information, demonstrating for the first time that quantum information can be on-chip. The topology circuit is encoded, processed and transmitted. This breakthrough provides a more "robust" choice for scalable quantum computers (ie, maintaining performance and stability in the presence of parametric disturbances in the system), as well as the development of new materials, next-generation computers, and basic sciences. Bring a deeper understanding. (Quantum view) comment


[Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Accelerating the Improvement of Industrial Information Security Policy Standard System] On September 19, the opening ceremony of the National Cyber ​​Security Publicity Week in 2018 was held in Chengdu. Li Guanyu, deputy director of the Information and Software Services Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech at the Industrial Information Security Sub-Forum. It pointed out that in the next step, in accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, we will speed up the improvement of the industrial information security policy standard system, improve the work management and technical support system, and build an industrial ecosystem with “safe development, development and security” to comprehensively upgrade the national industry. Information security capabilities. (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website) comment


[Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Proposal to cancel the cross-regional value-added telecommunications business license for five companies] The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that it is going to cancel the five-enterprise value-added telecommunications business licenses of five companies including Beijing Aoxin Communications Investment Co., Ltd., five companies are Beijing Aoxun Communications Investment Co., Ltd., Huizhou Saite Communications Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhixun Yuanjing Digital Information Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Yuantong Precious Metals Management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huahong Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website) comment


[Rare earth plate is high and high] Oriental wealth network on the 20th news, the rare earth plate opened higher and higher. Galaxy magnets soared 8%, and Zhenghai Magnetic Materials, Hengdian East Magnetics, Minmetals Rare Earth, Shenghe Resources, Northern Rare Earth, North Mining Technology and other stocks also followed suit. comment


[Early comment: Shanghai stock index opened slightly higher in the morning, the rare earth permanent magnet collectively higher] Oriental wealth network on the 20th, the Shanghai stock index opened slightly higher in the morning, individual stocks rose and fell half, rare earth permanent magnets collectively higher, Hongda Industrial rose 9%, market sentiment Something has picked up. From the disk surface, rare earth permanent magnets, cellular immunotherapy, graphite electrodes, combustible ice, land circulation, steel and other sectors rose; agricultural machinery, food safety, biomass, military, gold, large aircraft, cold chain logistics and other sectors fell before. comment


[Hang Seng Index opened 0.7% higher] Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index opened 0.7% higher at 27605.72 points. AAC's technology rose 7.7%, and Sunny Optical Technology rose 2%. comment


[The central parity of the RMB was raised by 39 points] The central parity of the RMB against the US dollar was reported at 6.8530, and the median price of the previous trading day was 6.8569. The official closing price of the previous trading day was 6.8534, and the previous trading day closed at 6.8501. comment


[The central bank's net withdrawal of 30 billion yuan for the second consecutive day] The Chinese central bank today launched a 40-billion-day, 30-billion-day, 14-day reverse repurchase. Today, 100 billion yuan of 7-day reverse repurchase expires, with a net return of 30 billion yuan. comment


[FTSE China A50 Index Futures opened 0.1% higher in Singapore] Oriental Fortune Network reported on the 20th, the FTSE China A50 Index futures opened 0.1% in Singapore. comment


[Asphalt futures opened up and led the black system to fall] Asphalt rose 2.7%, Zheng alcohol, rapeseed, Shanghai zinc, glass, rubber rose more than 1%, eggs, crude oil, Zheng coal, apple, soybean meal, vegetable soup, Shanghai tin, Shanghai Silver, Shanghai nickel, plastic, Shanghai lead, PTA, corn, Shanghai aluminum, coke, manganese silicon, Shanghai gold and so on. Iron ore fell nearly 1%, coking coal, cotton yarn, ferrosilicon, Zheng cotton, hot coil, thread, Shanghai copper fell. comment


[CITIC Securities: US interest rate hike has a greater impact on China's interest rate curve] CITIC Securities Mingming research team believes that the yield of 30-year US Treasury bonds rose to 3.13%, and the 2018 government bond yield is already relatively high. Level, the subsequent upside space is limited; the US interest rate hike has a greater impact on the short-term impact of China's interest rate curve, so we support the Chinese central bank to follow the rate hike next week. However, China's long-term interest rate is mainly affected by the domestic economy and financing conditions. We believe that following the interest rate hike, the central bank will cooperate with a larger scale of easing, so the long-end interest rate will decline before and after the National Day, and the curve will flatten. comment


