After a busy day, soaking feet and relaxing, and soaking feet can also promote blood circulation, disease prevention and health care, but the foot should also pay attention to methods and methods, there are many precautions to understand, this article will come to know the foot bath What are the taboos, and then tell everyone how to soak your feet.

  Pay attention to these details when you soak your feet!  

◆ Do not soak your feet immediately after meals

Eating is a very happy thing. If you have a foot after eating, it’s beautiful and beautiful. I don’t know if this habit may hurt your body, because the digestion of the stomach after the meal requires blood supply. It will mobilize blood from all parts of the body to the foot, and the lack of blood supply in the stomach will affect digestion, so it is best to take one hour after breakfast.

◆Do not worry about two feet

Many people like to watch TV when they are soaking their feet. They feel that they are idle when they are idle. In fact, this habit is not good. When reading a book and watching TV, you will concentrate on the brain. Then you need to concentrate the blood on your brain. The mobilization of the blood is reduced and the temperature of the foot is also deteriorated. It is not only harmful to the blood circulation of the foot, but also may hurt the foot. Therefore, when you are soaking your feet, you can listen to the light music and relax your mood.

◆Do not sleep immediately after soaking your feet

Many people will soak their feet before going to bed. After they have finished their feet, they will relax and lay in the bed and get ready to go to sleep. In fact, it is more beneficial to the body after doing some massage, such as the calf and the feet. Massage will further relax the body.

◆Do not soak your feet for too long

Many people know that soaking feet are good for health, and they often don't finish up. This situation can easily lead to dizziness and swelling of the brain, which may even affect the skin and cause local skin dryness. Good protection can be around twenty minutes.

◆Do not be too hot

People always like to use higher temperature water when they are soaking their feet. They don't know that if the temperature is too high, it will not only hurt the skin of the foot, but also may cause the blood vessels to expand excessively, which may easily lead to dizziness and swelling. Therefore, the temperature is best maintained. Forty degrees, slightly above body temperature.

  Use these techniques, the effect is twice the result with half the effort

1, the foot bath method

It is best to use wooden barrels for soaking feet. Now some barrels specially used for soaking feet can also play a certain massage function, so you can add hot water while soaking your feet.

2, the time of the feet

The best foot bath time should be about one hour after dinner. Generally, it is best to choose 9:00 in the evening. At this time, the kidney effect is the best, because this time is the time when the kidney blood is relatively weak, and at this time. The heat of the body of the foot will increase the blood vessels in the body and will also expand, which is very helpful for promoting blood circulation. In addition, the foot can also eliminate the fatigue during the day and restore the kidneys.

3, the state of the feet

It is best when the foot reaches the body to have a slight sweating. Pay attention to drink plenty of water after soaking the feet and replenish the water lost by perspiration.

(Article source: 39 Health Network)