• Tourism can be a wonderful person, it can also be the happiness of two people. Walk through the city and see all the scenery. The boat passed through thousands of mountains, and the apes shouted and screamed. Laos is named “the best tourist destination in the world” and the top three tourists in Laos are Thailand, Vietnam and China. Chinese tourists are very curious about this country. Laos, whose economic power is weak, has been relying on neighboring countries for years. It is also considered to be the poorest country in Asia. Farmers there live in grass houses, there is no road in the country, and transportation is very inconvenient.
    tourism Li said 22 hours ago
  • Lin Xinru, her starring TV series "Jingzhu Gege" and "Love Deep Rain" are very good TV series, and later appeared in "beauty", acting is also worthy of recognition, but recently people set up collapse, a bit embarrassing. Liu Shishi, acting is also a very good one, her starring "step by step startling" ratings simply burst the table, but also let Liu Shishi step into the ranks of actresses.
    tourism National Entertainment 123 23 hours ago
  • California, California, USA: The name is derived from the name of a small island in the Spanish legend. Located in the southwestern United States, the landscape is rich and varied. The winding coastline is lined with beaches, cliffs, pastures and mountains, and is known as the “Gold Coast”. Because the seasons are like spring, the scenery is too beautiful, not only attracts a large number of Chinese immigrants to settle down, but also a destination for world tourists.
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  • Xinjiang Urumqi Diwopu International Airport, the word "Diwobao" is a bit cheesy for many foreigners. In fact, it is of special significance to Xinjiang. Of course, it is not as good as some airports. . Hunan Changsha Huanghua International Airport, as the largest aviation hub in Hunan, is not as domineering as Tianhe Airport in Wuhan, the next province. Inner Mongolia Baotou Erliban Airport, for the first time, I thought it was only two and a half miles from the urban area? Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport, Liaoning Province, as the international garden city, the capital of romance, the name of this airport is not romantic at all.
    tourism Feifei’s journey story 09-26 07:32
  • Nowadays, many people go out to travel and do not deliberately avoid the noisy city. Instead, they want to see the bustling city. In China, if the economy is developed, it should belong to Shanghai. In recent years, Shanghai has attracted many tourists, and it has also driven its economy to develop more rapidly. It is located in the west bank of the Pacific Ocean, the eastern edge of the Asian continent, the front edge of the Yangtze River Delta, the East China Sea in the east, the Hangzhou Bay in the south, the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in the west, and the Yangtze River in the north. The unique geographical location makes Shanghai a historical change. Instead, they can seize the opportunity and continue to create glory.
    tourism Snail travel 09-26 06:39
  • The only international tourism city in China that is recognized as a beautiful city, do you know where it is? If you ask where is the only recognized international tourist city in China, I wonder if you can't answer it at the moment? Today we will go to this international tourist city to see its style! This city is - Guilin. Guilin is located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of the northeastern Guangxi region and belongs to the mountainous hilly region.
    tourism Happy travel theory 09-26 06:09
  • As a country with the scarcity of natural resources, abundant water is Switzerland's most precious treasure. The land area of ​​Switzerland is not large, but there are traces of rivers and lakes everywhere in the territory, and there are many fountains in public places. Switzerland has the reputation of a European water tower. Nearly 6% of Europe's freshwater resources come from Switzerland, but due to climate warming and melting glaciers, lakes and rivers in Switzerland continue to increase. Lake Neuchâtel is the largest lake in Switzerland. If you exclude a lake that is completely within the territory, Geneva, the junction of Switzerland and France, is the largest lake.
    tourism Xin Xin Tu said 09-25 06:59
  • In China, the development of cities nowadays is very rapid. This is the development trend. All cities are competing for development. A little carelessness may be far away from other cities, but development is development, and the general city What is the level of development, and what level of people's living consumption is in it. It cannot be said that the level of development of the city is only the level of consumption in a third-tier city, but it has reached the level of the first line. However, there is such a city in China, and people who come here are very sad.
    tourism Memories of warm winds 09-25 06:52
  • Nauru is the only country in the world that does not have a capital, and although this country has the reputation of Paradise Island, it is also the smallest island country in the world, only 24 square kilometers, and a county in our country is estimated to be spiked. Not only in the area spike, but also in the country's economy, the annual GDP of only 47.5 million US dollars is equivalent to more than 300 million yuan, and a good county in China is estimated to be this figure. Located in the Micronesian archipelago in the Midwest of the South Pacific Ocean, Nauru is the smallest island nation in the world with an area of ​​only 24 square kilometers.
    tourism Lane car 09-25 06:31
  • Daxing'anling is located in the Daxinganling area of ​​Heilongjiang Province and the northeastern part of Hulunbeier City in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is also the watershed of the Inner Mongolia Plateau and the Songliao Plain. The virgin forest here is very dense and the scenery is fascinating all year round. Especially the scenery in winter is the most attractive. The silver-clad, blue sky and white clouds make people feel relaxed and happy. The tree turned white, and it became a silver-packed, powdery and jade-like forest, and a beautiful scene with the blue natural sky. The scenery of the Tianshan tree is beautiful.
