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transaction Shanghai and Shenzhen trading Fund trading Hong Kong-US deal
CodenameLatest price5 minutes ups and downs
603721Zhongguang Tianze26.503.27%
300651Jinling Sports64.993.16%
Professional financial management: the CSRC approved the first batch of independent sales organizations
Safe Finance: Minsheng Bank Supervision, funds in and out of the card
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  • Qianhai Kaiyuan Jingxin Mix A Nearly 1 year 37.35%
  • Golden Eagle Information Industry Stock A Nearly 1 year 37.46%
  • Cathay Pacific's multi-strategy flexible configuration mix Nearly 1 year 37.18%
CSG A (000012.SZ) deducted non-net profit in the first quarter, down 46.01% to 82.537 million yuan 22:36What are the hazards of infringing intellectual property How to crack? Highest response 22:36China Merchants Securities (06099.HK) net profit in the first quarter rose 94.82% to 2.127 billion yuan 22:35The new variable in the network car market: "Provocate" US Mission to turn to be a platform 22:35Taiji Group (600129.SH) net profit in the first quarter rose 803.48% to 105 million yuan 22:34Chengdu's economy is welcoming a bright red 22:34Minfeng Special Paper (600235.SH) net profit fell 73.59% to 1.479 million yuan in the first quarter 22:34Editorial: Seeking a balance between meeting investment and debt sustainability 22:34Newmont Mining Corporation (NEM.US) Q1 revenue of 1.803 billion US dollars will create the world's largest gold mining complex 22:34Putin and Kim Jong-un met for nearly two hours alone. The two sides "talked well" 22:34Zhuzhou Metallurgical Group lost 16.32 billion yuan in 2018 22:33Honghui Fruit and Vegetable plans to issue 332 million yuan of convertible bonds to strengthen the construction of fruit and vegetable supply chain 22:33Wanfu Bio 2018 net profit increased by 46.06% year-on-year. 22:33“One Belt, One Road” Debt Sustainability Analysis Tool Released 22:32CITIC Bank's net profit for the first quarter was 13.216 billion yuan, an increase of 8.63% year-on-year. 22:32Wang Shitao, Feng Lun: A lot of love 22:32Midea Group, Little Swan A will suspend trading. The conversion ratio is 1:1.211 22:32Xinlian Electronics: Smart Power Cloud is expected to become a new growth point 22:31SAIC: 350,000 overseas sales target in 2019 22:31US stocks fell across the board, the Dow fell more than 200 points. Microsoft's market value rose above $1 trillion in intraday trading. 22:30
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Fund name Performance benchmark Operation period
 **** Fund A2 4.30% 7 days Details
 **** Xin Duo Li B 4.40% 6 months Details
 **** Fund A2 4.00% 7 days Details
nameLatest priceQuote changeRise and fall
N Lakara 47.92 43.99% 14.64
Haihang Technology 4.14 10.11% 0.38
Bonded technology 5.78 10.10% 0.53
Shapu Aisi 11.61 10.05% 1.06
Golden River Creature 6.90 10.05% 0.63
Blue cursor 5.81 10.04% 0.53
nameQuote changeLeading stockQuote change
Telecommunications operation -1.14% Two six three 10.00%
bank -1.52% Zijin Bank 1.18%
Civil aviation airport -1.81% Baiyun Airport 0.84%
Insurance -1.90% China Life Insurance -0.71%
Farming and animal husbandry -2.12% Golden River Creature 10.05%
Fertilizer industry -2.23% Liuguo Chemical 9.98%
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Long and empty
Thursday, April 25, 2019
Stop trading: Continuous suspension11Family New suspension today14Family Resumption of trading today4Family
Annual report quarterly: Performance report436Family Performance forecast47Family Dividend transfer294Family
IPO issuance: New share subscription1Family Signed payment1Family IPO1Family
Changes in shares: Directional issuance2Family Additional plan17Family Stock listing126Family
Shareholders' meeting: Equity registration78Family General meeting of shareholders88Family Online voting136Family
important Notice: Asset restructuring75Family Asset acquisition7Family Share pledge62Family
Purchase date Purchase code New stock short name Issue price Payment date
04-25300778New city27.3304-29
04-30732267Hongyuan Electronics
04-30730989Baofeng Energy
datenameBuy and sellDragon and Tiger List soldNet buy
04-25Kyushutong2.06 billion-2.06 billion
04-25Oriental Seiko281 million121 million160 million
04-25new Hope354 million225 million130 million
date name Earnings per share Revenue year-on-year Net profit
04-26Yang coal chemical0.00-13.23%-89.71%
04-26Taiji Group0.1938.08%803.48%
04-26Chinese satellite0.064.45%8.35%
Issuer's full name Approval Status Sponsor institution
Western Superconducting Materials Technology Co., Ltd.InquiredCITIC Jiantou Securities Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Jindalai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.InquiredChina Merchants Securities Co., Ltd.
