• 01 Frequently thinking about the reasons behind the feelings High EQ players are people who are good at reflection. They are not so easily stunned by emotions. When you are in a whim, you can quickly experience the thrill of inspiration, and turn it into a reflection on yourself - "What makes me feel this way?" "What caused me to say this or do this? "What is the real reason for ta to do this?" After guiding various emotional problems to rational thinking, you will get rid of the control of negative feelings and use these new perspectives to reflect new territories that are unimaginable to ordinary people. .
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  • Speaking of the ancient prime ministers, generals, admirals, governors, inspectors, prefects and other official positions, let the modern people yearn for longing, I really want to go back to ancient times and experience the feeling of being an official. In fact, the official position we know is only a small part of the ancient bureaucratic system, and there are many wonderful official positions, enough to shock the little friends. Prince washed horses and washed horses? This is not a little trick to wash the horse! Wrong, Lunjia is the assistant officer who assists the prince in handling government affairs, from the five products, the six hundred stones. In the Qin and Han Dynasties, when the Prince traveled, the official position led in front was called the first horse.
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  • 1. All the troubles in life are due to heart disease. What kind of state of mind, what kind of life will there be. What is in your heart, what you see. If your heart is full of troubles, then the nature you see is also troubles; if your heart is full of happiness, of course, it is also happy. Let's take a happy look at the chest and look at the many troubles of life in a light way. Happiness will be uninvited. 2.
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  • 1. Don't look down on anyone. People live in this world. Everyone is unique. Everyone has their own values, strengths and advantages. It is worth learning. As the saying goes, threesome, there must be my teacher. Don't look down on anyone, you have to be self-aware, and you have to learn to appreciate others. 2. Don't be wicked. Being a person is one of the most important compulsory courses we live in this world. There is a way to be a human being, and there is a principle of living. It can be said that learning to be a human being, we can do things better, be a human being, the important principle is to be wicked.
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  • 1. The so-called life is to let go of the young dreams and set off the reality! 2, the darkest night, to see the most beautiful starlight, life is also true. Don't let anyone steal your dreams, because no one will pay for your life. 3, life is like a mirror, you laugh and laugh, you cry, he also cries, insist on doing original you. 4, in the circle of friends, he left you, it may be fate, time it will only dilute the feelings that can be diluted, but it will also help you to leave the best memories, knowing each other as long as they are better than anything else. 5, life must be able to withstand loneliness.
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  • First, all causes arise, because of the birth. If you are obsessed with something or something, you will suffer and suffer, and your troubles will follow. If you can see everything, your heart will be fearless. Life is often afraid of what comes, when you look down on gains and losses, no sense of success or failure, it is smooth and smooth, and it is a disaster. The most precious thing in life is to have a normal heart, stay away from turbidity, calm like water, not to be confused by the five colors of the world, not to be fascinated by the taste of life. Second, no matter how good yesterday, I will not go back; it will be difficult tomorrow, and I will continue to raise my foot.
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  • Although the workplace does not look so dark, but walking in the workplace, you must pay attention to some rules, routines and behaviors, otherwise you will be enemies when walking in the workplace. [1] Fear of fear and leadership communication, fear of giving opinions, and solving problems.
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  • Due to the inappropriate work, there are more and more people who choose to change careers. But most people's turnarounds are not getting better and better, but they are getting worse. Because, when switching, there are six crucial issues that they did not consider clearly. 1. How to determine the direction problem? However, those who change careers often have an unfamiliar work direction or do not see the development prospects, so they have the idea of ​​changing careers. And if you don't want to take too many detours on the road to change, the first problem to be solved is to accurately locate.
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  • 1. Face Sometimes we bow our heads in order to see where we are going. Many people think that they are already okay, not willing to try new things, many things can not be put down, can not pull this face, and finally die on the face. 2, put down the pressure and not tired, depending on your heart. The room of the soul will be dusty without cleaning. Sweeping the floor and removing dust can make the awe-inspiring heart brighter; to clear the matter clearly, to say goodbye to the troubles; to throw away some unnecessary pain, happiness has more and more space.
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  • If a man wants to succeed, he must stay away from ten kinds of women. Do you believe? If a man can find a right woman, he can struggle for 20 years. Don't think that if I say this, it is a fantasy. In fact, there is no fake behind a man. If there is a woman who is in the same boat with you, and who has always supported you, then you have passion and strong perseverance in your career.
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  • The Qing dynasty had such a ancestral royal family. They enjoyed a good reputation and admired the descendants of the later generations of Ai Xinjue. They either made great contributions to the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, or they did their best for the country. The merits are also full of history. It is precisely because of their outstanding merits that their titles can be hereditary (non-returned to the squad), and the descendants of the descendants of the descendants can be kings in the Qing dynasty, they are the "iron hat king" of the Qing dynasty. Today we will talk about this "iron hat king", talk about what you don't know is right and wrong.
