• On September 29th, according to media reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk published the first tweet after being sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), but the content was to apologize to the supporters. As shown, Musk told supporters that I am sorry that your Tesla has encountered difficulties in delivery due to too many deliveries. He also said that Tesla should prove to the outside world that the company's mission of environmental sustainability is financially sustainable. In another tweet, Musk also thanked Tesla's supporters for helping to deliver cars around the world.
    Technology TechWeb 09-29 11:21
  • On September 28th, according to media reports, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Tesla CEO Elon Musk on charges of misleading investors, but Tesla and the company's directors said They will support Musk. In a brief joint statement, Tesla and his board of directors stated that they are "confident" about Musk himself, his integrity and his leadership of the company. The statement also stated that Tesla's focus is still on increasing the production of Model3 and “serving our customers, shareholders and employees”.
    Technology TechWeb 09-28 15:55
  • Last year's National Day, well-known actor Han Xue in the microblogging shelling Ctrip ticket bundled sales, causing people to pay attention to the phenomenon of ticket tying again, then the China Consumers Association intervened, Ctrip urgently rectified ticket products. Now that one year has passed, the ticket tying phenomenon has been alleviated, and train tickets and bus tickets still have problems such as default tying. Recently, Mr. Hong showed Mr. Hong to TechWeb a bus ticket from Beijing to Henan Jixian on September 30. The Ctrip APP showed a fare of 130 yuan, but in the end it actually paid 152 yuan, of which 20 yuan was insurance, 2 Yuan is the service fee.
    Technology TechWeb 09-28 14:03
  • Recently, Audi announced that its E-tron pure electric SUV models have more than 10,000 orders, coupled with the emergence of new energy-building forces, electric vehicles have become the trend. However, for electric vehicles, the biggest problem is battery life and charging. The existing electric vehicles generally have insufficient battery life and the charging speed is slow. Audi said that by 2020, the company's electric models can be filled with 80% of electricity in 12 minutes, and solve the problem of charging efficiency, so that the charging of electric vehicles is as convenient as refueling.
    Technology TechWeb 09-28 13:45
  • On September 28th, the reform of the three major operators “lifting the net speed reduction fee” has been more than three years, and many netizens felt the changes in the 4G era. Now the latest news, in the 2018 China International Information and Communication Exhibition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said: "In the past three years, the network fee has dropped by 90%, and the accumulated cost reduction has exceeded 130 billion yuan." According to CCTV news reports, the forum “Deeply promote the network to speed up and reduce costs and accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy development” was successfully held at the China International Information and Communication Exhibition in 2018.
    Technology TechWeb 09-28 13:41
  • On September 27th, recently, on the Internet, Xiaomi Company refused to abide by the "community with Lei," and promised that "rice powder" sued for compensation. The news caused many netizens to pay attention. "Yifen" Mr. Yang was based on contract disputes. Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. was brought to the court and asked Xiaomi to fulfill the promise of “communicating with Lei,” and compensated for notary fees and attorney fees totaling 24,000 yuan. Today, Xiaomi officially responded to this. Xiaomi said that last year the company organized a "mobile phone sales, and thunder total dinner" activities for Xiaomi store sales channels.
    Technology TechWeb 09-27 17:21
  • According to media reports, according to media reports, the trading platform Lyft doubled its revenue in the first half of this year, but still failed to achieve profitability. The net loss exceeded 370 million US dollars. According to sources, Lyft’s revenue for the first half of this year was $909 million, double the amount in the same period last year. However, compared to competitor Uber, Lyft's gap is still very obvious.
    Technology TechWeb 09-27 17:07
  • On September 27th, it was reported that when iPhoneXS and iPhoneXSMax were released last Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook had visited the retail store in Palo Alto in the San Francisco Bay Area to celebrate the launch of the new iPhone, but unfortunately Yes, the Apple retail store was stolen twice in less than 12 hours on weekends, and the value of stolen products exceeded $100,000.
    Technology TechWeb 09-27 16:16
  • On September 27th, it was reported that Panasonic is taking steps to help Elon Musk solve the "production hell" problem that plagues Model3. Panasonic proposes to add three battery production lines to Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada by the end of this year. Yoshio Ito, head of Panasonic's car business, said in an interview in Tokyo on Tuesday that Panasonic's current goal is to complete the plan ahead of schedule.
    Technology TechWeb 09-27 16:11
  • On September 27th, according to media reports, the Boston RR auction company auctioned a first-generation Apple computer Apple-1 this week, with a final auction price of $375,000. This computer was one of the 175 computers that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak produced in a garage in Silicon Valley at the beginning of Apple's establishment in 1976-1977. In the 1970s, the ByteShop computer store in Mountain View, Calif., sold the computer for $666.66.
    Technology TechWeb 09-27 15:58
  • On September 27th, today, some media reported that from the beginning of this year to the present, after the D-round, investors began to transfer the original shares of Didi, and the takeover was Softbank China Capital. In this regard, Li Min, vice president of Didi's travel, said in a circle of friends that "Drip has always strictly prohibited private trading options. Without the company's permission, any private transactions can't get the protection it deserves. The company has no management or Application or record of employee trading options.
