• In the early morning of Beijing time, Juventus star C Ronaldo was sent off in the Champions League. After Ronaldo was sent, the referee expert Andujar of Spain's "Marca" said in the live broadcast of Maca Radio that the referee had enough reason to sue Ronaldo. Andujar said: "C Ronaldo gave the referee a reason to punish him. First he infringed Murillo. Second, when Murillo fell to the ground, C Ronaldo went to lick his hair. This action makes the referee Made a decision to punish him.
    physical education People's Network 09-20 09:00
  • On New Year's Day this year, Liverpool spent a record high of 75 million pounds, bought Van Dyck from Southampton, and the team's central defender was immediately resolved. In the Champions League final, Liverpool goalkeeper Carius made two "world class" mistakes, so that the team can only hate Kiev. So this summer, Liverpool set a record high price of 72.5 million euros, from the Serie A Rome team to recruit Brazilian goalkeeper Alesund. These two changes in the staff who created their own transfer fee records gave Liverpool a reassuring line of defense. At the moment, Liverpool can attack and retreat, which is directly reflected in the record of the new season.
    physical education Information time 09-20 08:40
  • In the early morning of September 20th, Beijing time, the Group H of the Champions League group in the 2018-19 season began to compete, Juventus beat Valencia 2-0 away. Hedira was injured and the first red card in the Champions League was won. Cancello and Bonucci won the penalty and Pjanic scored twice. In the opening 4 minutes, Gas took the corner and Gabriel missed the header. Juventus missed the opportunity in the 11th minute, Bernadeschi took the ball from the left, C Ronaldo volleyed to play the Earth, and Manjukic was volleyed 7 meters from the door.
    physical education People's Network 09-20 08:34
  • First in the league, the Spurs fell, then yesterday morning in the Champions League 3:2 crit Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool has been like a European powerhouse, launched a rush to the peak. Liverpool's home court advantage, Sturridge and Milner scored a goal to lead, followed by Paris's Munier and Mbape tied for 2 goals. However, in the stoppage time, Fermino completed the lore and helped the home team to score 3 points.
    physical education Information time 09-20 08:08
  • Yesterday morning was a day worth remembering by tens of millions of Inter Milan fans. Defley assisted Besino in the injury time to break the goal, helping the Serie A giants beat the Premier League hotspur 2:1 at home. After reappearing in the Champions League after 2,380 days, Inter Milan gave an unexpected victory to fans who have been waiting for six years. Interestingly, Besino was also the hero of Inter Milan's successful UEFA Champions League group stage at the end of last season. In the final round of the league, Lazio and Inter Milan will compete for the last Champions League seat. Lazio led Inter Milan by 3 points before the game.
    physical education Information time 09-20 08:06
  • The other "Death Group" competition on the first day of the Champions League group also attracted much attention. The Liverpool team in Group C scored a 3-2 victory over Paris with a goal from Sturridge, Milner and Fermino. The Saint-Germain team, the goal scored for the French giants are Munier and Mbape. After the campaign, the "Red Army" has achieved six consecutive victories in all competitions, and the team has also created the best start since the 1961-1962 season. You are the Champions League runner-up last season. Liverpool, who has regrouped this season, naturally hopes to make another impact on the "Big Ears" Cup.
    physical education Beijing Youth Daily 09-20 07:38
  • Yesterday morning, this season's Champions League group stage officially kicked off, the Spanish giants Barcelona in the first battle of the "death group", with Messi's hat trick and Dembele's icing on the cake, 4-0 victory over the Netherlands The team, Eindhoven, got a good start. The captain of Barcelona also temporarily surpassed Ronaldo with three goals in this game, becoming the player with the most hat-trick in the history of the Champions League (8 times), and he also surpassed the late Portuguese star Eusebio. 7th in the international football history scoring list (623 goals).
    physical education Beijing Youth Daily 09-20 07:36
  • Messi continues to write the record! In the UEFA Champions League group match against Barcelona in the 18th, the Argentines scored three goals and became the first person in the Champions League history of "hat tricks". Messi scored a direct free kick in the first half and scored two goals in the second half. This is his eighth time in the Champions League "wearing a hat", thus surpassing his old rival K. Ronaldo (7 times), the leader in this data. The three goals in this game also made Messi's total score in the Champions League reach 103 goals.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 09-19 13:43
  • As the overlord of the Champions League 3 consecutive championships, Real Madrid is eager to prove its strength after losing Cristiano Ronaldo. Tomorrow morning, they will be in the first round of the Champions League group match against Rome, the post-Ronaldo Real Madrid, can you rule Europe? In Rome, who reached the semi-finals of the Champions League last season, the league's start this season is not going well. In the first four games of Serie A, the team only achieved a bleak record of 1 win, 2 draws and 1 loss. They just defeated Turin on the road and then fell into a difficult situation of almost one month. At the moment, Francisco's team will usher in a redemption opportunity in the Champions League.
    physical education Information time 09-19 08:37
  • Last night, the 2018 AFC Champions League quarter-final round of Tianjin Quanjian played against the Kashima Antlers at the Macau Olympic Stadium. As the "single seedling" of the AFC Champions League quarter-finals this season, Tianjin Quanjian played 0 : 2 lost to Kashima Antlers, two rounds of 180 minutes with 0:5 total score was eliminated by opponents, missed the AFC Champions League semi-finals. At this point, the Super League team this season, the AFC Champions League all out. The two teams met in the quarter-finals. After the first round of Kashima Antlers won by 2:0, Tianjin Quanjian had a hard time making a home turn.
