• According to the global electric vehicle sales data released by the EVSales website, global electric vehicle registrations surged 76% year-on-year to around 172,000 in August, almost close to the highest sales record set in December 2017 (174,000 units). Thanks to strong sales in August, the global sales of electric vehicles exceeded 1 million units in the first eight months of this year, a 69% year-on-year increase, making the global electric vehicle market still expected to reach an annual target of 2 million units this year.
    car Gasgoo 09-30 13:05
  • According to media reports, on September 29, local time, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said it had reached a settlement agreement with Tesla. According to the agreement, Elon Musk continued to serve as the chief executive of Tesla, but to resign as chairman of the board, and he and the company will pay a fine of 40 million US dollars. The SEC alleged that Musk agreed to the allegations of securities fraud he filed last week and withdrew from the Tesla board within 45 days.
    car Gasgoo 09-30 11:29
  • When a dream collides with reality, what kind of embarrassment will it take? After the barbaric growth of the automotive industry, it is now facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Under the new four, the new influx of new cars, and with the full liberalization of the joint-stock ratio, foreign brands will enter the market. Competition will become more and more intense. In the past three months, the growth rate of the Chinese auto market has continued to decline, and even negative growth has occurred.
    car Gasgoo 09-30 11:27
  • According to media reports, the 57-year-old Audi technology research and development director Peter Mertens left Audi for physical reasons. Audi announced that Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler, the quality assurance director of the Volkswagen Group, will replace Mertens as Audi's director of technology research and development. In a statement issued by Audi on September 28th, Herbert Dies, chairman of the Volkswagen Group's chief executive officer, said, "We are very sorry about the departure of Mertens.
    car Gasgoo 09-29 10:31
  • Driven by multiple factors such as policies, regulations, markets, and technologies, China's new energy auto industry is showing unprecedented prosperity. According to the latest statistics, from January to August this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles completed 607,000 and 601,000 respectively, up 75.4% and 88% respectively year on year, with strong growth. Relevant experts predict that with the continued success of various positives, it is expected that the sales of new energy vehicles in China will exceed one million units in the first 2018, reaching 1.1 million units, and will continue to rise in the future.
    car Gasgoo 09-29 10:29
  • According to reports, Nissan Motor Co. said that it has a very low awareness of the importance of vehicle inspection standards and regulations, resulting in improper measurement of exhaust emissions and fuel economy of Japanese-made vehicles. Nissan Motor said in July that its final vehicle inspections at most factories in Japan did not meet domestic standards for exhaust gas emissions and fuel economy samples. This is a case of misconduct in the second inspection process that was discovered in less than a year. In the case of this violation of the inspection standards, similar incidents occurred in the past year.
    car World Wide Web 09-29 08:04
  • Daimler will usher in the first 133-year history of non-German, non-engineer background, non-doctoral/professor title, how did Kang Linsong do it? On September 26, Daimler Group announced that the current Daimler Group responsible for the group and Mercedes-Benz brand research and development board member Kang Linsong will be held in Berlin on May 22, 2019 after the Daimler Group annual shareholders meeting, succeeded Cai Che Ph.D., head of Daimler Group and Mercedes-Benz brand.
    car Car business review 09-28 13:18
  • According to the statistical analysis of the new car traffic insurance data of August in the Geshi Automobile Research Institute, the sales volume of domestic narrow-seat passenger cars (statistical categories: cars, SUVs, MPVs) in August 2018 was 1,739,967, up 6% month-on-month. Affected by the macroeconomic downturn and the adjustment of the automobile market cycle, the auto market has weak growth compared with the environmental impact of financial deleveraging. In August, it fell 11.8% year-on-year. This paper mainly analyzes the passenger car retail market in August from the sales charts of provinces, car companies, models and new energy vehicles.
    car Gasgoo 09-28 13:09
  • According to reports, Audi said that by 2020, Audi electric models will be able to quickly charge to 80% in less than 12 minutes. Audi has just released its first pure electric vehicle, the E-tron SUV, which uses its 150 kW fast charger, which is now available across Europe, to charge 80% in 30 minutes. However, as part of the Ionity charging network jointly owned by companies such as Audi, BMW, Ford and Mercedes, these 150 kW chargers already have a 350 kW charging function.
    car World Wide Web 09-28 07:57
  • Today, in the field of car travel, we have added a new army. Just now, the company has joined hands. This time we will enter the network of the car market. It is reported that today Zotye and Ford Smart Travel signed a final joint venture agreement in Shanghai, each of which invested 50% to establish Zhongtai Ford Intelligent Travel Technology Co., Ltd. The new joint venture company will provide a comprehensive "one-stop service" for China's network car operators and network car drivers, including pure electric car rental, fleet management solutions, intelligent network and car infotainment services, but the new joint venture. The formal establishment of the company is subject to approval by relevant government agencies.
