• The beautiful and beautiful Chi Ling sister is very good in her body, but also gives her own eight-figure insurance. The Asian dancer, Jolin Tsai, is not tall, but her legs are good. The brokerage company has insured her 50 million for this pair of legs! Joey Yung sang very well, and the sound line was very beautiful, but for a while, Joey's voice was stunned. After three months of recovery, the company entered 40 million insurance for Joey's voice for safety! Karen Mok has saved 10 million Hong Kong dollars for his hair. I don't know why hair can be worth it.
    entertainment Vision drama can say 19 hours ago
  • Li Xiaolu, obviously she upgraded to a hot mom, just dressed herself as a girl, but this does not hide her mature and beautiful facts. Liu Shishi, elegant and clean Liu Shishi, after marrying Wu Qilong, is more calm and beautiful, but also more mature. Yang Ying, after marriage, she looks more feminine, more mature and beautiful! Yang Mi, very hard, and the high power of high emotional intelligence, is now like the mature purple grape, very attractive.
    entertainment Entertainment stars are very popular 19 hours ago
  • Li Bingbing, tall and fair-skinned, although some are cold, but the charming long legs are still amazing! Liu Yan, Liu Yan's body is very good, especially obvious, many people do not envy her looks, really just envy her body! Lin Chi-ling, a supermodel from Taiwan, has a sweet voice and a great body. The invincible long legs are even more numerous otaku! Yang Mi’s good figure is well known. Zhang Yuqi, a good figure, makes many people crazy.
    entertainment Modest and self-cultivated 20 hours ago
  • In the entertainment circle, some stars are accepted by everyone because of their own strength, and they are welcoming the development of their careers; but some actresses have their own innate conditions, they not only have a beautiful face, but also their personality is very fascinating. . In the eyes of everyone, they are beautiful and very popular, so it is relatively easy to develop a career. It is indeed to win by virtue of their own appearance.
    entertainment Double eyes 20 hours ago
  • Liu Shishi, Liu Shishi, was born in Beijing on March 10, 1987. The Hui people are very clean and very looks. Gu Li Naza, Gulin Naza, was born in Urumqi, Xinjiang on May 2, 1992. The Uygur, the proportion of facial features is perfect, the skin is fair, and the first-class beauty. Wang Likun, Wang Likun, was born in Wengniute Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. He is a Manchu, looks fresh and has a temperament. He is known as the “Goddess of Suyan”.
    entertainment Modest and self-cultivated 21 hours ago
  • The current entertainment circle can be said to be a popular beauty, but there are always a few of the best among the many beautiful women. The five most beautiful female stars in the entertainment circle selected by the netizens vote to see if your family loves the beans on the list? Liu Yifei, her face value was recognized from the age of 15, no one has ever questioned her beauty, her fairy temperament makes you like her more! Zhao Liying, Ying Bao not only has good acting skills, but also the image of the two years is beautiful. Don Juan, it is her who can switch between the high cold goddess and the neighboring Lori. Yang Mi, the power of the power is the goddess of many people, she is beautiful.
    entertainment Man's nest 21 hours ago
  • In fact, the superficial impression of the actress in the entertainment circle is a single talent, but it has a beautiful appearance and will play, sing, and not much versatile. In fact, some actresses are so talented, that is, a talented woman in the eyes of everyone, not only will play and sing, but also the creative talents of writing and poetry are quite prominent and enviable. Xu Jinglei Xu Jinglei is the object of worship of many college students, and in the film and television circle, talented Chinese people, whether they are actors or directors, can make people look impressive.
    entertainment Double eyes 09-24 06:25
  • Pure actresses are more popular in the entertainment industry, and they are more recognized by everyone. It may also be because pure is more valuable. Of course, if the personality is true, it is easy to be accepted by everyone. With its outstanding appearance, it seems so charming and won everyone's favorite. The high round and round, the most temperamental goddess, is also the most perfect actress in everyone's mind. The pure and charming image has always been so deep, low-key, and easy-going, true, and a veritable popular lover, won the audience's favorite .
    entertainment Double eyes 09-24 06:25
  • Most of the actresses in Korea are very beautiful, and their personality is quite unique. The impression is that they are versatile and full of vitality. And in recent years, when it comes to the Korean Wave, many people are handsome and prostitutes in their minds, and they are quite fashionable. Some Korean actresses are famous earlier, and their fame is early, and they are also very diligent, acting well, and the screen image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Young and young have already demonstrated extraordinary strength and won everyone's love.
    entertainment Double eyes 09-24 06:25
  • The actresses in the entertainment circle are really many. They don’t just have the perfect shape, the beautiful face, and their cultivation is quite high. It’s very lovable to raise their hands. They can be said to be entangled, and exude a charming atmosphere. Yi Neng Jing Yi can be quiet, how many people are her dream lover, and it has always been so popular, but also won the love of men. Even if you have a child with a marriage, it is so charming.