    physical education Information time 09-19 08:35
  • Yesterday, the NBA announced the expected salary cap and luxury tax for the 2019~2020 season and the 2020~2021 season. The salary cap for the 2019-2020 season is $109 million, the luxury tax line is $132 million; the salary cap for the 2020-2021 season is $118 million, and the luxury tax line is $143 million. With the big sale of TV rights and the steady development of the alliance, the salary cap of the NBA has been rising in recent seasons.
    physical education Guangzhou Daily 09-19 08:18
  • Yesterday, in the second round of the AFC Champions League quarter-final, Tianjin Quanjian lost to Japan's J-League team Kashima Antlers in Macau, 0-3, and the total score was eliminated from 0 to 5, missed the AFC Champions League semi-final this season. In the first leg of the match, Tianjin Quanjian lost to Kashima Antlers on the road 0-2. In the second round, Quan Jian played at home and intended to use the home court advantage to counterattack. However, because the 2018 Summer Davos Forum was held in Tianjin yesterday, the game was not able to be held at the Tianjin Water Drop Stadium, the home of Quan Jian, the AFC. The AFC will be held at the Macau Stadium in China.
    physical education Guangzhou Daily 09-19 08:14
  • Guangzhou Evergrande was the guest of Shanghai's Super League in the 13th round of the match, with a 1 to 2 win, and Wu Lei and Elkson's goal made the defending champion's dream of winning on the road lost. After the campaign, Shanghai Shanggang ranked first in the standings with 49 points. Evergrande and Beijing Guoan had 45 points, and Evergrande ranked second in terms of winning and losing. Oscar twice assisted and killed the game Evergrande took advantage of the scene in the game, but unfortunately there were two accidental conceded goals. Shanghai made a fantastic start with a lightning goal, and Wu Lei helped Shanghai to break the door in just 47 seconds.
    physical education Guangzhou Daily 09-19 08:10
  • US basketball star Wade announced on the social media platform on the 16th that he will continue to play for the Miami Heat in the new season, but this will be the last season of his career. On the 16th, Wade showed a photo of the Heat No. 3 shirt on his Twitter, and then announced his decision through a video of nearly 10 minutes. Wade said: "I always have the way I do things. I have the height of today, and because I have been doing what I think is right for myself and my family.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 09-18 10:40
  • The official website of the Chinese Football Association announced a penalty decision yesterday. U19 national team member Zhou Junchen will be disqualified from entering the Chinese men's soccer team at all levels due to violations of discipline and discipline, and stop Zhou Junchen from participating in the Chinese Football Association's competition for 12 months, since 2018. From September 9th to September 8th, 2019.
    physical education People's Network 09-18 08:50
  • Due to the impact of the typhoon "Abe", the rescheduled Evergrande Shanghai-Hong Kong peak matchup was almost smashed by another typhoon "Hawthorn." The day before yesterday, the Guangzhou Evergrande team hurriedly arrived and arrived in Shanghai before the typhoon landed. At 19:35 tonight, they will start the Battle of Tianwang Mountain at the Shanghai 80,000 Stadium and Shanghai Shanggang. The winning team will be in the top of the list. Shanghai has recently suffered from the influence of the “wind tail” on the periphery of the typhoon “Mangosteen”. Many thunderstorms are not suitable for pre-match training purposes.
    physical education Information time 09-18 08:42
  • The goal may be late, but it will never be absent. It is a good idea to use this sentence to describe the first goal of Kyrgyz Ronaldo (Ronaldo). After 320 minutes of waiting, Cristiano Ronaldo, who moved to Juventus this summer, finally broke the window paper in the fourth round and scored the first goal in Serie A. In the 50th minute of the game between Juventus and Sassuolo, the opponent's player will release the center post of the ball, and the ball will pop out, just standing on the C-Road near the door line.
    physical education Dahe 09-18 08:22
  • Greentown football, sprouting in Zhejiang, which is not a fertile ground for football. For a long time, relying on the watchfulness and guardianship of a group of idealists, with their own sweat and effort, they escorted the single seedling of Greentown. In today's Zhejiang Greentown Football Club, there is a group of people who do technical, medical, and logistics support. Behind the scenes, "do not wear a crown, do not compete for favor." You call each player's name, but their name is rarely known, and the face is more vague, sometimes just a back flash on the court.
    physical education People's Network 09-18 08:17
  • In the early morning of Beijing time, the Champions League will be opened in the 2018~2019 season. The show will be eye-catching, and Liverpool will be the focus of the match against Paris Saint-Germain. The strongest "Trident" fighting method This is the first time that Liverpool and "Big Paris" met in the European War. In other competitions, the two sides competed twice to win each match. As the runner-up in the Champions League last season, Liverpool's nearly 16 European games at home unbeaten (11 wins and 5 draws), and "Great Paris" nearly three Champions League group matches are averaged, the two teams in the new season Champions League goal is to win.
    physical education Guangzhou Daily 09-18 07:55
  • On the evening of September 18th, this season's Super League will play a rematch in the 13th round. Guangzhou Evergrande will challenge Shanghai to Shanghai at the Shanghai Stadium, which is one of the most popular events of the Super League this season. The typhoon was accompanied by the top competition. The two sides originally scheduled to be held on July 21 were postponed because of the typhoon "Anbi". This time, Evergrande also evaded the typhoon "Mangosteen" and rushed to Shanghai. The direct dialogue between the two teams will be For the Super League title competition this season has had a huge impact, the "storm" seems to be more violent in the future.
    physical education Guangzhou Daily 09-18 07:28

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