• In order to strengthen the management of rare diseases in China, improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases, and safeguard the health rights and interests of patients with rare diseases, the National Health and Health Commission recently issued a notice on establishing a national network for the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases, and decided to establish a national network for the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. The "Notice" pointed out that 324 hospitals as a cooperative network hospital to establish a rare disease diagnosis and treatment network, of which 13 hospitals in Jilin Province were selected, including two hospitals in Changchun: Changchun Central Hospital and Changchun Children's Hospital.
    health China Jilin Network 13 hours ago
  • Today, the long-lost sun finally appeared in Changsha, and the temperature also increased. Some citizens found mosquitoes in the community. Why do mosquitoes appear in the cold early spring so early? Some biology teachers have introduced that mosquitoes will fight against nature in order to breed. The different types of mosquitoes will choose different ways to spend the winter. For example, Culex pipiens, Anopheles sinensis usually grows mosquitoes for winter. When the outside climate changes, it is also possible to replace the wintering place with wintering mosquitoes.
    health Sanxiang City Daily 13 hours ago
  • The “Research on the Target of Antihypertensive Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes in Chinese Adults”, the BPROAD study was officially launched in Chongqing on February 24, and more than 200 research centers nationwide will participate in the study. The aim of the study was to explore the goal of reducing blood pressure in patients with diabetes and elevated blood pressure, and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and death in diabetic patients. According to statistics, the number of adult diabetes patients in China reached 114 million, and more than half of them had hypertension.
    health Sanxiang City Daily 13 hours ago
  • Menstrual discomfort can be said to be a "nightmare" for many women once a month, but the lower abdomen is sore and painful, and the back is sore and even faint. Clinical work has found that many women use the method of beating the waist to relieve discomfort such as back pain. But this is not only a correct approach, but it may also bring more serious problems. Female menstrual resistance is relatively reduced, inappropriate beating action can lead to increased pelvic congestion, blood flow, causing increased menstrual flow, prolonged menstruation, and even worse the symptoms of back pain.
    health People's Network - Life Times 14 hours ago
  • Interviewed experts: Professor of the School of Public Health, University of Iowa, Bao Zhengke, Director of the Department of Science and Technology of the Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, recently published a new analysis published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), which often eats oil. People who fry food, especially fried chicken or fish, have a significantly higher risk of death and cardiovascular death. The results came from the American Women's Health Initiative, which included more than 100,000 postmenopausal women aged 50-79 years who underwent a prospective follow-up of more than 20 years.
    health People's Network - Life Times 14 hours ago
  • "The water that is repeatedly boiled is high in nitrite, so you can't drink it!" "Thousands of boiling water is poisonous"... In recent years, similar arguments have increased. What is the truth? In fact, the nitrite in the water will not be produced out of thin air, and is usually converted from the original nitrate in the water. Nitrate is rare in qualified drinking water; however, if the water source is contaminated with nitrogen-containing organic matter, the nitrate content may increase.
    health People's Network - Life Times 14 hours ago
  • In our lives, there will be joys, sorrows and sorrows, so when faced with the dissatisfaction of life, everyone will have their own temper, but the way of expression! Some people will vent out, so that he will be more happy inside, but will give a tempering impression. Some people may be more patience, so they will make others feel tempered. It is not a bad thing to have a temper in our lives. If you say that a person with a temper will accomplish nothing, then you are wrong. It is easier for a temper to do things because the temper is not equal to one person. mood.
    health Positive energy 22 hours ago
  • "Every spring, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will feel flustered and chest tightness." Professor Lu Weixing, director of the Department of Cardiology, Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, analyzed that this is because the recovery of all things in spring is likely to cause emotional excitement. In addition, the burden on the heart is increased. At the same time, the spring weather is hot and cold, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the blood vessels contract strongly, which also affects the heart. In addition, if the patient does not pay attention to keep warm, there is a fever, fever, and decreased immunity, which will also affect the normal work of the heart. "These factors may induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases."
    health Health time 02-24 15:28
  • In Linyi, people who have been on the ages generally know that the "Thirteen Flowers" at the banquet belong to one of the local waters. It is a form often used by local people in Linyi for Chinese New Year hospitality, and it is also a way of hospitality for people in the village. “Thirteen Flowers” ​​symbolizes a variety of dishes and well-prepared dishes, reflecting the local people’s concept of hospitality, dedication, and hospitality. It is a wonderful flower in the banquet of Guanzhong, and it is a fusion of local cuisine.
    health Xi'an Evening News 02-24 14:31
  • Many middle-aged and elderly people find that their vision is declining. Most of them will hang out of the hospital's ophthalmology clinic. If you have any problems with your eyes, you may not know that the problem may be in your brain. The 60-year-old Aunt Chen is one of them. Aunt Chen is a farmer. Two years ago, she found that her right eye could not see things, but she didn't take it seriously. After that, her other eye also showed vision loss. The family sent her to the local hospital for ophthalmology treatment. After treatment, there was no effect. After the introduction, Chen Ayi came to the neurosurgery of Xixi Hospital of the city, and the doctor was Cui Yahui.
