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[Intelligent manufacturing policies to accelerate application of raw materials will accelerate the application of fields] A few days ago from the Ministry of Industry was informed that in 2018 China will continue to implement smart manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, the selection of projects over the year will be 100, much higher than the 2016 and 2017 levels. In addition, it will also increase the application of intelligent manufacturing in key industries and fields such as raw materials, equipment, consumer products, electronics and civilian explosions, and further promote smart manufacturing. The industry generally believes that the introduction of a series of smart manufacturing policies and related promotional measures has taken an active role and is accelerating the manufacturing of smart manufacturing. This not only ensures that the goal of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading can be smoothly achieved, but also makes it an entirely new industry opportunity and economic development engine. (Economic Information Daily)comment


[BEIJING NEW TRADING "HK Stock Connect" Target Deals on the 5th] According to the website of China Securities, Dong Ying Financial Investment Co., Ltd. ("Dong Ying Financial") announced that it has been allowed to include constituents of the Hang Seng Index and has been successfully listed in the latest announcement Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect shares under the list. From May 5, mainland investors can directly invest in Toledo Financial through Hong Kong Stock Connect. Earlier, Orient Finance has been included in the constituent stocks of the Hong Kong stock index of the Morgan Stanley Global Small Cap Index (MSCISmallCapIndex). It is learned that the company completed the placing of new shares in December 2017 and introduced four strategic investors, PICC and CMBI. (Securities Times)comment


[Federal Reserve raised interest rates in March this year, the probability of 83.1%. According to the CME "Fed Watch" shows that the Federal Reserve in March this year, a 25 basis point rate hike 1.5% -1.75% probability of 83.1% range from June to the probability of 25.8 %.comment


[Ding Lei: focusing on the livelihood of the people's livelihood reform and information quality and other fields call for a lower consolidated tax rate According to China Securities Network reported that as the newly elected members of the CPPCC National Committee, Netease Chairman and CEO Ding Lei held a press conference to disclose Submitted several proposals. On the key areas of livelihood reform, Ding Lei around a tax, medical care, pension, food safety and precision poverty alleviation and other key areas. In the field of individual tax reform, Ding suggested that the mode of individual tax collection be gradually shifted from classification and accruals to comprehensive tax collection and to allow for a special deduction of the necessary expenditures for people's livelihood such as dependency, maintenance, medical treatment and education; to set up individual declaration separately or family joint declaration Tax selection mode, taking into account the overall income of all types of families and the burden; reduce the overall tax rate of a single tax. (Securities Times Network)comment


According to the CSI report, VA synthesis process is difficult, high barriers to entry, the current global VA production capacity focused on BASF, DSM, the new and into, Zhejiang Pharmaceutical and other six companies . A fire accident at the BASF citral plant in October last year resulted in the discontinuation of its VA production plant, which has affected the production of Adisseo VA, which purchases citral from BASF. BASF is expected as early as March to restart its citral device, VA market supply recovery to the third quarter, the future VA prices will continue upward. Proposed to pay attention to the annual report and a quarterly increase relative growth of new and into (002001), Garden Biology (300401) and so on. (Securities Times)comment

March 04, 2018

According to EU pollsters, the governing coalition of left-wing parties supports 31%. According to the EU pollsters, at present, the general election in Italy is that the ruling coalition of left-wing political parties now supports 31%. The left-wing freedom and 29% for Equality, 26% for the right-wing coalition led by former Prime Minister Berlusconi and 19% for the Right-Wing coalition headed by the Five-Star Movement. (FX112)comment


[SFC Issues Mass Subpoenas Against Illegal ICOs] A global regulatory tidal wave is now heading for a virtual currency, and for the first time, digital currency issuance (ICO) is no exception. According to overseas media reports, the SEC has tightened its supervision of fraudulent ICOs and has sent numerous summons to industry players suspected of violating the securities laws, including requiring companies to provide pre-sales and sales of ICOs, etc. information. In addition to the Federal Reserve, the Thai government is also worried that more and more Thai companies are competing to launch ICOs before regulation, prompting the country's regulators to speed up the regulatory framework for selling tokens. (Chain gains)comment


[Libya's largest oil pipeline has been shut down! Due to Reuters, Mohamed al-Hadi, a landowner west of Zintan in Libya, said he has shut down an oil pipeline passing all of its land because the pipeline has caused 6 hectares of land pollution . It is reported that the pipeline is connected to Libya's largest oil field El SHarara oil field. al-Hadi said the pipeline was closed last year for the same reason. Previously, mediators persuaded them to restart the valve and clean the land for them, but the land pollution took place again. (FX112)comment


[Britain suffered severe weather or caused a daily loss of 1 billion pounds] British media reported that the United Kingdom suffered the worst severe weather since 2010, a number of industries in a standstill. Traffic disruptions, construction downtime, the impact of tourism and the sluggish retail industry have brought about a daily economic loss of billions of pounds (about 9 billion yuan), of which the construction industry has the biggest impact. Some experts predict that this may lead to the British first quarter GDP fell 0.1% to 0.2%. (FX112)comment


U.S. Secretary of Commerce Rose: Still Not Considered Plans for Exemption from Tariffs for Steel and Aluminum Products U.S. Secretary of Commerce Rose said that President Trump has already communicated with many national leaders but has not yet considered implementing the plan for the steel and aluminum Exemption from tariffs on products. Compared with the United States, trade partners will lose more in the trade war. Tariff increases will not cause too much damage to the United States employment, it will not substantially push prices. The threat posed by EU retaliatory tariffs is insignificant and will not have much impact on the U.S. economy. (FX112)comment


[RBC: emerging markets may be hit hard by Trump tariff plan] Royal Bank of Canada said that as soon as the Trump tariff plan comes out, emerging markets may have a huge impact. As the Trump administration tariff plan for steel and aluminum products in the United States has caused more panic in the wake of the global trade war, emerging markets are mostly dependent on the field of raw material mining and exporting, thus resulting in a sharp rise in the uncertainty of their trade prospects. The booming boom in emerging markets is expected to come to an end as trade uncertainties will hinder further gains in emerging markets. In fact, in recent years, the revenue of emerging markets has lagged behind that of developed economies. (FX112)comment