Fruit is a must-have food for us. It is a matter of eating fruit. In fact, there is a lot of learning, such as whether the fruit is eaten before or after meals? This problem is what many people want to know.

Do you eat fruit before or after a meal?

I believe everyone has heard about the fruit after meals. Is the fruit eaten after dinner? Actually not, oh, this statement is wrong, because we eat fruit after dinner. It is easy to happen that the fruit is blocked in the stomach by the food that has been eaten before, so that it is prone to flatulence and constipation, which will have a bad effect on the digestive function.

Therefore, Xiaobian here suggests that everyone should change the fruit after meals into pre-prandial fruit. Eating fruits before meals can prevent our immune system from being stimulated by some cooked foods, which is more beneficial to our body. But it's important to note that not all fruits are suitable for eating before meals.

These fruits are not recommended for fasting:

1, tomatoes.

Tomatoes are a good food for beauty and beauty, but don't eat them on an empty stomach. It will make our stomachs "injured".

Because the soluble astringent ingredients in tomatoes are very rich, they will react with stomach acid, which can easily lead to bloating and stomach pain. Clinically, people who regularly eat tomatoes on an empty stomach are very likely to develop stomach stones. On a daily basis, it is recommended that you eat more cooked tomatoes. If you really like tomatoes, don't eat more than one each time, and the recommendation is to eat after meals.

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