Many people think that eating and sleeping is the most relaxing and relaxing thing of the day, and they feel that there is no jealousy for eating. But in fact, there are many places to pay attention to after eating. Some behaviors will touch on those things that hurt the body. These are the ten short-lived things we can't do after dinner.

  First, it is not advisable to smoke immediately after a meal.

There may be a lot of people saying "a cigarette after a meal, a live god", but don't do it anymore! Smoking is harmful to health. This is known to everyone, and especially after a meal. Just after eating, the cells of the body are active because they absorb nutrients. At this time, the harmful substances in the cigarettes will be more easily carried into the blood vessels and then into the human cells. This can seriously damage the liver cells and ultimately affect the brain and heart cells.

  Second, don't drink strong tea

Chinese people like to drink tea, but there is actually a lot of attention to drinking tea. It should be noted that you should not drink strong tea after a meal. Because theophylline in tea is a substance that can interfere with the normal absorption of proteins and trace elements in the human body, and also dilute the gastric juice, thereby affecting the absorption capacity of the intestine, and directly affecting the gastrointestinal system causing physical discomfort.

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