Beijing Huanren Medical Technology Co., Ltd.InquiredGuosen Securities Co., Ltd.
Daily ranking
5th ranking
20th ranking
Total ranking
Combination nameDaily income5-day earnings20-day earningsTotal revenue
Golden Monkey 213.87%16.24%16.24%16.24%
Simulation from 112.53%8.36%8.37%8.54%
Daily limit board 35611.45%17.89%31.46%63.02%
CodenameLatest price (HKD)Quote change
00001Long and82.3000.24%
00857China Petroleum Stock5.080-0.20%
00005HSBC Holdings66.900-0.45%
00941China Mobile74.150-0.67%
02202Vanke Enterprise30.400-1.14%
nameLatest priceRise and fallQuote change
MI Energy 0.203 0.118 138.82%
Rongxin resources 0.077 0.016 26.23%
Honghao International Holdings 0.172 0.028 19.44%
NEXION TECH 0.150 0.022 17.19%
Dragon resources 1.310 0.190 16.96%
Longjitai and smart energy 0.830 0.120 16.90%
CodenameLatest price (USD)Quote change
UMC Lianhua Electronics 2.120 6.00%
FFHL Fuwei film 2.590 4.86%
SFUN SouFun 1.590 3.25%
SVM Hillway Metals Mining 2.290 2.23%
HNP Huaneng Power 24.950 2.17%
CJJD Jiuzhou Pharmacy 1.480 1.37%
Shanghai Stock Connect Net inflow of the day-310 million Current day balance52.31 billion
Deep share Net inflow of the day-900 million Current day balance529.00 billion
Northbound funds Net inflow of the day-12.10 billion
Variety contract Latest price Quote change
TF consecutive season TFGZGJ 99.325 1.12%
T consecutive seasons TGJ 95.410 0.17%
T consecutive season TXJ 95.605 0.16%
T consecutive season TDJ 96.090 0.12%
name Latest price Rise and fall Quote change
USD/Swedish Krona 9.5333 0.0935 0.99%
New Zealand dollar against the dollar 0.6623 0.0032 0.49%
USD/NOK 8.6687 0.0278 0.32%
US dollar against Singapore dollar 1.3628 0.0008 0.06%
Code Abbreviation Latest price Quote change
019508 15 national debt 08 104.60 1.16%
010504 05 national debt (4) 104.57 0.84%
019569 17 national debt 15 103.00 0.39%
019528 15 national debt 28 98.88 0.39%
010512 05 national debt (12) 101.00 0.38%
018003 Guokai 1401 115.84 0.31%
Variety/codeAnnualized rate of return100,000 profitOccupancy days
1 day period GC001 2.96% 23.2877 3 Lend
2 days GC002 2.96% 30.3836 4 Lend
3 days GC003 3.00% 29.8219 4 Lend
4 days GC004 2.97% 28.4931 4 Lend
Variety/codeAnnualized rate of returnThousand yuan profitOccupancy days
1 day R-001 2.55% 0.1996 3 Lend
2 days R-002 2.85% 0.2922 4 Lend
3 days R-003 2.82% 0.2790 4 Lend
4 days R-004 2.21% 0.2022 4 Lend
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
E Fund Consumer Industry 16.97% 0.15% buy
Yifangda medium and small disc mix 16.84% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
E Fund Consumer Industry 16.97% 0.15% buy
CEIBS Pioneer Stock A 11.57% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Yifangda medium and small disc mix 16.84% 0.15% buy
Bank of Communications Advantage Industry Mix 11.27% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor Index 27.84% 0.10% buy
Invesco Great Wall Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 enhanced 4.07% 0.12% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Yi Fangda reassured bond A 5.23% 0.08% buy
E Fund's Steady Income Bond A 7.37% 0.00% buy
Fund abbreviation 7th annualization Subscription rate
Southern Tianli Currency B 2.9270% 0.00% buy
Huatai Bairui Tiantianbao Currency B 2.9250% 0.00% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
ICBC Global Select 17.54% 0.16% buy
Harvest Global Internet Stock Renminbi 6.42% 0.15% buy