You can feel at ease at any time, and you can calm down calmly and calmly in any place.

Any time and space can smile involuntarily.

You don't need to be deliberate, you don't need to make it, it's just a matter of life.

Compare with others everywhere

The biggest shortcoming of life is to compare with others.

Compared with the high people, we make ourselves feel inferior; compared with the laity, we make us go down; compared with the next, we are full of pride.

The foreign comparison is the source of our unsettled mind, and it also makes most people lose their self and obstruct the original fragrance of their own soul.

There was a man fishing on the river. He fished a lot of fish, but he took a ruler for each fish. As long as the fish is bigger than the ruler, he is thrown back into the river.

Other fishermen asked inexplicably: "Others want to catch big fish, why are you only throwing big fish back into the river?"

The man replied easily: "Because my pot is only so long, too much fish can't fit."

Do not let infinite desires to draw their own hearts, "just enough to use" is also a good attitude to life.

Mei Xixun snow is three points white, but the snow loses a piece of fragrance.

When people are eating a full buffet restaurant and swallowing it without fear, it is a terrible sight. It is also an important practice to take what you have enough to do without greed.

Plum does not need to envy the peony, the moon does not have to go to the sun.

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