    car Gasgoo 09-28 00:50
  • At the "Golden September and Silver 10" National Day Cars Golden Week, a wide range of new cars are on the market, and dazzling financial policies and promotional advertisements also provide consumers with a more convenient way to buy cars. However, there are many sales traps in this. The Beijing News reporter will take stock of the common car traps from the four aspects of car selection, car purchase, insurance, and installment financial policy, so that you can avoid being deceived and happy to buy a car. Trap one: low-cost models have no developed car network today, many people buy cars to pick the car the first step is to search the relevant models from the network for comparison, and then go to the 4S shop to see the car.
    car Beijing News 09-27 14:00
  • The "11" holiday is approaching, many people will choose to travel by car. If you are a newbie and a new car, because of the lack of driving experience, self-driving tour is often more prone to unpredictable conditions. To this end, the Beijing News reporter summed up the three-point travel tips, I hope to help everyone happy to travel "11."
    car Beijing News 09-27 13:58
  • Yesterday, the results of the first batch of evaluation models of the China Insurance Automobile Safety Index (hereinafter referred to as the Safety Index) in 2018 were released. The index is based on the vehicle safety technology evaluation system of the actual vehicle crash test, which fills the gap of the domestic insurance model safety index. According to industry insiders, the appearance of the index is related to nearly 400 million drivers and may become an important factor in the determination of auto insurance rates in the future. This is a new vehicle factor factor that increases the pricing of auto insurance premium models after the vehicle zero ratio factor, the common parts burden index and the maintenance index have been released.
    car Shanghai Securities News 09-27 06:35
  • In August, the auto market was cold, the SUV dividends gradually subsided, and the ranking battle between independent brands became more and more fierce. Under this background, what is the performance of independent brands? SAIC passenger cars rushed into the first three August, the first-line marketing volume of independent brands changed: Geely ranked first, the Great Wall ranked second, and SAIC passenger cars pressed Changan Automobile ranked third.
    car Daily economic news 09-27 03:13
  • In August, the entire car market felt a chill. However, the luxury car market has maintained positive growth, especially in the second camp of luxury cars. Thanks to the downward adjustment of automobile import tariffs, Lexus grew by nearly 60% in August, and Volvo and Cadillac also maintained a double-digit growth rate. It is true that three quarters have passed in 2018. So, in the rest of the time, will the second-line luxury car market still have an anti-existence plot? The spree brought by the adjustment of import tax has not lost the enthusiasm for the consumption of luxury cars in the general environment of the automobile market.
    car Daily economic news 09-27 03:12
  • According to media reports, Porsche decided to abandon the diesel engine after a few years of trouble with the exhausting software. In addition to eliminating the production of diesel-equipped models, Porsche also decided to recall a large number of diesel vehicles that have already been sold. In the coming year, there will be many major events in the automotive industry. “The new card banquet is available in diesel,” said Porsche Chairman Oliver Bloommer, a German businessman’s report a year ago.
    car Phoenix car 09-26 13:23
  • According to reports, Chinese automaker Chery Automobile has chosen Germany as its "bridgehead" to enter Europe. Chery Automobile claims to be China's largest auto exporter, and the company intends to compete with the world's major automakers as soon as possible. Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Automobile, said, “To make Chery a global brand, we need to enter Europe.” In January next year, Chery’s newly established subsidiary, Chery Europe LLC, will be in Raunheim, a suburb of Frankfurt. The R&D Design Center is in operation and is located near the largest airport in Germany.
    car Gasgoo 09-26 13:15
  • The overall growth rate of domestic auto sales this year has declined, but the new energy auto market has risen against the trend. According to the data of the China Automobile Association, from January to August this year, the cumulative production and sales of new energy vehicles completed 607,000 and 601,000 respectively, up 75.4% and 88% respectively over the same period last year. However, behind the hot sales, the frequent occurrence of new energy vehicle safety accidents has also triggered widespread concern about the safety of the industry, and relevant departments have begun to introduce regulatory policies.
    car Gasgoo 09-26 13:12
  • Recently, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released the car sales in August. The data showed that the production and sales of automobiles in August decreased slightly compared with the same period of last year, and the inventory situation improved. In the month, the production and sales of automobiles were 2 million units and 2.103 million units respectively. The output decreased by 2.1% from the previous month, and the sales volume increased by 11.3% compared with the previous month. “In August, the production and sales data began to differentiate. The first double-digit growth in sales volume after several consecutive months of decline, mainly due to seasonal factors and the expected stability of the imported automobile policy, all created conditions for sales increase.
    car China Economic Times 09-26 01:54
  • "If electrification is the first half of the car revolution. Then the second half will be more intelligent and networked." This is the chairman of BYD this year's Beijing Auto Show, when talking about BYD's future "new car blueprint" A point of view. "In the second half of the layout, BYD's strategy is open," he said. On September 5th, BYD held a global developer conference, announcing that it will open all the sensor systems and execution systems of the car, giving developers the enthusiasm to activate the entire application ecosystem.
    car First finance 09-25 09:07

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