• Following the slogan “limited salary” initiated by the website platform and the producers, the practice of limiting the artist’s sky-high pay has now spread to the field of variety. Recently, some media revealed that "from the informed sources, we will strictly control the pay of the variety show artists. The total pay per artist for each show cannot exceed 800,000. The pay of the resident guests for one season can not exceed 10 million." The investigation, the claim of the salary limit of the variety show is not groundless, but it has been done and has been implemented for a long time.
    Financial management Shanghai Hotline 14 hours ago
  • The variety salary limit order was released. Previously, the actor’s sky-high pay was limited, and there was a voice ridiculing “a variety show that can make money quickly without acting.” Today, this “refuge” is about to disappear. The practice of limiting the artist’s sky-high pay has spread to the field of variety. According to relevant sources, the restrictions on the variety of artist shows have been issued as early as two months ago. According to the standard of "restricted salary order", the single-player single-player pays no more than 800,000 yuan, and the resident's one-time program has a total pay of no more than 10 million. This standard has a significant gap compared to the previous market price.
    Financial management Prospective network 15 hours ago
  • Taiwan’s famous singer Fei Yuqing publicly published a personal letter to the local media on the morning of the 27th, announcing that he will officially retreat after the 2019 tour concert, ending the 45th year of performing arts work. He said that the main reason for deciding to retire is that the death of his parents made him feel lost in life, so he wanted to stop and enjoy the scenery of life.
    Financial management Beiqing Net 15 hours ago
  • Xiaofei Fei Yuqing issued a personal letter at noon on September 27th. After the tour in 2019, he will officially withdraw from the entertainment industry. Many fans are reluctant and shocked. Sina Entertainment called Fei Yuqing, the agent of Ms. Yi, who revealed that Fei Yuqing’s idea of ​​retire was actually brewing for a long time. It was a “recent” official decision to withdraw from the entertainment circle after the tour next year. She said: “He sang for decades, we are fully committed Supporting his decision, he wants to live a life without any help.
    Financial management Pacific Fashion Network 16 hours ago
  • According to media reports, the highly popular domestic drama "Severe Military Division Sima Yi" was deeply involved in litigation cases due to the issue of income distribution. Several major investors in the show, including Wu Xiubo and a number of film and television listed companies, have lost their legality in the performance of their earnings. It is reported that the chief of the "Sima Yi", Zhang Jian, a legal representative of Wu Xiubo, was also criminally detained for his private seal. The "Major Sima Yi" starring Wu Xiubo has won a good reputation since its broadcast in 2017, and won the Flying Award for outstanding TV drama.
    Financial management Shanghai Hotline 18 hours ago
  • Recently, for Wu Xiubo, it is an entertainer on the cusp. For him, it is not unexpected to be concerned, and it is not unexpected to be popular, but because personal life is highly concerned, that is another matter. Or, it is unexpected. Because Wu Xiubo’s people were set up, it was still very warm. And his face value and appearance also give the impression of a sunny uncle. If the news is true, then Wu Xiubo’s people must be broken. However, things like this have not yet been settled, that is to say, the truth and falsehood of things are still unknown.
    Financial management Wanjia Hotline 18 hours ago
  • Luxury homes are still far away for many people. Even if you are a luxury home, you can buy a house of more than 100m2 in a city with better economy. It is quite good. The mansion is basically the standard of the rich. In China, there is such a strange place, the lowest price of a luxury home is more than 20 million, which is really amazing. Although the price of luxury homes here is ranked highest in the world, under these appearances, the per capita living area here is only 15m2, which is quite embarrassing. On one side is a mansion, while the average area of ​​everyone is so low.
    Financial management Rainy travel 09-27 06:50
  • Now the community is getting bigger and bigger, there are dozens of buildings, and there are hundreds of buildings. In the same community, how to choose the building? Which one will have a higher price/performance ratio? Do you know all of this? When you choose a building, everyone will think of the king, the king of the building is the best location of the whole community and all the conditions are the best, but the building king is generally built in the later period, and the house price must be the highest in the whole community. So it is possible to miss other good choices in order to wait for the king. Then, when you come to buy a house today, how to choose a building to discuss it! First of all, is the community with a small volume worth buying?
    Financial management Jetta News 09-27 06:42
  • Chinese culture is profound and colorful, and it is the main body of the East Asian cultural circle and plays an important role in the world cultural system. China has a total of 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities, and 2 special administrative regions.
    Financial management Big head is not big 09-27 06:21
  • Being a man has a life. Some people, good lives, some people, bitter lives. Aside from the special background, people born on the same conditions alone may have different trajectories of their own lives because of their characteristics. Among them, these three kinds of people are the most typical. These three different personality traits will result in different fates, and may also form a fixed number for their own life endings. So, what kinds of people are these three kinds of people? Which of their three different fates is the most ideal? The first type: people with too hard personality, the fate is the most bumpy.
