The career of the stars in the entertainment circle is to shoot and then participate in various activities, especially the actress. In the form of attending the event, various forms of dresses are required. Some actresses deliberately want to be famous for their popularity. More "exposed meat", but there are several actresses who are "conservative". The following small series will take you to see what is there.

First place: Di Lieba

In recent years, Reba is also a small flower that has been relatively hot. It won a great victory in the "Golden Eagle Festival" in the previous period. It not only became the goddess of the Golden Eagle, but also won the "double cup", which is enviable. However, although the hot bar is very hot today, but the bones are a very "conservative" girl, especially when attending the event, there is almost no exposed clothes, even the low-necked dress sometimes worn, hot bar There is also a signature action "捂 chest", afraid to go out.

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