    entertainment Double eyes 09-24 06:25
  • Everyone knows that relying on the face, relying on hype, relying on the scandal, the reputation will not last long, the popularity will always be, only the strength, in order to conquer the audience, and get everyone's approval. Some actresses, although they are beautiful, but they do not rely on their faces, relying on their own efforts, relying on their own sophisticated skills, and finally get everyone's recognition and acceptance. Jiang Wenli Jiang Wenli, her first impression is that it has a charm, can be said to be a mature taste, and intellectual, although not stunning, beautiful, but very unique, more charming.
    entertainment Double eyes 09-23 06:41
  • The beauty of things is such that people can't help but pursue. No one doesn't like beautiful things. For the beauty, everyone will not reject it. There is never a shortage of beauty in the entertainment circle, and some actresses have always been so beautiful. Whether it is life, fashion beauty, or the beauty of the screen, it can leave a deep impression. Liu Yifei Liu Yifei, her five senses are really impeccable, no matter how you look, you can't find any flaws. Perfect is like a fairy, so there is the title of the god fairy sister. Everyone is really convinced of this title.
    entertainment Double eyes 09-23 06:41
  • Some actresses have a temperamental appearance that is a little bit worse; some of them look quite cheesy. However, some actresses have shown a perfect image, not only good looks, but also temperament is unique, quite fascinating, won the love of everyone. Wang Zuxian Wang Zuxian, who has seen "Ghost Story" will be deeply attracted by her beauty, and her play Xiaoqian is really beautiful, her performance can only be said to be a classic that cannot be surpassed.
    entertainment Double eyes 09-23 06:40
  • There have been some stars, the position in everyone’s mind is really high, and no matter when it is said to be a model, a sign is the object of worship and learning, even if it is not in front of the screen, everyone shows them The style that comes out has always been something that everyone talks about. Their image has always influenced everyone. They are not only beautiful in the soul, but also high in cultivation. They are deeply loved by everyone.
    entertainment Double eyes 09-23 06:40
  • Shows and not charms, to achieve such a realm, it is indeed necessary to maintain the foil. Although some actresses are very beautiful, they feel that there is no connotation. Even a beautiful face will immediately impress people. However, some actresses are indeed very well-bred, and the looks are not necessarily beautiful, but the feeling is a long-lasting. Chen Xiaoxu Chen Xiaoxu, everyone's impression of her is still Lin Yuyu in the Dream of Red Mansions. She did leave a lot of good impressions on everyone, and everyone's misses on her will not decrease.
    entertainment Double eyes 09-23 06:22
  • In the entertainment circle, some women are very individual. Whenever they are, they always show a charming personality. They can be said to be beautiful. The unique personality charm is always so conspicuous. It is so attractive to the screen, so it is so fascinating and memorable. Zhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi, had to admit that she is beautiful, of course, this beauty is not only a beautiful appearance, but also a charming atmosphere and charming charm. Look at the feeling of giving people, full of personality and charm, and unique personality, it can be said that beauty has personality.
    entertainment Double eyes 09-22 06:10
  • Zheng Shuang, Zheng Shuang has a pure appearance, pure character, has been like this since the debut, and has been loved by everyone. Li Wei and Li Wei have a fresh and elegant appearance, a sweet smile, and a sweet dimple that highlights her inner goodness. Therefore, we have reason to believe that Li Wei’s career will get better and better. Gu Li Naza, Gu Li Naza's appearance is a fairy level, the skin is fair and delicate, even the body is well-proportioned, it can be said that, in terms of appearance, Gu Li Naza has almost no shortcomings.
    entertainment Modest and self-cultivated 09-22 06:48
  • In the entertainment circle, some beautiful stars, so beautiful, so unique, so special. They not only look good, but also have a good image and good reputation. The screen image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and can impress many audiences. They not only have the value of the face, but also have acting skills, the strength is even more daunting, and won the love of many people. Lin Xinru is like Lin Xinru. Now she is really enviable. She has always maintained a good image along the way. She is a model and has always let everyone worry about the emotional problems. She can be said to be a successful person.
    entertainment Double eyes 09-22 06:16
  • Liu Yifei, "Imperial Sister" Liu Yifei's face has always been so good, the side face looks so temperament, so charming! Liu Shishi and Liu Shishi have a clean and sturdy face, and the fresh and charming temperament is invincible. Wang Likun, "the goddess of the goddess" Wang Likun, looks not stunning, but it is very eye-catching, very temperament.
    entertainment Modest and self-cultivated 09-22 06:13
  • Liu Shishi, Liu Shishi has a very charming temperament and looks, fresh and elegant, clean and neat, describe her suitable again! Zhang Xinyu, Zhang Xinyu's beauty is very charming, her body is also very sexy, and she has finally found her own happiness, let us all bless her! Jing sweet, Jing Tian has big eyes, good looks, very aristocratic temperament, very rare big beauty! Yang Mi, our "big power", very clever, very virtuous, her beauty is even more amazing, even the sound is so good!
    entertainment Modest and self-cultivated 09-22 06:12

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