Napoleon is a genius strategist who is called the God of War. He has an unparalleled status in the West and countless fans. He has fought in the north and south throughout his life, and the numerous battles he commanded have become classic textbooks for future military academies. However, just as the Napoleonic Empire was in full swing, a small thing buried him.

In May 1812, Napoleon led a 570,000 army to expedition to Russia. With its excellent commanding art, the French army rushed all the way and successfully occupied the Russian capital Moscow City. The Russian tsar ran away. However, he had already ordered the implementation of the policy of strengthening the Qing dynasty, so that the French army deep into the enemy could not get a little supply.

Originally, this is not a serious problem. The logistics supply of the Napoleonic army is also constantly being delivered to the front line. However, things that both sides did not think of happened. A cold wave of a hundred years of hardship, actually came to Russia in advance.

The cold current caused the French army to freeze thousands of horses every day. Countless cannons had to be discarded because of the death of the horses. This greatly reduced the combat effectiveness of the French army with the cannon as the main means of combat. However, the worst thing is not this. A few weeks later, the colder weather is coming. Countless French soldiers were killed alive even in the fire.

By the beginning of December, the 570,000 army had only 20,000 people left. In the face of this horrible situation, Napoleon had to order the withdrawal.

According to the will of the French soldiers, modern scholars put forward a viewpoint that shocked the world. What really kills the French army is not the cold weather. Because, in the same cold weather, the Russian army still stubbornly persisted. What really kills a large number of French troops is the buttons of the French military uniforms on the tin!

What is going on here?

It turns out that tin is a special kind of metal that is hard and stable at room temperature. However, when the temperature is below -13.2 degrees, it will slowly expand.

Tin seems to be slowly corroding and turning into gray matter. However, at around 0 degrees, this "weathering" will not cause too much damage to the human body. However, once the temperature drops to minus 33 degrees, tin bismuth is produced and the tin becomes powdery. When the human body inhales, it causes fatal damage to the human body.

(Article source: Interest History Network)