There are many laws about success. The more famous ones are the bamboo law, the lotus law, and the golden law. They all have a common meaning:

Success requires a lot of money,

To endure suffering, to be able to withstand loneliness,

Persevere, persist, and persist,

Until the last moment of success.

Bamboo law

Bamboo took 4 years and only grew 3cm. From the fifth year onwards, it grew wildly at a rate of 30 cm per day, and it took only six weeks to grow to 15 meters.

In fact, in the first four years, bamboo has roots extending hundreds of square meters in the soil.

The same is true for doing things.

Don't worry that your efforts at this moment are not rewarded, because they are all taken to take root.

Life needs to be stocked. How many people have not been able to get through the three centimeters?

The same is true of life. It can withstand polishing, endure loneliness, stand up to responsibility, shoulder the mission, and life will be valuable.

When you see someone else's glory, don't be embarrassed, because others pay more than you.

Speaking of Qian Zhongshu's full-fledged economy, people often attribute his high talent and memory.

In fact, Qian Zhongshu learned broad and profound, and more from the painstaking efforts of the day after tomorrow.

The "Tube Cone", which represents his academic achievements, quotes tens of thousands of books in the tens of thousands of works of more than 4,000 famous masters. Wang Yangxi is profound and profound.

Some people may not know that after he entered Tsinghua, the goal was to "sweep the Tsinghua Library."

His academic experience is: "The more intelligent, the more you have to understand the stupidity."

Growth is not a one-off, and there is nothing in life that is just a matter of accumulation.

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