    health Hangzhou Daily 02-24 14:28
  • Overtime, shoulder and neck uncomfortable, massage, and overtime work, this is a lot of life of the code farmers. But programmer Xiao Zheng did not think that a shoulder and neck massage to relax, but let himself eat a lot of pain. One day before, Xiao Zheng worked overtime until 11 o'clock in the evening, and then he walked into the massage shop as usual. After an hour of tuina, Xiao Zheng felt that the neck was sore and did not relieve, but there was continuous pain. After going home, the situation is even worse. He turned around in front of his eyes, his left limb was numb, he did not listen, and he walked and swayed. Xiao Zheng’s acquaintance quickly sent her husband to the emergency department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University.
    health Hangzhou Daily 02-24 14:26
  • Because "do not drink water" almost entered the intensive care unit. This is not a joke. Xiao Zhao, 29, an IT worker, is 1.72 meters tall and weighs nearly 160 pounds. Xiao Zhao’s job every day is to deal with the computer. When he is busy, there is no time to go to the toilet, and there is little exercise. On the evening of February 13th, it was rare to get off work early. Xiao Zhao went home and simply ate after dinner. He sat on the sofa and played with his mobile phone to watch the video. At 7 or 8 in the evening, Xiao Zhao suddenly felt the chest faint, thinking it was tired, shutting down the phone and preparing to rest early.
    health City Express 02-24 13:55
  • Combs are something that each of us is doing every day. Frequently combing our hair has many benefits for our body. What are the specific benefits? Let's take a look at Xiaobian! Frequently combing the hair, the benefits come naturally. 1. The brain is the most important part of our body. Using a comb to comb the hair often can clear the meridians, play a role in promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and can also help improve the nutrition of the scalp and the skull.
    health 39 health net 02-24 07:37
  • In daily life, we can often hear "to eat like a king in the morning, to eat like a civilian at noon, to eat like a cockroach at night". This image of food distribution has been recognized by many people. However, in the traditional concept of many people, dinner is still very important, especially nowadays many people are busy with work during the day and can't eat well. Most of them choose to have big fish and meat at night, and many people are keen to eat late at night. . In fact, eating too much at night, too greasy or too rich is a short-lived method that is very harmful to the body.
    health 39 health net 02-24 07:24
  • Zeng Wenzheng said: The mediocrity of the ancient and modern worlds is defeated by a lazy character. The talents of the world are all defeated by a proud word. In fact, no matter "the mediocrity" or the "talented person", the fire of life can not withstand the "indolence" of wet wood, and can not stand the "arrogant" rain. Life is in diligence, no matter what. The beginning of life is nothing but a ridiculous open space. The mature rice in the wilderness is mostly empty shells, and the ones who bend down and have a real life. People's life is not like the process of growing rice, only with a hardworking, humble heart can harvest good.
    health Confucian style everyone 02-24 07:05
  • 1. Parents have a kind of person. Whenever they call, they always wear more clothes. Pay attention to safety and take care of themselves. Sometimes, you will feel that they are embarrassed, but the heart is very warm. This kind of person is called a parent. 2, brothers and sisters have a kind of person, grew up with you, will bicker with you, will grab toys with you, but when you encounter something, always stand up to protect you. When you were young, you were reporting small reports to your parents every day. When you grew up, you are very glad that you and they are a family. Such people are called brothers and sisters.
    health Love micro help 02-24 06:08
  • When it comes to the value of acquaintances, many people will ridicule that "long-lost" is not as good as before. These may be unintentional jokes, not really mocking each other's faces. But in reality some people really have this situation - it used to look good, it is not so good now. In addition to genes or other established factors, this "value change" has a lot to do with personal habits. 1. Chewing on one side Some people use only one side of the teeth to chew when they eat.
    health Family doctor magazine 02-23 06:15
  • I believe that everyone pursues and has a healthy body and a strong body. This is what everyone calls longevity. But do you know that if you don't pay attention to the following points in your life, it will probably shorten your life. Then let's talk about the bad habits that will shorten your life. 1. Eat too much.
    health Family doctor online 02-23 06:11
  • Nowadays, both men and women, in the face of life pressure, they will choose some methods of decompression, and smoking is a common type. For smokers, smoking can play a role in decompression, but it is undeniable. Smoking can cause a series of harm to the body. With the popularity of smoking hazards, many old smokers now have the idea of ​​quitting smoking. If you want to quit smoking, what age is the best time to quit smoking? What age is the best time to quit smoking? There are many people who don't know what age they should quit smoking.
    health 39 health net 02-23 06:06
  • Only with a healthy body can you work and live well. Now people pay more attention to their physical health. Many people use some simple therapeutic methods to maintain their bodies. However, if there are some obvious signs on the body, it means that there are not too many diseases and good health. You can also do this in advance. One understanding. Whether the body is healthy, see six signs, nails, red nails can quickly reflect the health of the body, because the nails are inextricably linked with some organs of the human body.
    health 39 health net 02-23 06:05

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