[The fund lowered the valuation of Huiyuan Juice by 90%] Some fund companies issued a valuation adjustment announcement, which lowered the valuation of Huiyuan Juice from HK$2.02 before the suspension to HK$0.2, with an adjustment rate of 90%. The E Fund has recently announced that since September 17, 2018, Huiyuan Juice held by its funds (excluding trading open-end index securities investment funds) is valued at HK$0.20 per share. After the stock resumes trading and the transaction reflects the characteristics of the active market, it will revert to the valuation using the closing price of the day. (Securities Times) comment


[Xiaoying Technology listed on the New York Stock Exchange New Hualian Group shares] Xinhualian Group news, September 19, Xiaoying Technology (stock code: XYF) knocked on the US New York Stock Exchange, successfully listed. The issue price is $9.50 and the raised funds are $120 million. On the first day of listing, the opening price was $15, and the highest was over 100%. Xinhualian International Investment Co., Ltd. holds 8.79 million shares of Xiaoying Technology, accounting for 2.9%. The main shareholders of Xiaoying Technology are founder Tang Yue, Weizhong Bank, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, Intime Group, Huarui Century Group, Jinyu Enterprise Group, Bai Nian Kang Cheng and so on. (Securities Times) comment


[China's smart phone profit exceeded $2 billion] On September 19th, the market research firm Counterpoint released the global smartphone brand profit distribution report for 2018, showing that global smartphone profit increased by 4% in the second quarter, among which Chinese smartphones The total profit of the brand exceeded $2 billion for the first time, accounting for nearly one-fifth of the total profit of global smartphones. (Beijing Business Daily) comment


[Reminder: The US delegation officially listed today at a valuation of at least 4.8 billion US dollars] According to the plan, the US delegation commented on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today. If calculated according to the issue price of HK$69/share, Meituan's valuation price is finally US$52.4 billion (approximately HK$41.216 billion); if the option pool is removed, the US group's valuation is finally US$48.281 billion (or 3788.97) HK$100 million), almost the same as the valuation when Xiaomi went public. This is also in line with the market's expected range of $45.5 billion to $54.7 billion. comment


[The balance of the two financings decreased by 2.932 billion yuan] As of September 19, the balance of the Shanghai Stock Exchange was reported to be 502.679 billion yuan, a decrease of 1.953 billion yuan from the previous trading day; the balance of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was reported to be 330.176 billion yuan, a decrease of 980 million from the previous trading day. Yuan; the two cities totaled 832.855 billion yuan, a decrease of 2.932 billion yuan over the previous trading day. comment


[China Securities Journal: the scale of social financing or bottoming out to watch the A-share market] According to industry insiders, the scale of social financing in September may further increase in the growth rate and increment of stocks. Now the scale of social financing has shown signs of stabilizing. May be further fixed. Some bankers said that lending is faster than the previous two months. Although the scale increase was small, the organization gradually began to have new off-balance sheet financing projects. In this context, some institutions believe that the change in credit tightness has become an important variable in determining the asset allocation of large institutions. The A-share market in the fourth quarter tends to be optimistic. comment


[Sino-Technology team realizes device-independent quantum random number sub-secure communication security and upgrade] A team of China University of Science and Technology has successfully realized device-independent quantum random numbers, which will be widely used in numerical simulation, cryptography, etc., and is expected to form new International standard for random numbers. Relevant research results were published online on the 20th Beijing time by the internationally authoritative academic journal Nature. (Xinhua News Agency) comment


[Inventory low support rebar futures strong shocks] Rebar futures continued to rebound in the near future, the main line 1901 contract day K line was five consecutive Yang trend. Analysts pointed out that Tangshan's peak production documents have landed and the production limit has been relaxed and relaxed, but there are still uncertain factors. It is expected that the overall impact on supply will be limited. At present, the contradiction between supply and demand of steel is not prominent, the inventory is kept at a low level, and the spot is relatively firm. The futures price may continue to be consolidating at a high level of discount. (China Securities Journal) comment