    Technology TechWeb 09-27 15:05
  • On September 27, Hong Kong stock company TCL Electronics announced this morning that the board of directors announced on September 21, 2018, Shenzhen TCL Digital (a subsidiary of TCL Electronics) and TCL Corporation, Ningbo Juge Yingrui, Ningbo Xingxing Jiuli, Shenzhen Huaxing Optoelectronics (a subsidiary of TCL Corporation) and other agreements to sign joint ventures, the parties agreed to jointly fund the establishment of joint ventures. As shown in the screenshot of the TCL electronic bulletin, the registered capital of the joint venture is RMB 100 million.
    Technology TechWeb 09-27 14:39
  • Winners apparel group should be regarded as the earliest customer of Nutanix in China. The cooperation between the two parties began in 2013. Winners' apparel, which is located in the domestic high-end women's wear market, is facing the adjustment and adaptation period of rapid market expansion and operational management improvement. In the words of Wu Qingye, vice president of Winners Fashion Group, “Winners want to seize this opportunity and break through, To develop into an industry leader, we must focus on customer needs, focus on product innovation, and further improve the accurate docking and rapid operational responsiveness of the market and design terminals through technical means such as lT.
    Technology Digital business era 09-27 14:23
  • When people have just tasted the sweetness of the 4G LTE mobile network, they have already remembered the upcoming 5G benefits, and even started the more advanced 6G (sixth generation mobile communication network) technology. But 5G haven't seen everyone yet, is 6G already here? What will 6G be like? According to Charter, the second-largest broadband service provider in the United States, they also launched "6G" related tests while testing 5G.
    Technology Zhongguancun Online 09-27 14:20
  • According to the news of Haidian Court Network, the plaintiff, Mr. Zhao, said that he borrowed 2,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan respectively through the online loan platform operated by a technology company. Due to the falseness of the borrowing target issued by the platform, Mr. Zhao will be The company sued the court and, at the same time, on the grounds of failing to fulfill the capital contribution obligation, the company’s shareholder a consulting company was sued together, requesting the second defendant to return the property of 12,000 yuan and interest.
    Technology TechWeb 09-27 14:19
  • On September 27, at the 2018 Lenovo Innovation and Technology Conference, Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, said that the intelligent transformation structure consisting of three elements: data, computing power and algorithm is being formed. The three elements can be combined and combined to produce Change the power of the world. Lenovo is one of the few companies that can consistently leverage the assets of all intelligent elements. Yang Yuanqing mentioned that in the intelligent transformation, Lenovo will provide users with smarter, intelligent IoT devices that can seamlessly connect to cloud content, cloud applications and cloud services.
    Technology TechWeb 09-27 14:16
  • According to media reports, 21st Century Fox (21st CenturyFox, referred to as Fox) said on Wednesday that it plans to transfer its European TV company SkyPLC shares to Comcast, the largest cable operator in the United States. Comcast defeated Fox with a bid of nearly $40 billion in a bidding war against Sky last Saturday and won a controlling stake in Sky.
    Technology TechWeb 09-27 14:13
  • On September 26, investment banking and investment management company Huaxing Capital announced this morning that the Hong Kong IPO (initial public offering) issuance price is set at HK$31.8 and will be listed tomorrow. Huaxing Capital Announcement Net Proceeds from the Global Offering The Group is said to be based on the offer price of HK$31.80 per Offer Share. After deducting the underwriting fees and commissions and the estimated expenses related to the Company's global offering, it is estimated that the Company will charge the global fee. The net proceeds from the Offer were approximately HK$2,529.4 million.
    Technology TechWeb 09-26 15:08
  • On September 26th, the autopilot sensor company Lunewave completed a $5 million seed round financing, led by FraserMcCombsCapital (FMC), BMW iVenture, Baidu Ventures and Yuanzhan Capital. Funds will be used to accelerate the development of innovative radar and antenna technologies in the areas of driverless, 5G communications and aerospace. It is understood that Lunewwave was founded in 2017, is a company that develops innovative millimeter-wave radar for radar and radar sensor technology.
    Technology Uncommon business 09-26 14:08
  • On September 26th, the smart accounting service enterprise's smart account announced the completion of the C round of financing. This round of financing was led by Gaocheng Capital and Xiaomi Group over-invested. The C round financing Financing Account did not disclose the specific financing amount, only “exceeding the sum of the previous rounds of financing”. According to public reports, the account has received 150 rounds of A round and 400 million yuan of round B financing. In addition, the previous accounting account also received pre-$25 million in preA and additional investment in the national minority. According to this calculation, the amount of financing for the C-round of the accounting account exceeds 600 million yuan, and the record of the single financing scale in the fiscal and taxation service field is refreshed.
    Technology TechWeb 09-26 14:07

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