Walking is a sport that everyone loves. When I get off work, I go out for a walk, go shopping, and go out for a walk. This is almost a sport that every household often does. Walking can consume our calories, walking often, let us The blood circulation. However, walking is actually very particular, so everyone should understand when exercising, to avoid harm to their own body.

  What are the misunderstandings of walking exercise?

1, do not have to do any warm-up exercises

Walking is divided into slow walking and fast walking. If you are walking slowly, you can not warm up before exercising, but if you choose to walk quickly, you must warm up before exercising, and wait until the waist and legs, especially the knee, feel warm. When you are hot, start walking from slow to fast. Go out for a walk in the winter, remember to bring your knees to prevent the cool breeze from entering your legs and affect your knees.

2, the back is not straight

Many people like to exercise, but when they exercise, they can do their heads up very little. Most people are running and tired. They slowly bend back, but for a long time, they are all about the body spine. Influential people with spinal diseases will be more uncomfortable. If they continue for a long time, they may become hunched, which will not only affect their health but also affect their beauty. So be sure to keep good habits when running.

3, walking more greedy

Nowadays, there are many pacekeepers on the software. Many people like to compare with friends. Seeing that he has gone so much, he wants to go to the rankings, so even if he is overworked, he will not want to move, he will still hold his teeth, but still hold on, but But I don't know, the road is much more. For people with problems with the spine and people with chronic diseases, it is necessary to insist that the exercise should be moderate and not be quick.

As for the misunderstanding of walking, I believe that everyone knows about it. In fact, walking is very beneficial to the human body. However, it is very important to go, but let me know about it.

  How to walk and exercise?

1. Walking away from the kidney

Many people don't walk on their feet because they may feel weird, but if we know how to walk, we can actually protect the kidneys. When a man picks up his toes and urinates, he can play the role of a strong kidney, so that he can achieve a strong effect.

2. Sweeping hands can prevent hunchback

On the street, we will find a lot of people with hunchbacks. The most helpless thing is that those who have hunchback know that this affects the appearance, but there is no way. I don’t know how to make my back straight up. In fact, I can try it. Stride away and maximize the relaxation of the back and back muscles, especially to keep the spine upright, and to make the abdomen in a mild state of tension and reduce the burden on the waist.

3. Take a quick walk to prevent stroke

We are also divided into fast walking and slow walking. Under normal circumstances, we will choose to go slowly for walking. If it is sports, we will choose to go quickly. In fact, compared with slow walking, the benefits will be more. A quick walk for 30 minutes has a good effect on preventing diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke and certain cancers.

There are so many benefits to walking, so why can't we walk more? The world is so big, it’s time to go out and have a look, pack up and get ready to go.

(Article source: 39 Health Network)