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  • The recent hot Japanese TV drama, "We Can't Be a Beast" starring in the new 垣 垣, is only one episode, and the Douban score has reached 9.0. This Japanese TV series, which focuses on the love line, achieved such excellent results on the first broadcast, but it was attributed to the director Shimizu Tatsuo and the screenwriter Yagi Yaki who portrayed the living conditions of the female host. In the 50-minute episode, the director used only a little more than ten minutes of capacity to vividly restore an ordinary white-collar worker in the company's tragic "social animals" daily.
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  • In the ancient Chinese history, the case of the rebellion of the king of the king can be said to be endless in history books. But there are many rebels and few are successful. This is because in the war between the Central Court and the local king, the great appeal of the imperial court and the war resources that the imperial court can call are beyond the reach of the rebel king. Therefore, the king of the king was often at a morally and materially inferior position in the war against the central court, and there were few kings who succeeded in resigning by rebellion.
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  • In 202 BC (5th year of the Han Dynasty), Liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu as the emperor. Some people who stood on the side of Liu Bang in the dispute between Chu and Han also got the title of Wang. He first changed Qi Wang Han Xin to Chu Wang, and later Peng Yue became Liang Wang, confirming that Han Wangxin, who was sealed before the emperor, was still Han Wang. Huainan Wang Yingbu, Yan Wangxuan, Zhao Wang Zhang Yi, the title is unchanged, and the Hengshan King Wu Hao is changed to Changsha Wang. Yan Wangqi was rebelled and killed, and he was also sealed as the Yan Wang. With the gradual pacification of the world, Liu Bang began a plan to eradicate the actions of the surnamed king, and changed the Liu surname to the king.
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  • First, you can't lose goodness and always say it well: Jide does not need people to see, and do good deeds. Be a good person and be practical. Do something good, happy in my heart. See the old and weak and help, see the disabled and let it go. The goodness of one is the best virtue; the goodness of one is the most expensive character. Second, you can't lose your sincerity and sincerity. It is a bright talk, and it is a matter of doing things. Sincerity is not a flamboyant performance, but a true embodiment; sincerity is not a hypocritical guest, but a simple discourse. A sincere person is welcome everywhere; a sincere person always agrees.
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  • In watching many TV dramas, especially the TV dramas related to the Song Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty, I often see such a scene. When the loyal ministers are framed by traitors, they are about to be left to the head of the millennium. Suddenly a person rushes to and takes out a hand. Sword, shouted, "Shangfang sword is here, see the sword as you see the emperor, still not kneel down." Suddenly everyone kneels, the loyal minister is finally saved, the bad guys also get the due. Another example is in the drama, when a certain official has no way to face the traitor, he suddenly miraculously takes out a sword. "The emperor gave the sword to the king, and he was not loyal to the tyrant.
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  • The pressure on the ancient fathers is actually greater than that of the modern father. In the "Three Character Classics", there is a saying that "there is no education, the father has passed." If it is an emperor's father, what will it do? The emperor's father is actually the worst. The pressure on the body is greater than that of ordinary people. In addition to managing the world, he has to shoulder the responsibility of cultivating future successors. For example, the first emperor's father in the history of China, Qin Shihuang's ruling, is absolutely successful in terms of politics. It is the "iron-clad emperor" that destroys the six countries and dominates the world. But if you are a father, the ruling of having 23 sons is absolutely incompetent.
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  • First, only small clever, absolutely can not be superhuman, smart, smart, true and false, can also be described as smart, but with different, the results will be different. Some people think that they are smart and have no opponents. In fact, they are the most likely losers. It is such people. Really wise people often don't know how to be smart, but to make things as big as possible. Second, when you look at the problem more, there will be no more deadly problems in the world, just like pockmarks. If you only stare at one point and not the rest, you will drill the tip of the horn, which is a typical example of self-enclosure.
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  • People seem to be comparing in this society all the time. There is nothing wrong with this. The key is to see how to compare and compare with whom. If you only compare with others, it is a dark side of human nature, called vanity. Every day, I want to make it clear that we are almost the same age, why others are better than me, they have more money than me, etc. This is not worth promoting. And if you are comparing with yourself, it is a kind of positive energy. This is the real inspiration. Every day, thinking about today is better than yesterday. This is the attitude that life should have.
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  • Nowadays, the society is developing very rapidly, people's work pressures and life pressures are getting heavier and heavier, so many people can't bear the burden and turn into depression. In early depression, the performance is often low mood and decreased interest. This is only a mild depression, which will not have an excessive impact on people's normal work and life. So where can we prevent depression? First, more exercise.
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