Many times, when we are negligent about our own body, the disease will always come to an end. Many diseases usually manifest themselves in the body before they occur. If you find the following symptoms in the morning, you should pay attention to it, indicating that your health is in a sub-health state and you need timely conditioning.

Sub-health, there will be 4 symptoms in the morning

1, feel dizzy

After a restful night, people should be very spirited after getting up in the morning. When the various organs of the body are fully rested, they will be refreshed. After getting up in the morning, if you feel very tired, there are dizziness and heavy heads, which may be caused by hyperviscosity. The occurrence of this disease tends to increase the viscosity of the blood, making the blood flow slower, often appearing in the morning when getting up, which is also a manifestation of the sub-health of the human body.

2, there is foam in the urine

The first urination of a man in the morning can reflect whether the kidneys of the body are healthy. Therefore, when you urinate in the morning, pay more attention to the color of the urine. If it is normal, then the urine will be pale yellow and there will be no air bubbles; if the urine is particularly cloudy, there are many bubbles, indicating There is a problem with your health. At this time, you should pay attention to conditioning.

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