[8.5 billion Vanke A reproduces the block trade. 钜盛华's asset management plan or clearance] On September 19, Vanke A reproduces a block trade with a turnover of 850 million yuan and a volume of 360.647 million shares. This volume is equivalent to the number of shares held by Vanke A under the one-owned management plan of Shengshenghua. At the same time, the agency has a special liking for Vanke A. In the 71 large-scale transactions that Vanke A has seen this year, there are 32 institutional seats participating in the market. (China Securities Journal) comment


[New iPhone officially shipped this Friday. Internal news said that the two new machines have sufficient capacity.] This Friday, iPhoneXS/XSMax will soon be officially on sale, and the first batch of orders will soon begin to be distributed and arrived at the users. Yesterday, it was reported that the first batch of iPhoneXS/XSMax stocks have been completed from Zhengzhou in the customs declaration and other procedures, and then sent to the first batch of countries and regions, and this also includes the Bank of China version. According to news from the inside of the factory, "Now the two new machines have more than 1,000 production capacity per hour, and the factory is three shifts to produce, and the production line for producing two mobile phones is 24". It is expected that the capacity of the two new machines will be sufficient. (Beijing Youth Daily) comment


[China's OLED TV shipments are expected to grow by nearly 90% next year] On the 19th, LG Display announced its OLED China market strategy at the "2018 OLED Summit" held in Guangzhou, announcing that it will officially launch LG Display Guangzhou OLED in the second half of next year. Based on the factory, we will work together with upstream and downstream partners in China to further strengthen China's OLED ecosystem. According to IHS forecast data, China's OLED TV shipments will increase by 88.7% in 2018 compared to 2018. (Guangzhou Daily) comment


[Zhiyun's three-year revenue net profit doubled this year has attracted more than 100 institutions intensive research] Since 2018, the smart equipment system solution has solved the six-wave intensive research of more than 120 institutions. Both the scale of the participating organizations and the number of surveys exceeded the total of the company's surveys in 2016 and 2017. According to the public data disclosed by Zhiyun Shares over the years, during the three years from 2015 to 2017, the company realized operating income of 421 million yuan, 602 million yuan and 913 million yuan respectively, and net profit of 0.54 billion yuan and 99 million yuan respectively. 170 million yuan, three-year revenue and net profit have doubled. (Securities Daily) comment


[Upstream farming enterprises are still in trouble and the industry is still in the doldrums] Recently, modern dairy farming, China Shengmu, western animal husbandry, and original animal husbandry have issued the first half of 2018 performance reports. These upstream dairy companies are In the first half of this year, there were different levels of losses. Among them, China's Shengmu, which is known as “China's largest organic dairy company”, suffered a loss of 1.066 billion yuan in the first half of the year, and its net profit fell by 16819.9%. Song Liang, a dairy expert, said: “The overall performance of the upstream dairy industry is not good. There are three reasons for this: First, the domestic raw milk price is not high overall, and the large farm is a high-cost, high-input model. This requires high raw milk prices. If the price is not high, there will be losses. Second, in recent years, some large-scale pastures have a certain degree of overcapacity; third, these upstream enterprises are not progressing when the downstream business is extended. Smooth." (Securities Daily) comment


[LeTV did not receive substantive accounts from Jia Yueting] According to informed sources, LeTV has been dubbing Jia Yueting, and Jia Yueting also promised to pay back, but LeTV did not receive substantive accounts from Jia Yueting. . (Securities Daily) comment


[Economic Daily: Don't let the securities awards become a business] The reason why the "fancy draft show" is staged every year is that the industry lacks a clear quantitative performance appraisal mechanism. Don't let the securities awards become a business. In the short-term, we must start with the implementation of the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Securities Analysts to Participate in the Selection and Evaluation Activities" issued by the China Securities Industry Association, and clearly require analysts not to carry out the transfer of interests, not to canvass, or to "bak the cattle stocks"; In the long run, we must speed up the improvement of securities awards, rating laws and regulations, correct the orientation of securities research quality evaluation, establish and improve the performance appraisal and incentive mechanism of relevant personnel in securities research reports, so that the majority of analysts can obtain clear evaluation and The promotion channel, the real painstaking research, fundamentally enhances the quality and level of securities research. comment


