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[London Copper generally closed down 1.2% in November as a whole] Oriental Fortune Online 1, LME copper generally closed at $ 6,762 / tonne, but the overall drop of 1.2% in November. Nickel in LME ended down 3.6% at 11,1110 USD / ton, closing at a seven-week low. LME aluminum fell 1.%, to 2048 US dollars / ton, once the three half-moon refresh low to 2039 US dollars / ton.comment


[Dow rose to 1%] Oriental Fortune 1, the Dow rose to 270 points, the S & P 500 index rose 0.90%, the Nasdaq rose 0.84%.comment


[Dow rose to 200 points or increase] Oriental Fortune 1, the Dow rose to 200 points.comment


[European shares closed the three major stock indexes Pudie] Oriental Fortune 1 News, FTSE Pan-European Blue 300 Index preliminary fell 0.34% to 1520.92 points. European STOXX 600 index closed down 0.24%, the euro area blue-chip STOXX 50 index closed down 0.36%. The German DAX 30 index closed 0.04% lower. The French CAC 40 index closed down 0.37%. The FTSE 100 index closed down 0.82%.comment


[Iranian minister confirms the deadline will be extended until the end of 2018] The Iranian minister confirmed that the deadline will be extended until the end of 2018. (Huitong network)comment


[Russian energy minister Novak: reiterated OPEC and non-OPEC agreement to stabilize the market] Russian energy minister Novak reiterated OPEC and non-OPEC agreement to stabilize the market. In addition, according to sources, Nigeria and Libya are included in the OPEC oil production cuts, the two countries will maintain oil production in 2017 levels. (Huitong network)comment

November 30, 2017

[Onshore Renminbi against the U.S. dollar at 23:30 Beijing time to close 6.6090 yuan] Oriental Fortune 30, the onshore Renminbi against the dollar (CNY) at 23:30 Beijing time closed at 6.6090 yuan, up 110 points over Wednesday night's close; all day Trading volume was 30.191 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 7.024 billion U.S. dollars over Wednesday.comment


[] The main contract of the domestic futures market closed the night plate East Fortune Network 30, Thursday night coke closing up 1.76%, reported 2165.5 yuan / ton; coking coal closed up the night plate 1.61%, reported 1392.5 yuan / ton; Closing up 0.63% at 668.4 yuan / ton; iron ore closed up 1.26% at the close at 522.5 yuan / ton.comment


[Baltic Dry Index rose 2.73%] Oriental Fortune Network 30, the Baltic Dry Index rose 2.73% to 1578 points.comment


【Beins Pharmaceuticals Receives First PCT International Patent License】 Bends Pharmaceuticals (002317) announced on the evening of the 30th that the ZSP1602 project, an innovative drug developed jointly by the Company and WuXi PharmaTech for treating small cell lung cancer, gastric cancer and esophageal cancer, Compound Patents Acquired a patent certificate from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The patent is the first time that the company obtained the international patent authorization through the PCT application route. At present, the ZSP1602 project has obtained the approval documents for clinical trials of drugs and has started the phase I clinical related work. (Securities Times)comment


On the 30th of the news, Dongfang Wealth Network closed down 0.47% at 3986 yuan / ton; rebar closed down 0.05% at the end of the night, at 3995 yuan / ton; the closing price of Asphaltic night rose 1.33%, reported 2738 yuan / ton.comment


【Dow Jones Index hit a record high opening point of 24,000 points mark record high】 On the 30th, the Dow broke through the 24,000 mark, hit record highs, Trump has risen nearly 6,000 points since becoming president of the United States. Open Quotes are as follows: S & P 500 index opened 9.38 points higher, or 0.36%, to 2635.45 points. The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened 99.65 points higher, or 0.42%, to 24040.33 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index opened 26.68 points higher, or 0.39%, to 6851.07 points.comment


[Futures opening night led asphalting led] East Fortune Network 30, the futures opened at night, asphalt led the gains. Asphaltic early rose 1.6%, rubber fell 1%. Coke, coking coal, thermal coal rose 1.5%, 1.1%, 0.4%. Rebar rose slightly, hot rolled coil fell 0.7%, iron ore rose 1%. Methanol, glass, respectively, fell 1.5%.comment


[SFC: restructuring of the three companies will be held on December 6] SFC November 30 news, mergers and acquisitions reorganization of the deliberations on December 6 Jiang powder (002600), Sega (002796), deep Pegasus A (000050) issued shares to buy assets matters. (Securities Times)comment