First, there is a normal state in life, that is, everyone will always sympathize with the weak. As long as you are a weak person, even if you are a loser, you can certainly get everyone's sympathy. No matter how powerful you are, or even just a show of your heart, you will get the shelter and favoritism. At the same time, everyone will always be reluctant, no matter how skillful you are, how reasonable it is. If you insist on sticking to your own principles and not letting people, it will become what Wanfu refers to, even if your point of view is correct.

How much life in life has ruined the harmony of the original civilization. "He is still a child." "He is just a child." "He is so old." "How big is it, people are not easy." Etiquette, and even basic literacy are rejected. Be an excuse for not knowing how to be grateful.

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