[China's deleveraging process in the second quarter report released financial leverage has fallen back to 2014 level] Recently, at the National Finance and Development Laboratory held the third issue of the National Balance Forum this year, Zhang Xiaojing, deputy director of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, national assets Chang Xin, deputy director of the Debt Research Center, and Liu Lei, senior researcher at the National Balance Sheet Research Center, released the China De-Leverage Report (second quarter of 2018) entitled "Drifting Governance Policy", reporting on the current economic leverage The survey summary made by the end of the second quarter of 2018, the overall leverage level rose by 0.6 percentage points, basically remained stable. The financial leverage ratio has fallen back to the 2014 level. (Securities Daily) comment


[Born Morning Announcement] Xinhualian: It is planned to establish two joint ventures with the Yuzhong Municipal Government and the Travel Development Corporation of Sichuan Province to invest in the development and operation of the Jizhong International Cultural Tourism Project. The development and operation projects include the 5A-level scenic spot, the Middle Ancient City Tourist Area, and the Dongdaemun- The corresponding area of ​​the Lingshan area and the Dongshan-White Tower area. Xingsen Technology held a briefing on the termination of the reorganization, saying that there is no risk of liquidation of the shares pledged by the controlling shareholder until now; the management promised that the plan for the implementation of the company's stock will be postponed for three months after the company's stock resumption. comment


[People's Daily: Strengthening the supervision of renting platforms and safeguarding the vital interests of tenants] The People's Daily published an article commenting that the supervision of the rental platform can be further strengthened. When the house is renovated and the quality of the building materials is good, this information is related to the tenants' rights and does not involve major trade secrets. It may be required to request the rental platform to submit the record in time for supervision. In addition, it can make mandatory provisions for the air quality inspection of newly renovated and proposed rental houses, and announce a batch of authoritative independent third-party formaldehyde testing institutions to the public. The Internet economy is a new economy, and the new economy is also a good economy. The key is to compact the responsibility of the Internet platform, effectively protect the user's right to know and supervise, and smooth the channels for remediation of rights and rights, so that relevant enterprises can not bully or dare to deceive users. comment


[Nikkei 225 index opened 0.3%] Japanese stocks Nikkei 225 index opened 0.3% higher, to 23,752.79 points. South Korea's KOSPI index opened up 0.27% to 2308.46 points. comment


[Beijing "limited competition room" sales are not as good as expected next year, the pressure on housing enterprises is greater] From the sales situation in the past three months, it is expected that the limited competition room that was expected to be robbed and "sunlight" was robbed Lower than expected. Recently, the reporter learned from a number of recently opened limited-competition projects that due to various reasons such as geographical location and product positioning, the popularity of buyers is also significantly different. Except for the opening of “sunlight” for individual projects, most of the projects are not Ideally, there are a few projects that were opened earlier and are not ideal. In the future, with the large number of listings of limited competition rooms, the pressure on this supply and demand market will gradually deepen. Analysts believe that this year is a year for housing companies to have a certain guarantee of transactions. The market situation will worsen next year, because next year is the year when the limited competition rooms are truly concentrated in the market. Similar products, similar prices, and large supply of supply, Housing enterprises will face greater competitive pressures. (Securities Times) comment


[PTA prices fell rapidly: downstream inventory pressure increased] On September 19, PTA futures 1901 contract closed at 7170 yuan / ton, the lowest to 7084 yuan / ton, which is the highest as August 20, the highest 8062 yuan / ton, fell 13.8%. Nearly half a month of sluggish production and sales, resulting in a large increase in downstream inventory pressure, under the influence of buying up and not buying down, even if the downstream factories cut prices, it is difficult to change the terminal procurement rhythm. (21st Century Business Herald) comment