    tourism Modest and self-cultivated 09-23 06:40
  • Under normal circumstances, age spots begin to appear in the 40s and 50s. As long as you pay attention to the details of life in daily life, you can prolong the time of long age spots. How to prevent age spots? What are the best ways to prevent age spots? 1, diet prevention eat more antioxidant-rich foods such as vitamin c, carotene, selenium, these nutrients can be obtained from carrots, black food, sweet potatoes, fresh vegetables and fruits. 15 mg of carotene, 600 mg of vitamin C, 200 mg of vitamin E, and 150 g of trace element selenium are added daily.
    tourism Family doctor online 09-22 06:30
  • All along, there is always an idea, waiting for financial freedom, just looking for a few places in the field, staying for a half year each year, and then going home to wait. So, which places are best for livability and a good place for a holiday? When such a problem arises, it is estimated that it is another controversy. Today, I am going to talk about the six cities that I think are the most suitable for living. If you are different from what you think, you can tell your own opinion and the livable city you are looking for in the message area. Sanya mentioned Sanya, and many people may think that this is not a place to live, although the tourism here is very popular.
    tourism Driving the world 09-22 06:24
  • Many people have always hated some cities, and I feel that some scenic spots are really too disappointing. From the perspective of the scenic spot, it is also very embarrassing. With so many people receiving every day, there are so many staff members, and the scenic spot is so big. It is really impossible to lose sight of it. However, there are also some cities where the number of tourists is large and can even be described as crowded, but many friends who have come to these cities are very fond of these places.
    tourism Driving the world 09-22 06:15
  • Autumn is here, and it is the best season for travel in a year. Traveling is always a pleasant thing, no matter where you go. However, the favorite of the youngest brother is also the most wanted to go, is to go to a strange place, lazy, unrestricted drinking tea, look at the scenery. Wander around, watch the scenery and experience the life of the locals. Being lazy on the road is actually the most comfortable. In China, there are two places that the leisure brothers feel that they are most suitable for this type of travel. One is Chengdu, which is lazy, and the other is Lijiang, where many people feel that business is serious. why? And listen to me in detail.
    tourism Driving the world 09-22 06:10
  • This is China's new first-tier city, and its rise is very fast! Is it your hometown? We have a lot of land in China. Naturally, there are many cities in China. Do you know how many cities are there in China? There are 661 cities. Some of these cities have developed very well, while others have developed slightly behind. If we are the best city in mainland China, we must talk about four first-tier cities, and go north and deep. The development of these four cities has always been good, but many cities are also close behind and do not want to be left behind.
    tourism Perfect hair 09-20 07:00
  • Laojun Mountain was called Jingwu Mountain in ancient times. It is said that the Taoist ancestor Laozi once succumbed to cultivation here, and Laojun Mountain was named after it, and was later named as “the famous mountain in the world”. During the Northern Wei Dynasty, the power-holders at that time commemorated Laozi’s construction of a temple here. Since then, Laojun Mountain has become a Taoist holy land in China. Every year, many pilgrims come to worship, and the incense is very strong. It really is the sentence that Liu Yuxi wrote in the ages: the mountain is not high, and the fairy is famous. The main attractions of Laojun Mountain include Laojun Temple, Yuhuangding, Xianren Bridge, Mazhaoling and Sheya Cliff.
    tourism Travel book 09-20 06:53
  • Speaking of the city of Nanjing, people's first impressions will be the new first-tier cities, the ancient capitals of the Six Dynasties and the provincial capital of Jiangsu. But I don't know if you know that Nanjing was once a municipality in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and it has the same status as cities such as Shanghai and Tianjin. However, Nanjing was later appointed as the provincial capital of Jiangsu Province and became the first municipality in China to be revoked. The old Nanjing, known as Jinling, is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. Nanjing was once the land of many dynasties. It is known as the “Guidu Ancient Capital of the Six Dynasties” and is known as the four ancient capitals of China with Xi'an, Beijing and Luoyang.
    tourism Riding a snail to travel 09-20 06:41
  • When you go to Vietnam to do business or travel, the beauty of Vietnam is everywhere. They are enthusiastic and active, and they especially like to recruit Chinese people, especially Chinese men. Vietnamese women live in the south, and the girls born are more watery and beautiful. Vietnam is located in the eastern part of the Indo-China Peninsula in Southeast Asia, bordering China's Guangxi and Yunnan in the north. West is bordered by Laos and Cambodia. It has a narrow territory and covers an area of ​​about 330,000 square kilometers. It is adjacent to the South China Sea.
    tourism Phoenix Oriental Finance 09-20 06:29
  • The strangest town in the world, not repairing roads for more than 700 years, not buying cars, slow days, enjoying nature! The quiet and beautiful environment is full of birds and flowers, and the lodge has a fairytale atmosphere. It is so simple, but so serene, as if sleeping in the side of God. Located in the north of the Netherlands, Giethoorn has a history of more than 700 years. There are no cars or roads, but a canal and 176 bridges. The local travel tool is the oldest pole boat. Due to the geographical location here, both the postman and the marriage are completed by boat.
    tourism Happy travel theory 09-19 07:15
  • If you mention the world's largest city, what do you think of? Some people may say whether it is New York in the United States or London in the United Kingdom, and these cities have strong global influence. But in fact, the answer is no, not New York or London, and now the first title is Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is Japan's political, economic, cultural and transportation center and is the undisputed city in Asia. Tokyo is located at the southern end of the Kanto Plain in Honshu Island, Japan. It is the capital and largest city of Japan and the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of Japan.
    tourism Little plum has something to say 09-19 07:03

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