Now living conditions are getting better and better. Bathing before going to bed is something that many people are doing. After all, taking a shower for a day can relax the body. When you take a bath, you need to take a nap, so what is going on in the bath? If there is too much mud, is there any problem with the body?

  What is going on in the mud?

Although it is normal to say that bathing mud is a normal thing, many people do not know what is going on. The so-called mud is composed of four components: dander, oil, dust and sweat. Our body is constantly undergoing metabolism at all times, and the metabolite of the skin is dander. In addition, the body's toxins are metabolized through the spleen and stomach, so the body will discharge a lot of secretions, such as oil, sweat, etc. Etc. If the skin is exposed to the air, it will inevitably combine dust, which is also a component of the mud.

The dandruff that appears after the skin's metabolism, the secretions that the skin excretes during breathing, and the dust in the air are all present at all times, even if the bath is still taken the next day after the bathing the day before. There is no end to it. This is a normal phenomenon that means that the body is renewing all the time, but if you always find mud with mud, then you should pay attention.

  Too much mud may indicate these problems

First, endocrine disorders

If you often stay up late in your life and often face a large amount of life pressure, it will reflect on the skin, and the patient will have a phenomenon of poor pores in the skin. In this case, the secretion of sebaceous glands will also increase. In addition, the male hormone secretion in the male body itself is higher than that of the female compatriots, which will also cause the muddy soil to be more serious than the female.

Second, the metabolism is fast

The skin is metabolized all the time, and the stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the skin. This situation plays a major role in protecting the skin to help the skin lock in moisture. If the skin is metabolized faster, the stratum corneum will not only be Replacement, the horny increase is naturally thicker and thicker, and the mud will be obviously found in the mud.

Again, my own habits

If a person always likes to eat greasy food and lacks exercise in life, then the mud on the natural skin will be more.

Bathing is very helpful for hygiene. Not only can it be kept clean, but a hot bath can also relieve fatigue and prevent disease, but if the degree of bathing is too large, it will cause some problems.

  The problem of too much muddy

Problem 1: Reduce resistance

The stratum corneum is the first line of defense to protect the skin. It can block the entry of foreign microorganisms, and it can also prevent physical and chemical stimuli. If frequent bathing breaks the stratum corneum, it will reduce the skin's resistance.

Problem 2, moisture intrusion

In the spring and summer, the air is damp, and the use of cold drinks and air conditioners will increase the probability of moisture symptoms. If the skin is often damaged by bathing or not cleaned after bathing, moisture will invade, and wetness is caused. Common factors of dysfunction of the five organs cause health problems in the body.

(Article source: 39 Health Network)