[Jia Yueting's equity pledge was difficult to distinguish between the 1 billion guarantees of the Qiang Ping LeTV network] According to the announcement disclosed on the evening of September 18, the Chongqing Fund required LeTV to pay the equity purchases in accordance with the relevant terms previously agreed before September 28. Acquired its shareholding in LeTV. It is reported that the amount of this repurchase is 1 billion yuan of the original capital plus 15% of the annualized profit. In the relevant announcement, said that the guarantee of the listed company's transaction to Leshiyun and Chongqing Fund was a decision made by Jia Yueting without fulfilling the internal approval, and its legal effect was doubtful. A person close to LeTV said that there are more than one similar guarantees. Apart from Leshiyun, it also involves Cultural Industry Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. ("LeTV Sports") and Lerong Zhixin Electronic Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. ("Le Rong Zhixin") and many other companies. (21st Century Business Herald) comment


[A short-term rebound of A shares. Institutional figures said that "while walking and watching"] On September 19, the three major stock indexes of A shares continued to rebound sharply, and the trading volume was significantly enlarged. In this regard, a number of institutional sources said that the market's surge in recent days is only a short-term rebound, rather than a bottom-up. Gray Assets Feng Lihui said that the market is in the bottom range, and whether it is reversed will be "walking and watching." However, in the short term, there is a certain value of participation. In the long run, the market is already in the bottom area, and more areas are worthy of allocation. (China Securities Journal) comment


[Amazon opened 3,000 unmanned stores before 2021] Bloomberg quoted sources on Wednesday that Amazon is considering opening 3,000 unmanned stores by 2021. The e-commerce giant's entry into the retail industry will threaten convenience stores and fast food chains across the United States. According to people familiar with the Amazon program, the company plans to open about 10 Amazon Go stores by the end of this year, and plans to open 50 stores in the "Metropolitan Area" such as San Francisco and New York in 2019. (huitong network) comment


[ZTE promotes the development of 5G network security specifications] It was learned from ZTE that ZTE, as the editor of NEF network function specification, recently promoted a series of 5G network security assurance specifications with 3GPP partners at the recent 3GPP SA3#92 meeting. Research and development. This specification is used to ensure that the product complies with the security standards defined by the 3GPP, and provides test guidance for whether the product online operation meets the standard security. It is a condition that must be passed for the product to go online, and meets the security operation requirements of the 5G network. (Communication World Network) comment


[Huawei takes the lead in launching China's 5G technology R&D trial phase III indoor coverage test] Recently, Huawei took the lead in launching the China 5G technology R&D trial phase III indoor coverage test project organized by IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group, 5G based on DIS architecture The LampSite device successfully completed the uplink and downlink peak rate test, with a downlink rate of 1.46 Gbps and an uplink of 180 Mbps. This test is the first time that IMT-2020 (5G) propulsion group has included indoor coverage into the 5G technology R&D test, which indicates that indoor coverage is a key application scenario in the 5G era, and also represents China's official entry into the 5G indoor coverage digital era. (Communication World Network) comment


[This year, the scale of local debt issuance of the Shanghai Stock Exchange exceeds 1.5 trillion yuan to 1.5 trillion yuan to 1.5 trillion yuan in one month.] On September 19, Yunnan Province’s 15.45 billion yuan of local government bonds were publicly tendered through the government bond issuance system of the Ministry of Finance. Issued, this year, the scale of local bonds issued on the Shanghai Stock Exchange has exceeded 1.5 trillion yuan. It is worth noting that from 1 trillion yuan to 1.5 trillion yuan, it took just one month: as of August 20, the total issuance scale was 1.0006 trillion yuan. “The accelerated issuance of local bonds, especially special bonds, is mainly related to the Ministry of Finance’s previous issue of documents calling for speeding up the issuance of special bonds,” said a brokerage bond researcher. (Securities Daily) comment


[The brokerage said that the insurance stock valuation repair power is strong. The stock price "deep" highlights the configuration value.] With the premium of the first eight months of this year announced by China Pacific Insurance on September 18, the premiums of the four listed A-share insurance companies have been fully disclosed. According to the reporter, from January to August this year, the total premiums of China Life Insurance, China Ping An, China Pacific Insurance and Xinhua Insurance were 1.25 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.36%. With the continuous improvement of the performance of listed insurance companies since the second half of this year, coupled with the continued downturn in the A-share market, the allocation of insurance stocks has become more prominent. Recently, many securities companies such as Great Wall Securities issued a research report saying that insurance stocks have been “deep” and the configuration value is prominent. (Securities Daily) comment

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