    Financial management Yulu article network 09-26 07:46
  • Life is not worthy of the world, but there are no two or three. From this point of view, the old saying "to be uncomfortable, not to be human" is so philosophical. if I get it I am lucky, but if not, it is fate. Although the things that people have summed up are so touching, they can face the trivial life. People seem to turn the true knowledge they have practice into cannon fodder in minutes, and they disappear instantly. These people are misunderstood or psychological habits that should be overcome. Many people understand that there are very few people who can avoid these misunderstandings.
    Financial management Yulu article network 09-25 07:13
  • In the first half of 2018, real estate regulation and control policies continued to actively suppress irrational demand, while emphasizing the expansion and implementation of “effective supply”. However, the supply and demand situation in the market is still relatively tight in the short term. The transaction area of ​​new housing market in key cities continued to shrink, and the first-tier cities in each city led the decline; the transaction area of ​​new houses in the third- and fourth-tier cities also declined, but the absolute scale was still at a historically high level. Authorities in the industry said that the long-term regulation cycle is a good thing for the urgently needed people who need to buy a house. However, the stability of housing prices does not mean that there is a significant decline in market space.
    Financial management Jiafeng Reid 09-24 06:25
  • Although there are many capitalists with innate advantages in capital, the investment strategy of the day after tomorrow is also a key factor. I have been asked by countless people, "How to retire in the investment market." My answer is "One will be a smash!". Previously, the author mentioned that “in the investment market, you can read more professional books and test some professional tests after you have retired.” If this strategy is to be implemented by most people, it will be It’s time to change the strategy, but at the moment, it’s worth sharing. Keep good thoughts, not "Linze and fish."
    Financial management Jiafeng Reid 09-24 06:25
  • How to make a good investment in family finance? How to develop a financial plan that suits your family? How to choose the financial investment method suitable for your family? All of this is really professional and complicated for ordinary individuals and families. Financial management is risky, and accidental care can lead to financial losses. If you can help you manage your financial investment plan with the help of a suitable family financial planner, you will be able to reduce your investment risk and achieve stable and value-added wealth.
    Financial management Jiafeng Reid 09-24 06:25
  • Any family should establish a correct concept of financial management to prevent the adverse consequences caused by the risk. The worst case of a family is that due to accidents or illness, both husband and wife lose all or part of their ability to earn income, even in the short term, it will bring great problems to the family. In order to prevent such risks, how to plan for high-income family financial management cases? The 42-year-old Mr. Fang is an executive of a company in Shanghai with an annual salary of one million. The company purchased pension insurance and major illness insurance for him.
    Financial management Jiafeng Reid 09-24 06:25
  • Her sister shared an article with everyone: Friends circled up: For the second birth of the national birth, are you willing? In order to "coercion and inducement", the country has thought a lot of ways to have children. However, from the point of view of public opinion, it does not obviously motivate the will of everyone to have children. Everyone generally believes that it is too expensive to have children and cannot afford to live. Why are you getting married and having children? Is the phone not fun? Or is the TV not good? At the same time, everyone is more willing to choose to raise a dog, a cat, it seems that no money, carefully calculated, the cost is also a lot.
    Financial management Her wealth management network 09-24 06:25
  • Financial freedom is the biggest pit. 01 The word financial freedom has been on fire for a long time in the workplace. You can often hear all kinds of rich myths: Who bought the stock, bought it at a low price, and now it has risen many times, and the price has turned over; who is who? Resigned as a public account, now worth more than 100 million; who and who, seized the vent, invested in bitcoin, rich for half a year. The final outcome, without exception, is the realization of financial freedom.
    Financial management Looking forward to the Oriental Weekly 09-24 06:25
  • Recently, Shanghai Yangpu District has introduced a new talent policy, and will provide a subsidy of up to 100,000 yuan for high-level talents in the blockchain. Coincidentally, Hong Kong has added blockchain talents to the list of outstanding talent entry schemes. When applying for immigration to Hong Kong, these talents are eligible for a maximum of 30 points. It is not difficult to see from these preferential policies that local governments have joined the blockchain talents battle. In the talent market, enterprises recruited blockchain talents, and the annual salary is hundreds of thousands.
    Financial management Suning Financial Research Institute 09-24 06:25
  • Drawing on Munger's multi-thinking model, he combed out Buffett's four important investment ideas, which is what they repeatedly said. 1. The effective part of the market model price is not always fair equal to the value, when the price is far below his value, you should shoot. The Chicago School's Market Effective Hypothesis Theory has created a well-known saying: "You can't beat the market" - whenever the stock price is reasonable, the price equals value. This has also become a favorable tool for index fund sales.
    Financial management Jiafeng Reid 09-23 06:40
  • In the past two days, many netizens have left a message in the background, saying that a lot of money management from the media is recommending a “6.8% current period”. Can you buy it? The titles are all of this style: the messages under these articles, many netizens believe that the replacement of Yu'ebao has come, buy and buy. Talk about this today. The author looked at the product sales page: A platform introduction: B platform introduction: At first glance, it is really a high-yield current period.
    Financial management Public financial advisor 09-23 06:40

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